Disney Dreamlight Valley Moana Guide

If you’ve already started your Disney Dreamlight Journey, you may be aware of all the familiar faces you’ll get to...

If you’ve already started your Disney Dreamlight Journey, you may be aware of all the familiar faces you’ll get to see throughout the game journey. Moana is one of the many characters that players will be able to unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And once you do that, you can also complete all the series of quests included in her quest line.

This guide will go through how you can unlock Moana and complete each of her quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to unlock Moana

Befriending Moana will help players progress in the game and earn many bonuses, such as Star Coins, the ability to Fish, Decorations, and Outfits. And to your luck, unlocking Moana isn’t that hard either; you just have to make sure you’re completing some mandatory tasks in her realm.

For players to unlock and interact with Moana, they must first unlock the Dream Castle. To do so, you must first complete the ‘Merlin’s Mission’ that commands you to clear all the thorns from the Castle’s entrance. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to access the door and go inside.

Here you’ll be met with choices to unlock any realm you would like to visit. But you must remember not every realm can be visited for free; instead, you will need to pay for it.

To visit Moana’s realm, players must choose the option that reads ‘The Ocean With a Demigod.’ Once you’re teleported to her island, you’ll find her near the boat.

Moana’s quests

In order for players to bring Moana to the valley, they are required to do a series of quests. Below is the list of quests players will be asked to complete;

After the Storm

This is the first quest that players will be required to do for Moana in Disney Dreamlight Valley. For this mission, you must first enter the realm and talk to Moana to initiate the quest.

You’ll be asking Moana for help, but she’ll tell you that although she would love to do that, some other things need to be done first. If you agree to help Moana first, she’ll help you back. This will then trigger the quest for you.

You will be first asked to find eight pieces of wood around the island. You’ll find them all in the following locations;

  • You’ll find the first two pieces near the coastline. One nearby the tree and the other between two palm trees.
  • The third wood piece will be found between the banana and palm tree just some distance from where you talked to with Moana.
  • From the Banana tree, head towards the Beached Ship, and you’ll find the fourth wooden piece.
  • From the ship, approach the boulders, and you’ll find the next wood piece.
  • Go to the opposite side of the boulders, and find the next wooden piece.
  • For the final two pieces, go back to the boulders and follow the coastline. You’ll find the piece nearby the banana and palm trees.

Once you collect all the wood, now you’re required to dig around the island to find three silks. You’ll find silk at the following places;

  • At the starting area, nearby the coastline.
  • Go to the boulders nearby the coastline’s tip.
  • You’ll find a sand pile with the item past the boulders, banana, and coconut trees.

How Far You’ll Go

At the start, you have to speak to Moana to begin the quest. Once the quest begins, Moana will want to talk to you about something she found.

Then, she’ll give you a strange map and ask you to examine and make sense out of it.

Interact with the map and talk to Moana about what the Memory was hiding. From here onwards, you’ll be required to search the different areas in the sea to find something to light the way across the mist.

You’ll have four options from which you will be opting for the Coral Reef. Here you’ll find a torch that you will be taking and bringing back to Moana. From this point onwards, make your way across the mist with Moana’s help.

As you’re going, you’ll spot something moving in the water that you need to catch and show to Moana.

After that’s done, Moana will be will agree that this is a great fishing spot and will agree to come with you.

For the last step, you’ll be required to make sure Moana is comfortable in the village by placing Moana’s Fale.

Fixing the Boat

After the second quest, Moana will let you know that her boat broke and she needs your help to fix it.

To begin the Disney Dreamlight Valley Moana boat quest, you will have to follow Moana to the Broken Boat and then talk about fixing the boat. Now you’ll be required to gather the following items to fix the Broken Boat;

  • Softwood x50: Found near Plaza and Peaceful Meadow.
  • Fiber x70 or Seaweed x14: We recommend picking Seaweed instead, which can easily be found near Glade of Trust and Dazzle Beach.
  • Pink Hydrangea x3: Found nearby Dazzle Beach.

