What To Do After Finishing The Diablo 4 Campaign

As soon as you finish the main story campaign of Diablo 4, you will be guided to a plethora of...

As soon as you finish the main story campaign of Diablo 4, you will be guided to a plethora of new gameplay content that was not available until now. This includes Tree of Whispers objectives, hunting down World Bosses, exploring Nightmare Dungeons, participating in Helltide events, etc.

So, what post-campaign activities in Diablo 4 should you attempt? Which things to prioritize to gain maximum benefits for your efforts in the endgame? Let’s find out.

Activities to do after finishing the Diablo 4 campaign

Everything you have not done yet in the first two World Tier difficulties will be available after the end of the Diablo 4 campaign, along with a plethora of new dungeons and experiences in World Tier 3 and finally World Tier 4.

As you progress through different World Tiers, there will be new world tiers, new content, and most importantly, new rewards. Of all the World Tiers in the game, the first 2 (Adventurer and Veteran) are only there to let you reach level 50.

The next two tiers are unlocked by completing Capstone Dungeons, one at level 50, and the next one at level 70.

Capstone Dungeons to increase world tier

After level 50, you can go for conquering Diablo 4’s first Capstone Dungeon, aka The Cathedral of Light. Doing so unlocks the first end-game tier, Nightmare Mode.

From this point on, you start getting a new type of gear called the Sacred gear. This is a completely new type of gear, which does not go in the normal type of scale. Instead, it is a complete replacement of the previous gears with much better stats. The scale for this one starts as Sacred Common, Sacred Rare, Sacred Legendary, and so on.

When you reach level 70, the second Capstone dungeon can be explored, which is called The Fallen Temple. This unlocks the fourth World Tier (Torment Mode) along with a new gear type, the Ancestral gear.

Tree of Whispers/ Grim Favors

Among the first quests players will get in the post-campaign phase is Whispers of the Dead. In this quest, you are set to go to the Tree of Whispers. This is the first prominent end-game task, which can be done at any World Tier.

Every hour, certain sections of the map will be filled with objectives. Completing these objectives rewards you with Grim Favors. When you have 10 of these favors, you can head to the Tree of Whispers and trade them in for a reward. This works similarly to the bounties in Diablo 3, which can be done with even the lowest-level characters just to level them up.

Nightmare Dungeons

The next big end-game activity is the Nightmare Dungeons. They are basically the specialized versions of the normal dungeons you used to complete in the beginning tiers of the game. They are quite challenging places in terms of the difficulty and level required for exploring them.

What To Do After Finishing The Diablo 4 Campaign

To unlock the first Nightmare Dungeon, you will need to reach World Tier 3 and find a Nightmare Sigil. Sigils are basically the keys to turning a normal dungeon into a Nightmare one. Any type of activities including the Gathering Legions or Tree of Whispers rewards should start dropping Sigils when you are at tier 3.

Nightmare Dungeons teem with a large number of up to 5-6 Elites. These beasts are usually not available in such abundance in regular scenarios, so you have a very good chance at getting more of the rares and legendries in these dungeons.

Moreover, conquering Nightmare Dungeons aids you to assign XP to a Paragon glyph and level it up, enabling you to make it more potent.

Fields of Hatred (PvP)

There are specific zones in the Sanctuary that are PvP enabled. These are called Fields of Hatred and can simply be identified by opening your map and looking for areas with a red tint compared to the rest of the map. To participate in Fields of Hatred, you will need to Blood mark yourself. This can be done by going to the emotes wheel and selecting “Mark for Blood”.

The recommended level to visit the PvP areas is 50 (which means you are most likely in the end-game phase), as you may end up dying with all your struggles going in vain at a beginner level.

There is no doubt that your fight with real players can be quite tough, so you must possess the required skills and power in your gear before jumping in to clap fellow gamers. Fields of Hatred is the only place in the game where you can get Red Dust in Diablo 4.

World Bosses

These massive-sized monsters spawn after you enter the endgame phase in Diablo 4. You are allowed to face the World Bosses whether you are in a group or you want to go solo for that matter.

What To Do After Finishing The Diablo 4 Campaign

World bosses spawn at different intervals and locations in Diablo 4. When a boss is about to spawn, you will be able to see a World Boss icon with a 30-minutes countdown on your map. During this time, you can prepare for the fight and reach the battlefield in time.

You are likely to get one chest a week for successfully defeating a World Boss, having a handful of legendries and materials. You will also receive a certain legendary gear item from the beast right when you beat it.

Defeating these monsters is not a hard nut to crack, especially if you are playing with a group of players. So, it is kind of guaranteed loot for you.

Helltide events

Another interesting endgame activity is the Helltide. As soon as you reach World Tier 3, you will unlock Helltides. These events are available after every hour or so and take up a significant section of the map, turning the whole section into red. This red color indicates that this specific area is apparently more difficult to tackle than the normal map.

While in a Helltide, you will earn a currency called the Aberrant Cinder by completing events and defeating enemies. These Aberrant Cinders are required to open treasure boxes scattered all over the red area around you.

These chests can be of any type, including armor chests, weapon chests, and best of all the Tortured Gift of Mysteries. The Tortured Gift of Mysteries requires 175 Cinders to open and gives as many as four legendary items (based on your luck).

The Gathering Legions (Zone Event)

Every now and then, there will be a flashing marker on your map, which, upon clicking, turns out to be The Gathering Legions. It has a countdown that gives you the opportunity to reach the event area in time, just like the World Boss spawns. These are big world events teeming with enemies and mini-bosses to take down within a given time limit.

If the objectives are successfully completed, you get to have (a ton of) loot out of it. This includes up to 3 legendaries, a large number of Murmuring Obols, and a huge amount of XP for your character.

100% Map Completion (Altars of Lilith, Side quests, Waypoints)

Outside of all the progression, there are still fun and useful things to do at the endgame after you finish Diablo 4 campaign. These mini-activities also make your builds tougher and earn you cool rewards.

One of these things is map completion, which includes exploring Waypoints, visiting altars of Lilith, and completing side quests.

  • Waypoints: These are the fastest way to travel around in Diablo 4. Once you discover a waypoint, you simply have to click on its icon on the map and boom, you are at your destination in a blink of an eye.
  • Altar of Lilith: These are shrines/ statues attributed to Lilith, the goddess of Hatred. Interacting with an altar of Lilith permanently increases all of your character’s stats in the same realm. This can be quite useful to make your build more efficient and potent. In addition, you will receive Renown for finding all the altars of Lilith in a region, which is useful in getting Skill Points, Paragon Points, and Gold.
  • Side quests: In the endgame, you will have a lot of time to do side quests. You can start attempting these quests from one zone, let’s say Fractured Peaks, and then complete all quests in this zone before moving on to the next. Finishing side quests is a great way to earn additional loot as well as XP for your character.
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