Diablo 4 World Boss Spawn Times And Locations

The Diablo 4 World Boss spawn times and locations vary considerably, as reported by most players. This makes it difficult to suggest ...

While you may have seen a glimpse of them in the beta of Diablo 4, World Bosses are an essential part of the game’s retail release. The Diablo 4 World Boss spawn times and locations vary considerably, as reported by most players. This makes it difficult to suggest where to find and encounter these beasts and get those sweet rewards out of them.

But you don’t have to worry; we are here to help you with the spawn location and time of all World Bosses in Diablo 4.

World Boss spawn times and locations in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 offers three world bosses, having two more beasts than the beta. Every world boss possesses unique skills and attacks that set them apart from standard bosses or enemies.

Defeating them is not the same as encountering simple bosses you can take down solo on your own. This deadly battle mania occurs in the old MMO style, where the whole server gets to participate in killing a final or more giant boss.

After the fight, every player gets his part of the reward. Typically, all borld bosses pop up at locations of specific zones. As a general speculation, each next boss can be expected to appear 6 hours after the previous one has been killed and disappeared from the surface.

If you are in the right region where a World Boss has arrived, you will be notified on the map and a pop-up window on the screen. This will indicate that about 30 minutes remain until you can encounter the boss at the spawn location. So it is better to prepare for the fight ahead.


All the world bosses spawn in one of the five world boss arenas in the game so there is no sure shot way of telling which boss will spawn in which area. That being said, in our experience each world boss usually spawns in a select few arenas. For example, the three times I have killed Wandering Death, it has always spawned in the exact same place which we will mention below.

Ashava – The Pestilent

Ashava is the only world boss that appeared in the beta, so players might already be familiar with this one. This massive behemoth has powerful abilities and attacks that can easily tear its enemy’s defenses and bury them into the ground. Once you defeat this boss, a long list of loot and some special items like Scattered Prism are dropped.

You fight Ashava for the first time during the campaign but the world boss version of Ashava the Pestilent is a lot more dangerous. Ashava has 3 main attacks to look out for

  • The Double Swipe: In which the boss carves the ground 360 degrees and returns 180 degrees. This deals a lot of damage if you get in the area of rotation.
  • The Leap: In which it jumps and tries to knock you down.
  • The Ground Pound: In which Ashava hits along the front and backsides after pounding on the ground.  

Ashava Spawn location and time

Ashava the Pestilent usually spawns at a specific location of the Fractured Peaks zone. This location happens to be mostly the bottom right corner of this zone, called The Crucible. The Malnok and Seat of Heaven’s regions are north of this spawn location.

Remember that the boss can spawn in another region too. As for the time of this boss’s spawn, it is pretty random for the most part. We only know that it will appear after six hours once the previous boss is beaten and disappears from the map.

For example, if Wandering Death disappeared at 5:00 PM, you can expect Ashava to be spotted around 11:00 PM.

Avarice – The Gold Cursed

Avarice is one of the two newcomers that was not in the Diablo 4 beta. This massive horned troll possesses a giant mace in its right hand and a chained loot crate on its left body side. Avarice the Gold Cursed also holds several potent skills and attacks that are pretty heavy.

Wandering Death has several major threats/attacks that can wipe you out of existence in seconds.

  • The Chest Swing: In which it launches an AoE attack of 360 degrees using a ranged strike of a treasure chest. The swing of this attack deals lethal damage, and you must avoid it at all costs.
  • The Mallet Slam: The boss picks a hammer and angrily slams it on the ground, dealing substantial damage to the nearby enemies (the players).
  • The Portal Charge: In which Avarice summons a portal and charges itself. Avoid touching the beast after this happens, as the charged damage will be lethal to your health.

Avarice spawn location and time

According to our observation and the repeated reports from consistent players, Avarice tends to appear at the Seared Basin and The Crucible.

As for the time of this boss’s spawn, you can expect it to appear after six hours since the last killing of the World Boss.

Wandering Death – Death Given Life

Wandering Death is among the new beasts that players can enjoy fighting with and receive unique rewards. Similar to other counterparts, Wandering Death has a huge health bar and a set of potential threats for the players. These threats include:

  • The Death Beam: The boss rotates slowly while throwing beams at players, dealing massive damage.
  • The Death Crater: The boss produces a crater out of nowhere and causes it to explode, eating out the enemy’s health after five seconds.
  • The Death Grasp: Wandering Death shoots two hooks to the ground and pulls them toward itself, grasping you in the process. Do not stand in the same place any longer while this attack is in action.

Wandering Death spawn location and time

Wandering Death usually appear at two places instead of one specific spawn location. The first place is more frequent, which is called Saraan Caldera. The Dry Steppes zone is the one in which this area is included. The Accursed Wastes are on the south of this location.

The other spawning area is Caen Adar, in the Scosglen zone of the map.

As for the time of this boss’s spawn, you can expect it to appear after six hours since the last killing of the World Boss in Diablo 4.

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