Once all items are collected, now craft the following items to fix the Broken Boat;

  • Rustic Wooden Case x3: Craft from the ‘Furniture’ option.
  • Baskets x3: Craft from the ‘Furniture’ option.
  • Ropes x4: Craft from the ‘Refined Material’ option.

Once crafted, give the items you gathered to Moana. A strange object will appear after fixing the boat. Pick it up, and hand it over to the Moana.


Once your friendship increases with Moana even more, you’ll be required to do the Peace Makers quest.

This quest follows the strange object you found in the earlier quest. Maui knows what it is, but Moana and him are not on good terms. Hence, you need to start peacemaking between them.

For this quest, you’ll have to make three meals for Maui. Once you’re done making Seafood Salad, Fruit Salad, and Seafood Platter, you’ll be asked to use the crafting station to make an ‘Oar’ gift to Maui.

Collect sand wood easily found around the area and craft Oar. Give this to Moana, and she’ll head to Maui to gift him that.

Hear them have a conversation, and Maui will explain that the strange object is Leader Shards. Another shard will appear as you listen to them; pick it up and give it to complete the quest.

The Remembering

For this quest, Moana will ask you to clear all the night thorns from her house. Do so by using your magic until a thorn reveals a memory. Investigate that memory and tell Moana.

She’ll tell you about a Magical Flower in the Forest of Valor; you will have to go and pick up 10 of them. Once that’s done, a new memory will be revealed. Again, investigate it and report it to Moana. Then talk to Maui, where another memory will be revealed.

Inspect it and report it to Moana again. Now make your way back to the forest and collect six blueberries from there. Then investigate yet another memory; after that, Moana will realize she left her pet Pua in the  Dreamlight Valley.

Here you’ll be asked to collect three coconuts to help Moana lure Pua back to the open, and then finally, once that is done, a shard will appear. Pick it up and give it to Moana to complete the quest.

The Search for Pua

Moana will request you come with her to the fishing boat to see if  Pua has sowed up. Follow her and then talk to her once you are in the Fishing Boat.

After that, she’ll ask you to track down Pua; for that, you will have to investigate Meadows and Ponds.

Here you’ll find golden footprints that you will report to Moana upon spotting. Go to Remy’s restaurant to get a food plate from outside and then go to the forest to find Pua.

Free Pua from the thorn traps and pick the shards. Give them to Moana to complete the quest.

The Ceremony

For the final quest available at Level 10, Moana will let you know about the tradition of rock stacking in her culture, and you should do the same with Leader Shards.

She’ll ask you to craft an Honored Place with 50 Stone, 10 Iron Ingots, and 3 Conchs from Moana’s Realm. Craft the Honored Place with the materials collected, and speak to Moana.

Place the Leader Shards into the Honored Place you created and speak to Moana, where she’ll thank you and point towards a new constellation in the sky. She will also reward you with the Tropical Flourish Gown at the end.

Moana’s favorite gifts

You can increase your friendship level with Moana by giving her gifts. The following are her favorite items in the game.

  • Seafood Pie
  • Tilapia
  • Pink Houseleek
  • Apple Pie
  • Squid
  • Purple Marsh Milkweed

Moana’s friendship levels

As you level up your friendship with Moana, you will be given different items that are listed below.

Friendship Levels Rewards
Level 1 After reaching level 1, you will unlock Moana as a character and Fixing the Boat Quest.
Level 2 You will unlock pink color crop top as a clothing item.
Level 3 An overlay with flower theme will be unlocked that can be added to your custom clothes.
Level 4 After reaching level 4 of friendship, you will be rewarded 500 Star Coins.
Level 5 A floor picnic table will be unlocked as a decoration item.
Level 6 Moana-inspired overlay will be unlocked
Level 7 After reaching level 7 of friendship, you will be rewarded 1000 Star Coins.
Level 8 A seashell will be unlocked as a decoration item.
Level 9 A sailboat-inspired overlay will be unlocked that can be added on top of your clothes.
Level 10 A dress will be unlocked that looks like Moana after reaching the friendship level of 10

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