Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems Guide

Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley are the very fundamental part of many crafting recipes. Moreover, you can earn a decent amount of money as well by selling those gems. But finding these gems requires too much traveling. So you would be mostly searching for gems.

To make your search for these gems easier, we have compiled this guide with the locations where you can farm different types of gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gems Locations

Gems are actually scattered all around the valley and can be found in many places. But basically, they are found on large dark rocks on cliffsides.

You will spot gems even from large distances as they will be glowing. However, an important thing to note is that you would need a pickaxe to harvest them. You can get a pickaxe in the very early stages of the game so don’t worry about it.

There total of 9 types of gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley and each of them has one extra shiny version which makes it a total of 18 gems in the game. The shiny version of gems are mostly found with the rest of the simple gems.

The location of all of the gems is given below:


  • Location: Frosted Height and Forgotten Lands.
  • Selling price: 500 coins
  • Selling price (shiny version): 2000 coins

Aqua Marine

  • Location: Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valour.
  • Selling price: 250 coins
  • Selling price (shiny version): 1000 coins


  • Location: Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust.
  • Selling price: 380 coins
  • Selling price (shiny version): 1500 coins


  • Location: Forgotten Lands.
  • Selling price: 600 coins
  • Selling price (shiny version): 2400 coins


  • Location: Glade of Trust and Forest of Valour.
  • Selling price: 325 coins
  • Selling price (shiny version): 1300 coins


  • Location: Plaza and Peaceful Meadows.
  • Selling price: 160 coins
  • Selling price (shiny version): 640 coins


  • Location: Peaceful Meadows and Dazzle Beach.
  • Selling price: 200 coins
  • Selling price (shiny version): 800 coins


  • Location:
  • Selling price: 240 coins
  • Selling price (shiny version): 960 coins


  • Location: Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights.
  • Selling price: 420 coins
  • Selling price (shiny version): 1600 coins

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