How To Get Nightmare Sigils In Diablo 4

Nightmare world tier in Diablo 4 adds challenging dungeons to the game which require the use of Nightmare Sigils before you can enter...

While progressing through the Nightmare World Tier in Diablo 4, the game provides the player a chance to play some challenging versions of their standard dungeons. This is done through the use of Nightmare Sigils to increase the challenge and reward of the dungeons.

But how does one get Nightmare Sigils in Diablo 4? Well, there are a number of ways to get Nightmare sigils, all of which we will explain below. You will probably get your first nightmare sigil upon completing the Cathedral of Light capstone dungeon that lets you play in Nightmare difficulty.

What are Nightmare Sigils?

Once you have unlocked world tier 3, you will have to build yourself up to access the new content unlocked which you can do through Nightmare Dungeons, the best endgame activity for this purpose. Nightmare dungeons are more challenging versions of standard dungeons in which you will face more dense monsters and a higher difficulty level.

As mentioned above, Nightmare Sigils in D4 allow you to increase the difficulty of a dungeon by turning it into a Nightmare Dungeon. Nightmare dungeons usually have separate dungeon-wide modifiers active. For example one of my Nightmare Dungeons would bombard me with mortars if I stayed in one place for too long.

Diablo 4 nightmare sigil

Nightmare Sigils also contain specifications among them. These specifications rely on Dungeon Affixes, Tier Ranges, the number of revives available, etc. Based on these factors, Nightmare Sigils also have a wide range of classifications.

Nightmare Dungeon’s difficulty depends upon the tier level. World Tier 3 is less difficult compared to Tier 4. In addition to it, Dungeon Affixes also vary between the range of 3 to 5. Similarly, how many times a player can revive also depends upon the specific nightmare sigil.

Affixes can change the difficulty of Nightmare Dungeons in a unique way such as a pillar following you to cause damage by exploding when touched or lightning strike every few seconds. Dungeon Affixes also vary between the range of 3 to 5. In addition to it,

Nightmare Sigil Tier Specifications

Diablo 4 nightmare sigil

Nightmare Sigils have two categories which are Sacred Sigil and Ancestral Sigil. Sacred Sigils have Tiers ranging from 1 and 20 while Ancestral Sigil Tiers range lies from 21 to 100. Both the types have further multiple subranges depending on the Sigil Powder, Gold, and Dungeon Affixes they possess.

How to get Nightmare Sigils in Diablo 4

After having a brief knowledge regarding Nightmare Sigils, it’s time to discuss how to find the Nightmare Sigils in the game. Nightmare sigils won’t be found in the normal world and are only available when you are in Tier 3 onwards and have completed Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon.

The ways you can get Nightmare Sigils in D4 after advancing to World Tier 3 are mentioned below

  • Tree of Whispers
  • Nightmare Dungeons
  • Crafting using Sigil Powder

Tree of Whispers

To unlock Nightmare Dungeons, you have to start getting Nightmare sigils and a great source of getting them is the Tree of Whispers, but you must be eligible to get the Sigils from the tree. To become eligible, players have to finish the story and reach level 50 in the game.

After crossing the said level, players have to complete the Whispers of the Dead. Once you have reached the required number of Grim Favors, the tree will reward you with caches that can contain Nightmare Sigils.

Rewards from Nightmare Dungeons

Playing the Nightmare Dungeon is the most efficient way of getting the Nightmare Sigils. Nightmare Sigils are spawned randomly in the Dungeon and the players can get them while going through it. However, another way of getting these sigils in significant amounts is from the main boss fights.

Crafting using Sigil Powder

Diablo 4 has some special rewards for the players as well and one of them is Sigil Powder. Mostly this reward is obtained upon successfully completing a nightmare dungeon. Once you have unlocked crafting, Gold and Sigil Powder can be used to craft sacred Nightmare Sigils.

How to craft high-tier Nightmare Sigils in Diablo 4?

You can craft high-tier Nightmare Sigils by using Sigil Powder. There are two primary ways to get the Sigil Powder in the game. One way is to complete a Nightmare Dungeon. Another one is to use the salvaging option at the Occultist, which will break down the low-tier Nightmare Sigils into Sigil Powder.

Usually completing a Nightmare Dungeon rewards players with a Nightmare Sigil that is close to the tier of the dungeon. If you want to jump to a Nightmare Dungeon that is a lot higher, you will need to craft a sigil at the Occultist.

Simply head to the Occultist in any city and select the Craft Sigil menu. From there you can choose which Sigil range you want to craft and pay in Sigil Powder accordingly. Higher tier nightmare sigils cost more gold and sigil powder to craft.

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