Diablo 4 The Gathering Legions Zone Event Guide

The Gathering Legions in Diablo 4, similar to World Bosses, are zone events that occasionally occur with a timer indicating how much time ...

Whenever a flashing marker appears on your map, it probably turns out to be a wave-based Gathering Legions event. The Gathering Legions in Diablo 4, similar to World Bosses, are zone events that occasionally occur with a timer indicating how much time remains to enter the arena.

Each zone in Sanctuary has one particular area where these events typically spawn. When you see an orange icon on the map, you should go to the marked area to join the multiplayer event in Diablo 4. However, if you fail to reach the location on time, the event will complete, and the icon disappears from the map.

The Gathering Legions event locations in Diablo 4

Before a Gathering Legion event occurs in a map zone, you can know about it by a red circle on the map. It can occur in several zone locations throughout the Sanctuary without a definite pattern that tells us where the next event will happen.

Note that for events in Strongholds, you first have to clear that particular stronghold of enemy infestation. As reported by players, the following places are where The Gathering Legion events mainly occur in D4.

  • Kor Dragan – Within the Kor Dragan stronghold in Fractured Peaks
  • Carrowcrest Ruins – A small region in the northwest part of Scosglen
  • Haunted Wreckage – A small region in the southeast part of Hawezar
  • Norgoi Vigil – A small shoreside place in the northern part of Dry Steppes
  • Crusader’s Monument – Located in the western portion of Hawezar

How to complete The Gathering Legions Event in Diablo 4

The event starts with a wave of demons followed by a mini-boss. The orange timer on the right side of your screen indicates the time left for completing a phase of the fight. You must clear the first wave of demons to clear the Gathering Legion event in D4.

If you fail to do so, your time will be wasted, with you getting nothing out of your efforts. If you clear the first wave of enemies successfully, a Servant of Hell appears on the scene. This one is relatively stronger than the demons you just slayed and comes with a time limit.

The problem with killing this boss is that it has a protective shield of Blood Blisters and Defiled Altars. This makes the monster immune to attacks as long as it has the shield. You will have one minute to eliminate the Servant of Hell in Diablo 4.

Having slain the first Servant of Hell, you will be put to tackle the second wave of enemies and another Servant of Hell. Similarly, there will be a third wave and a Servant, followed by the ultimate boss of this event. Remember that every successive wave will be more challenging than the subsequent ones.

After the first wave, even if you fail to clear the second one, you are guaranteed to complete the event and get some rewards in Diablo 4. However, you can get the mastery completion only when you go through all three waves and kill the mini-bosses before slaying the final boss.

Once all the Servants of Hell have been defeated, the Overlord should spawn. Depending on which area the Legion event was in, the Overlord boss can be Khazra Abomination, Drowned Seahag, or some other. Defeat this final boss to complete The Gathering Legions event and claim your reward.


Often termed one of the most challenging events in Diablo 4, the Gathering Legions is sure to appeal to many players because of its rewards upon completion. You will get a decent amount of Gold, XP, and loot for finishing this event.

Additionally, you will get 3 special chests, aka the Greater Radiant Chest if you manage to complete the event with Mastery. Only one chest will be available if you just completed the first waves and failed to do the remaining part of the event.

The mastery reward offers three chests instead of one, potentially having more gold, gear items, Murmuring Obols, and gems.

There is also a chance of getting the Ghastly Reins in the Gathering Legions event, which is necessary to unlock one of the most amazing horses in Diablo 4, the Spectral Charge Mount.

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