Disney Dreamlight Valley Donald Duck Guide

In this guide, we will explain everything about all the encounters you will have with Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

“Hi there!”, said Donald Duck when you meet him for the first time and since then, we all have been a fan of the ill-tempered and ever-annoyed Duck who also happens to be Disney’s second most famous character.

In this guide, we will explain everything about all the encounters you will have with Donald Duck and also how to get Donald in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to unlock Donald Duck

When the curse hit the Dreamlight Valley, Donald Duck went after a shadowy figure through a portal in the Forest of Valor to obtain an Orb of Light but unfortunately got stuck there.

Now in order to free Donald and bring him back to the valley, you will have to complete the Lost in The Dark Grove quest for Kristoff.

To give you an overview, you have to go to Merlin to obtain an Enchanted Feather that will help you locate Donald Duck inside the portal and once you find him you can bring him back.

Donald Duck’s quests

After Donald Duck is back in the valley, you will be able to complete the following quests.


A House Fit for a Duck

Once Donald Duck is back in the valley and you go meet him, he will complain about the current state of his boat house, and he will ask you to help him fix it.

To help him fix it, you will have to go and talk to Scrooge McDuck to repair the boat house.

You can find Scrooge McDuck in his store, and he will ask you to pick House Fit for a Duck and you will be asked to collect the following materials.

  • 16x Softwood
  • 8x Hardwood
  • 2x Iron Ingot
  • 4x Ropes

Once you have all the materials, you will need to head back to your crafting station and craft a Boat Repair Kit. Take the Boat Repair Kit to Donald’s Boathouse.

Go outside where Scrooge McDuck’s construction sign is, and he will fix the boathouse for free.

Finally, to conclude the quest, head inside the boathouse and pick up things from the floor and give them to Donald Duck who will conclude the quest.

Dispute of Donald and Goofy

This quest starts as a silly dispute between Donald and Goofy when they were arguing about where catfish come from, and Donald will ask you to help them solve it.

Donald will give you Green Fishing Waders and you can equip them and go fishing at Dazzle Beach where you will have to catch 10 fish.

Go back to Donald and then follow him to another fishing spot where you will catch a time capsule.

Giving it to Donald will return some of his memories and he will go to another spot, Sunlit Plateau, whereupon digging you will find another time Capsule, unlocking more memory fragments, and concluding the quest.

The Forgotten Project

Your task in this quest is to craft fragrance with the help of different flowers that will in turn open a time capsule. Start the quest by talking to Donald and he will tell you about the progress that he made on opening it.

You then need to head to Merlin and after speaking he will tell you that you will need a specially crafted fragrance to open the time capsule. It has an enchantment that can only be removed with the help of the fragrance.

The items needed to craft the fragrance are given below.

  • 2x Yellow Bromeliad (Sunlit Plateau)
  • 3x Pink Houseleek (Sunlit Plateau)
  • 2x White Marsh Whiteweed (Glade of Trust)
  • 3x Blue Hydrangea (Dazzle Beach)
  • 1x Empty Vial – Can be crafted using 3x Glass

Head towards any crafting station and craft Odorous Magnificus using the items that you gathered above. Once you have crafted the fragrance, take this to Merlin. He will then use this to unlock the capsule.

You can receive the information found inside the Time Capsule by opening the inventory. Once you have opened the inventory, you will receive the information in the form of Memory Fragments.

Take the Memory Fragments back to the Donald and travel to Sunlit Plateau to find Spectral Boxes. To collect these Spectral Boxes, you will need Dreamlight Magnifier. Donald will remind you of them once you talk to him.

Dreamlight Magnifier can be collected from Mickey and once you have it, you can collect Spectral Boxes. Take these boxes back to the Donald and your quest will be finished.

Donald Duck’s favorite gifts

You can give the character’s favorite items as gifts to increase your friendship level. We have therefore made a list of items liked by Donald Duck.

  • Pawpsicle
  • Walleye
  • Green Passion Lily
  • Cod
  • Spaghetti Arrabbiata
  • Green Passion Lily

Donald Duck’s friendship levels

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will unlock different rewards if you level up your friendship with any character. We have made a list of friendship rewards for Donald Duck.

Friendship Levels Rewards
Level 1 After reaching level 1 friendship, you will unlock Donald Duck as a character, his house, and The Curse quest.
Level 2 A blue mickey mouse backpack will be unlocked as a clothing item.
Level 3 An overlay with a mickey mouse theme will be unlocked that can be added to your custom dresses.
Level 4 You will be rewarded 500 Star Coins. after reaching level 4 of friendship.
Level 5 A treasure chest as a furniture decor item will be unlocked.
Level 6 A second overlay with a mickey mouse theme will be unlocked
Level 7 You will be rewarded 1000 Star Coins. after reaching level 7 of friendship.
Level 8 After reaching level 8 friendship, you will be rewarded with a Decoration Shelf as a furniture item.
Level 9 A third dress overlay will a Mickey Mouse theme will be unlocked.
Level 10 You will unlock the blue Donald Duck sailor outfit after reaching the friendship level of 10.

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