How To Get Falling Water & Ice Heart In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Falling Water and Ice Heart are two rare ingredients that you will need to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They...

Falling Water and Ice Heart are two rare ingredients that you will need to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

They are firstly required to complete The Final Trial quest of Merlin. The two ingredients are also needed to craft an enchanting potion to unlock the Watering Can upgrade. That is the only way you will be able to advance in the Glade of Trust since many of its areas are blocked by large mushrooms.

The following guide will tell you how to get Falling Water and Ice Heart in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to access Merlin’s Final Trial quest

Accessing Merlin’s Final Trial quest requires a few tasks to complete. Firstly, you must be able to complete all Merlin’s quests up to that point and must have raised your friendship level with Merlin to level 10 in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Raise Friendship With Merlin

Raising Friendship level with Merlin is important for the Final Trial quest. The most easiest way to increase your friendship level with Merlin is to spend more time with him and engage in activities that earn friendship bonus points. Once you’ve reached level 10 of friendship with Merlin, he assigns you a quest to complete called the Disney Dreamlight Valley the Final Trial.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Final Trial Quest Walkthrough

During this quest, you can acquire the upgraded version of the water can which allows you to get rid of all mushroom patches in the Glade of Trust.

To complete the Final Trial quest, Marlin will ask you to find him a couple of ingredients to perform the Water can enchantment. First, he’ll ask for 5x Purified Night Shards but in crushed condition.

Head over to the crafting table and craft Purified Night Shards, then visit Wall-E to crush the item into powder and place it inside a vial.

Take the vial back to Merlin and he’ll give you an ingredients book. For the ingredients, you must find 25x mushrooms, and two unique items such as Falling Water and Ice Heart.

Once all items are acquired, craft them into Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment and hand it over to Merlin who then provides you with the Water Can upgrade. Use the upgrade to get rid of the mushroom and return to Merlin to talk to him and end the Final Trial Quest.

Closest waterfall to get Falling Water in Dreamlight Valley?

Falling Water is the easiest of the two ingredients to get in the Deamlight Valley. You just need to go to any waterfall to get Falling Water.

waterfall location for falling water

There is a waterfall south of the Glade of Trust. Make your way there and then stand near the stone bridge. You will notice some golden sparkles. Follow them and you will soon be prompted to collect Falling Water for your quest.

How to get Ice Heart

Ice Heart requires you to do a few tasks. You first need the Ice Tear Seed that was in the enchantment book Merlin gave you during his quest line. You will also need a shovel.

Use the shovel to plant the Ice Tear Seed in the ground and then use your Watering Can to water it. The Ice Tear seeds work the same as any other seeds. The only difference is that when you plant them into the ground and water them, they will start to grow in just a few seconds.

grow ice tear seed

As you watch the Icy Blue Plant grow in front of you, you will notice that there will be an option to harvest. Once you harvest, you will easily get your Ice Heart.

It is important to remember that there is no specific place to plant the Ice Tear Seed. It is a seed that can be planted in any area and at any time as long as you have a shovel and a watering can.

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