How To Get Empty Vial In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ursula is one of the many characters you can convince to come back with you. When you do place her house in the valley, she will ask you to complete the Lair Sweet Lair quest.

You will need to get papers, a magical scroll, and ink for the quest. Papers are easy to get in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Magical scrolls and ink though need to be crafted.

The only obstacle you might face when gathering these items is that you need an empty vial to hold the ink. That too needs to be crafted.

The following guide will tell you how to get the empty vial for the ink in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to craft an Empty Vial in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the quest Lair Sweet Lair that you are given by Ursula, you need to craft a Magical Scroll and Ink. Magical Scroll is easy enough to craft, but you need an empty vial to hold the ink.

You can craft an empty vial with 3x Glass. However, glass is something that you need to craft as well. You cannot purchase or find glass in the game.

To craft glass, you need sand and coal ore, both of which can be found in abundance on Dazzle Beach. Note that 1x Glass requires 5x Sand and 1x Coal Ore.

Head to the beach and start digging with your shovel to collect the necessary amount of sand. Also, smash the black-colored rocks for a chance to get coal ores.

When you have all of the required resources, head to a crafting station and look under the Refined Material category to start crafting glass.

Once you have 3x Glass in your inventory, you will be able to craft an empty vial inside the same category.

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