How To Unlock New Biomes In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley tasks players with adventuring to new zones and bringing back beloved characters from there back to the valley. These zones or biomes are locked at the start and players need to unlock them to venture within. In this guide, we will explain how to unlock each biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what awaits within.

How to unlock new biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are some grey areas on the map which haven’t been explored yet. These grey areas are the locked Biomes. Regardless of whenever you go there, you’ll find Night Thorns blocking your path and you’ll need to destroy them to reach what you’re looking for.

It is necessary to restore the Pillar of Friendship before removing the Night Thorns to unlock new biomes.

The Pillar of Friendship can be found northwest of Goofy’s Stall in the Meadow. It is necessary to place the Orb of Friendship within the Pillar of Friendship to restore it.

As a reward for completing the Friendship is Everything quest, Merlin will give you the orb. You can find the Orb at the Pillar once you have three level 5 friendships. Once the Orb lands on the ground, choose the Pillar, and place it there.

With enough Dreamlights, new Biomes can now be unlocked. Simply talk to Merlin and he will unlock the biome for you.

If you are running out of Dreamlights, completing any task or quest will give you more Dreamlights. You can also gather some by gathering resources and giving gifts to characters.

Below, we have mentioned all the biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley along with the cost of unlocking them as well.


This Biome is unlocked immediately for free. The characters you will find in this biome are Scrooge McDuck, Remy, Mickey Mouse, and Wall E.

Peaceful Meadow

You can unlock this Biome for free. You can find Moana and Goofy in this biome.

Dazzle Beach

The cost of unlocking this biome is 1,000 Dreamlight. Ursula and Ariel can be found in this biome.

Forest of Valor

You can unlock this biome for 3,000 Dreamlight. You can find Kristoff and Donald Duck in this biome.

Glade of Trust

You will need 5,000 Dreamlight to unlock this Biome. Mother Gothel can be found in this biome.

Sunlit Plateau

This biome will cost you 7,000 Dreamlight.

Frosted Heights

The cost of unlocking this biome is 10,000 Dreamlight. The characters you find in this biome are Anna and Elsa.

Forgotten Lands

You will need 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock this Biome.

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