Diablo 4 Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon Walkthrough

You need to clear the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon in order to switch your Diablo 4 game to World Tier 4 difficulty.

The Fallen Temple is a capstone dungeon that unlocks the pathway toward the level 100 boss challenge in Diablo 4. You need to complete this dungeon to play the game at World Tier 4 difficulty and get the opportunity to gain the best possible loot.

After completing the campaign, you can only access this dungeon, which only becomes available at World Tier 3 difficulty. The grind before the dungeon prepares you for the challenges inside the place.

This capstone dungeon contains Demons, and Cannibals level up to 70, making every area of the dungeon a challenging task in D4. Moreover, you will receive several debuffs in the temple, making you weak against enemies. So it is better to level up and carry elixirs before making your way to the Fallen Temple in Diablo 4.

Fallen Temple location in Diablo 4

The Fallen Temple dungeon is found in the subregion of Dry Steppes called the Chambatar Ridge in Diablo 4. You need to enter the Antechamber present on the marked location and face off a deadly boss at the end of it.

The map location of the Fallen Temple dungeon in Diablo 4.

The best possible route to reach Fallen Temple would be through Fate’s Retreat waypoint. Fast travel to the waypoint and move northwest to find the entrance of the dungeon. Here you will be required to choose between two sections, and each section puts debuffs on your character.

After completing your campaign, change your difficulty by traveling to Kyovashad and interacting with the World Tier Statue. This will provide you the opportunity to achieve the objectives of the dungeon and receive the rewards.


Fallen Temple completion rewards

The completion of Fallen Temple rewards you with some random gear items in Diablo 4. Additionally, you will unlock World Tier 4 and get the opportunity to clear the Echo of Hatred dungeon by defeating Lilith in D4.

How to complete Fallen Temple in Diablo 4

You must overcome several obstacles before taking down the boss in the final section of the dungeon in D4. The dungeon becomes difficult with each section. You become weak due to the debuffs.

Choose your path

After entering the Antechamber of the Damned, you are required to select your initial path. No matter which route you choose at the end, and you must complete each before facing the boss.

Selecting the left side will require you to overcome an ambush, whereas the right side requires you to destroy an idol before moving ahead.

Complete the Trial of the Weak

If you took the left path, you will receive the weakness debuff that makes you weak every 5 seconds.

It means you will take more damage from the enemies, and eliminating each enemy reduces the effect of the debuff by 1.

Try to kill all the enemies without wasting time and survive the ambush to reach the next section of the Fallen Temple dungeon in D4.

Complete the Trial of the Idolent

The second path throws another debuff that increases the duration of the crowd control effect after every 5 seconds.

You can reduce the stacking of this debuff as you did in the previous section. Take down the enemies and destroy the idol at the end to reach the next objective of the dungeon.

Collect Animus from Animus Carriers

You will reach the lower part of the dungeon after clearing both sides. Find the elites and defeat them to collect the required Animus.

Focus your attacks on the elites and try to collect the necessary amount as soon as possible, as the debuffs increase with every passing second, making you weak in combat.

Once you have collected enough Animus, the final boss, Elias, will spawn on the map. You have to go toward the dungeon’s end section to fight the boss and complete the D4 Fallen Temple dungeon.

Defeat Elias

You will face Elias as your final obstacle in the dungeon. You must have already fought this boss, but this time, it is going to be a more challenging task as the boss becomes much more powerful.

You must use a high DPS build and stuns to drain the maximum health of the boss. You can stagger the enemy easily, so it is crucial to spam abilities that stun your enemy to make the most out of it.

Keep your distance from Elias from the start of the battle and watch for his attacks. Your main aim is to break his stagger meter. This will stun the minions, along with the boss giving you a window to land maximum damage hits.

Moreover, try to take down all the spawned demons quickly and then focus your attacks on the boss. Keep repeating this strategy to defeat the boss and receive the rewards.

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