Disney Dreamlight Valley Flowers: How To Find All Types And Colors

There are several types of Flowers growing across the many biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will have to forage...

There are several types of Flowers growing across the many biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley. You will have to forage for these Flowers as either a quest item or as a gift item to raise your friendship levels. You might even need some Flowers for certain recipes.

The following guide will tell you exactly where each Flower type can be found in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This will help you save time the next time you want to quickly get hold of some rare Flowers in the game.

Types of Flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley


FlowerLocationSelling Price
Blue HydrangeaDazzle Beach28 Coins
Pink HydrangeaDazzle Beach22 Coins
Purple HydrangeaDazzle Beach39 Coins
White and Pink HydrangeaDazzle Beach54 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
SunflowersDazzle Beach28 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
Blue Star LilyForest of Valor30 Coins
Orange Star LilyForest of Valor43 Coins
Black Passion LilyFrosted Heights79 Coins
Blue Passion LilyFrosted Heights56 Coins
Green Passion LilyFrosted Heights28 Coins
Red Passion LilyFrosted Heights38 Coins
White Passion LilyFrosted Heights38 Coins

Bell Flower

FlowerLocationSelling Price
Purple Bell FlowerForest of Valor30 Coins
Red Bell FlowerForest of Valor25 Coins
White Bell FlowerForest of Valor30 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
Orange NasturtiumForgotten Lands60 Coins
Red NasturtiumForgotten Lands40 Coins
Yellow NasturtiumForgotten Lands85 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
Purple ImpatiensForgotten Lands40 Coins
White ImpatiensForgotten Lands30 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
Blue Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust48 Coins
Purple Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust25 Coins
White Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust33 Coins
Orange Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust33 Coins
Orange and Red Marsh MilkweedGlade of Trust66 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
Green Rising PenstemonPeaceful Meadows35 Coins
Purple Rising PenstemonPeaceful Meadows25 Coins
Blue Falling PenstemonPlaza23 Coins
Purple Falling PenstemonPlaza23 Coins
Red Falling PenstemonPlaza18 Coins
White and Pink Falling PenstemonPlaza41 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
Red DaisyPeaceful Meadows48 Coins
White DaisyPeaceful Meadows25 Coins
Yellow DaisyPeaceful Meadows20 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
DandelionPlaza23 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
Orange HouseleekSunlit Plateau52 Coins
Pink HouseleekSunlit Plateau35 Coins


FlowerLocationSelling Price
Pink BromeliadSunlit Plateau27 Coins
Red BromeliadSunlit Plateau27 Coins
Yellow BromeliadSunlit Plateau73 Coins

How to respawn flowers in Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the flowers will respawn automatically at the start of each day. If you want to gather any specific type of flower such as Bromeliads, you need to pick each one of the flowers of that type within the biome.

Once every flower of that type is picked, more flowers of the specific type will respawn. You will double the flowers in your inventory in just two days. The downside to picking one flower is that only one will respawn leaving you with only two flowers.

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