How To Unlock Fast Travel In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley features eight different biomes for you to unlock and explore. You will be traveling between all biomes...

Disney Dreamlight Valley features eight different biomes for you to unlock and explore. You will be traveling between all biomes during your progression to either complete quests, farm resources and ingredients, or find and interact with certain characters.

That is going to take you a lot of travel time. Some biomes are also pretty difficult to reach. Thankfully, the game features a way to fast travel to each location.

The following guide will tell you how to unlock and use fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to fast travel using wishing wells

Every biome in the game has a wishing well that you can use to fast travel. You can find them on the map with a purple well icon. All you have to do is open the map and click on a wishing well to immediately fast travel to that location.

However, wishing wells need to be first unlocked in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You must first complete Merlin’s Friendship Is Everything quest before unlocking the ability to fast travel.

You will be given the quest after unlocking the Dream Castle and visiting one of the three starting realms. Return to Merlin and he will task you to find the missing Orb by attaining a friendship level 5 with any three characters in the valley.


Get the orb and place it back on the Pillar of Friendship to complete the quest and unlock the fast travel feature. You can now visit any biome or realm to unlock its wishing well and then use their markers on the map to fast travel.

How to repair wishing wells

Every time you find a new wishing well in a new biome, it will be broken. You will not be able to use it even if you have completed Merlin’s quest to unlock fast travel.

Click on a broken wishing well to summon Scrooge McDuck. He will require Star Coins to repair the wishing well. If you are short on Star Coins or are not willing to spend the amount at the time, simply refuse and return later on when you have enough coins to spare.

Once the payment has been paid, Scrooge McDuck will repair the broken wishing well and you will then be able to use it for fast traveling.

How to fast travel using the Dream Castle

In addition to the wishing wells, you can also use the Dream Castle to fast travel in the game. Simply click on the Dream Castle on your map. It is located just above the main plaza.

The Dream Castle will show you all of the wishing wells you have repaired and as well as all of the realms you have unlocked. You can then use the interface to fast travel to any location.

However, keep in mind that the Dream Castle does not allow you to fast travel between realms. This is purely a one-way trip.

After reaching your desired realm, you must first return back to Dream Castle in your valley and use it to fast travel to the new realm.

Unlike the wishing wells, you will have access to the Dream Castle early on in the game. All you have to do is complete a few tasks to use its fast-traveling feature.

Merlin, once again, will ask you to collect around 2000 Dreamlight Points to remove the Night Thorns and get into the castle.

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