How To Get Peridot In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley adopts sims-like gameplay with various crafting and gathering mechanics, and for this, they have added a lot of different items that you can find and harvest.

One of these items that you need to harvest in the massive open world is Peridot. This guide will help you find Peridot in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to mine Peridot in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Peridot is one of many gems that you can mine from rocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Unfortunately, due to their rarity, Peridots are not so easy to find in the game. You can only mine them from certain rocks.

Head to the Peaceful Meadows and Dazzle Beach to come across black-colored rocks. They will several around the cliffs and niches. Use your pickaxe to break these rocks to get Peridots. Note that Peridot is not a guaranteed drop. There is only a slim chance. So, you will have to mine a lot of rocks to get enough Peridots.

If you are struggling with mining, bring along one of your Disney friends to help. Check which of your friends back in the Valley have a mining deed. You will also need a high enough friendship level with them.

Bringing such a friend will increase your chances of finding rare items in the game. You will get more Peridots that way.

What to do with Peridots?

There are going to be some quests that require you to have Peridots, so they are a quest requirement.

At the end of the day, however, Peridots are precious gems that you can sell for good profits. If you have enough to spare, sell them to Goofy at his stall for 200 Star Coins each. You might even get lucky by finding a Shiny Peridot that is even rarer. That will get you 800 Star Coins.

Furthermore, you can give Peridots to other characters as gifts to increase your friendship levels.

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