Diablo 4 Emotes Guide

Emotes in Diablo 4 allow you to express yourself to other players without talking or even solve riddles in the game...

An online game without the ability to express yourself to others in the absence of voice chat takes away half the fun. Being an MMO-lite, Diablo 4 also offers players a variety of emotes to flex in front of other players. Some of these emotes even have in-game uses to solve puzzles. We are here to explain how to use emotes and what emotes you can use in Diablo 4.

How to use Emotes in Diablo 4

Using Emotes in Diablo IV is not difficult at all. All the emotes can be accessed using the Emote Wheel. For the PC, players need to hit the “E” key on the keyboard, and the Wheel menu will pop up. Players having the controller can press on the D-pad to open the emote wheel. Once the menu is up, players can access three different wheels and they are customizable.

By default, there are 14 emotes in D4 that can be used from this menu. To use a specific one, go to that specific emotes and hit the select button to perform that action in the game. The emotes offered on the wheel by default are as follows

HelloWings of the Creator (ultimate edition reward)

How to reassign the Emote Wheel

The three quick-access wheels can be customized by the players as well. This feature allows the players to pick specific items and emotes to show on the Wheel from the inventory. To assign a new emote to the Wheel the player needs to hit the customize button at the bottom.

diablo 4 emote wheel

Once done with that, players can access the list of emotes available in the game. To select a particular one to appear on the Wheel, the player needs to take the pointer on that specific emote. By pressing “E” on the keyboard and “D” on the controller, that specific emote will be added to the Emote Wheel.

How to use emotes on Faded Plaques on Statues

Faded Plaque on Statues and Emotes do have a link between them but to establish that first, the players have to solve the Secrets of the Spring Riddle. Once done with that, players will be able to interact with the Faded Plaques Statues.


These statues can be found randomly while exploring Sanctuary. Each one of them has a white circle marked in front of them on the ground. Stand in it and interact with the faded plaque on the emote statue.

Once you hit interact, a prompt will appear on the screen with an incomplete sentence at the bottom written with capitalized alphabets. You need to use emotes here in order to interact back and get some rewards.

diablo 4 emote statue

Every Faded Plaque Statue will show a specific sentence and the players have to respond according to the sentence with the specific emote. Here we have mentioned these emote statue riddles in Diablo 4 and the correct emote you need to use.

  • …BID FAREWELL…all…you love… (Bye emote)
  • …EMBOLDEN…soul…unrelenting evil… (Clap emote)
  • …dare…PROVOKE…ire…fate… (Taunt emote)
  • …ATONE…thy darkest…sins… (Sorry emote)
  • …GREET…death…open arms… (Hello emote)
  • …GIVE AID…meek…powerless… (Help emote)

You might encounter a different riddle but the words within all caps will be the same so as long as they correspond with the emotes mentioned above, you are good to go.

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