How To Farm Red Dust In Diablo 4

Red Dust is a valuable resource in Diablo 4, used as a currency to get useful stuff. This resource, Red Dust, is not available in ...

Red Dust is a valuable resource in Diablo 4, used as a currency to get useful stuff. This resource, Red Dust, is not available in its final form, but you have to work for it. You can get Red Dust in Diablo 4 by refining Seeds of Hatred.

These seeds are in PvP regions of the game, and another name for these regions is Fields of Hatred. The Red Dust helps you transmog gear to give characters a unique look. Secondly, you can trade it for new costumes for your mount. Lastly, you can program a short-time buff by getting some Cursed Scrolls.

Where to farm Red Dust in Diablo 4

Red Dust and its unrefined form, Seeds of Hatred are a PvP currency. As such, they can only be found within PvP zones of Diablo 4. These PvP zones are designated as Fields of Hatred and quite easy to spot on the map with their red-ish tinge.

The Fields of Hatred can be located in the west of the world map, and the two prominent locations within the 5 regions of D4 map. You can take the following waypoints to enter Fields of Hatred

How to farm Seeds of Hatred

The first step in farming the Red Dust is getting your hands on the Seeds of Hatred. You will find these seeds in the Fields of Hatred, which is not a piece of cake. Fields of Hatred are PvP zones and quite dangerous. You need to be prepared for all sorts of combat, against players and AI enemies alike, within Fields of Hatred.

Keep in mind that if you die while carrying Seeds of Hatred, you will lose a portion of them. Once the seeds have been converted to Red Dust only then they are safe forever.

Defeat enemies

Seeds can be collected in many ways; the famous one is killing enemy mobs. This method is safer, but this one is slow if you want to get rich in D4 Red Dust fast. You can add this to the bucket list along with other methods to obtain Seeds of Hated.

The best method by now is playing in a party with friends to attack the massive boss enemies in the fields in a group and get many more seeds than other enemies.

One such tough boss is Seething Abomination which is too brutal to be tackled by one but will give you a considerable fortune of 2000 seeds if you gang up on it to defeat the boss. Defeating the Seething Abomination also counts towards gaining Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers.

Killing other players

If you are too greedy for the seeds, you can attack other enemies and loot them from their pockets. But this is too risky for average players because as soon as you mark Blood from Emote menu, it will be you versus all the players. The major drawback is that you can get killed, and all your seeds will be taken from you.

Baleful chest farming

The most effective method is to find the Baleful chests in the Fields of Hatred. You can traverse the fields of Hatred to look for the hidden chests of Baleful and get a lot of seeds from them. This is one safer method but not completely danger-free because a group of enemies will be around these chests.

How to convert Seeds of Hatred to Red Dust in Diablo 4

Holding seeds for a long time is too risky because you will lose them if a player kills you. So you better convert them into Red Dust when you have collected a good amount because Red Dust can be lost and have no limit to hold.

You can get to any of the Altar of Extraction in Field of Hatred to refine the Seeds of Hatred in D4. But this one is more dangerous as many in-game players seek enemies they can kill there.

After reaching the Extraction, one minute will be very critical, and you have to use all your crowd control powers to handle the enemies. It will take 50 seconds to make Red Dust out of Seeds of Hatred in Diablo 4.

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