Disney Dreamlight Valley: Fishing Rod Location Guide

Fishing is more than just a side activity in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You need fish for several dishes that you...

Fishing is more than just a side activity in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You need fish for several dishes that you can cook to either consume or sell for profit. You also need fish for gifts that help your friendship levels. Furthermore, some of your story quests in the game require you to fish for quest-related objects.

It, hence, becomes important you quickly get your trusty fishing rod as soon as possible. You cannot attempt to fish in any pond without a fishing rod.

The following guide will tell you where the fishing rod is located in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find the fishing rod in Dreamlight Valley

During the Fishing Expedition quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will be assigned a task by Goofy to find a Fishing Rod to learn how to fish.  

To find this tool, you must visit the Plaza in the Peaceful Meadows. However, the location will be blocked by a bunch of giant rocks. You will first need to get the Royal Pickaxe from near the Plaza to remove the boulders.

Once the path is clear, head over to the pond in the Peaceful Meadows to find the fishing rod resting next to it. Unfortunately, the rod is broken and needs to be repaired.

Luckily, you were on your way to visit Goofy at his house. Head over there and speak with him. He will be more than glad to repair your fishing rod for you.

How to use a fishing rod in Dreamlight Valley

The fishing mechanics of the game are not that difficult to learn. You begin by approaching any water body such as a pond or lake. Then equip your fishing road and cast your line into the ripples.

Once you have caught something, simply reel in your line each time the circle surrounding your rod goes green.

Upon reeling the fish successfully, you will be shown a message on the screen that contains a few details about the species of fish you caught, adding a nice feature to the activity.

Fishing tips

  • Cast your line where you see the most ripples as it indicates that there is a fish swimming beneath.
  • Wait for the circle to enter the thicker ring before you reel the fish or else you will drop the fish back into the water.
  • To earn more money through fishing, visit different colored fishing spots such as white, blue and golden. With golden spots containing the rarest fishes, a higher difficulty, and the maximum number of rewards.

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