Baldur’s Gate 3 Rescuing the Druid Halsin Walkthrough

The Druid Halsin remains missing, and the question of his whereabouts persists. In this Baldur’s Gate 3 Rescuing the Druid Halsin Walkthrough, we’ll be taking you through the steps necessary to find Halsin.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Rescuing the Druid Halsin

If you’ve asked about Halsin and his disappearance in Baldurs’s Gate 3, you will get this quest and thus will be able to embark on a journey to rescue the all-powerful Druid Halsin.

The Goblin Camp
Halsin’s a ray of hope, and hopefully, he can help you remove the parasite that resides within your head and prevent the subsequent transformation. Head to the marked Goblin Camp towards the West.

Follow the path to the Goblin Camp, and you’ll find a dead boar on the road. The group will talk about how the boar looks fairly healthy, yet dead all the same. Depending on your rolls, you will be able to learn about the killer of the pig.

With a successful perception check, your party will call out a goblin ambush ahead of you, and you will see a goblin sitting on top of a nearby building. The Goblin threatens to kill you should you take another step.

You can either choose to persuade them using the parasite, perform different rolls to sway them, or just fight them.

Rescue the Gnome
In the Blighted Town lies a gnome being tortured by a bunch of goblins further West. You can deal with the Goblins and use the lever inside the windmill building to release the gnome.

Entering the Goblin Camp
Take your leave from the Blighted Village after saving the gnome and head right towards the Goblin Camp by crossing the wooden bridge on the western side.

Olak will ask you to state your business. You can use the parasite or other checks to persuade the Goblin.

Once you’ve convinced Olak, he will ask you to rub the poop on his face. You can either fight the Goblins, or rub the poop in Olak’s face.

If everything remains peaceful, you can ask Olak about Halsin’s whereabouts, who will tell you that he is down in the pits.

You can buy a few items from the Goblin Camp off Olak before proceeding with the quest.

Rescue Volo the Bard
As you proceed into the camp, you’ll see Volo the bard singing about. If you talk to him, he will be brought to a cage in the pits. This unlocks a side-quest to save him along with Halsin.

To get further with the quest, you have to get into the Shattered Sanctum. The Sanctum is being blocked by a problematic ogre named Guard Gurgon.

There’re a few options to get in. The first requiring to use the Knotted Roots on the western wall of the camp.

The second option is to find Crusher the Goblin, who will lead to this group of goblins wandering off.

You will get an opportunity to climb the ladder nearby and sneak around to the back. Don’t wake up the sleeping Goblins.

Deal with the enemies in this area stealthily and stay away from the slmbering goblins

Breaking a Cracked Wall
You can break the wall using one of three ways. Use force, a radiant element, or a bludgeoning weapon. Break it, and head on inside by clicking “Collapsed Corridor.” You will now be in the Shattered Sanctum where the pits are.

The Goblins won’t mind your presence, but be wary of running into leaders who will start a conversation.

Find Volo and Halsin. Volo is on the South-Eastern side of the area where you will have to deceive a Goblin to let him go. Rescuing Volo will let him come to your camp.

Rescuing Halsin
To find out where Halsin is, you can either choose to interrogate the Goblin leaders, or search for notes.

Go to the North-Eastern side of the Shattered Sanctum, and you’ll find an Ornate Door. Behind the door lies Worg Pens. Interact with the door and you will find yourself in the Worg Pens.

If you haven’t attacked any Goblins up until this point, you’ll be fine and it’ll be smooth sailing.

To the right of the Worg Pens, you will see an imprisoned bear. By heading to the right side, a cutscene will trigger where Goblins are throwing rocks at the bear.

You can choose to tell the goblins to stop or join in with the Goblins and torture the bear further.

If ask the goblins to quit it, the bear escapes the cage and a battle will start with you and the bear versus the Goblins.

Don’t let any of the Goblins escape and call for help.

Talk to Druid Halsen
You’ll be really glad if you chose to help the bear at this point. Because as it turns out, Halsin was the bear.

He will thank you for helping an imprisoned bear, and will choose to help you remove the parasite, if you help him first.

He wants to kill three Goblin leaders to ensure the safety of Druid Grove. The leaders are:

  • Drog Ragzlin the Goblin King
  • Minthara the Drow Commander
  • Priestess Gut

Halsin will offer his help in his bear form, but he also warns you that this will prevent you from being stealthy and undetected. Feel free to get a few resources from Roah Moonglow down here before proceeding with the quest.

Killing the Goblin Leaders
Before we proceed to take down the bigger fish, it’s best that we take down the small fry wandering about alone.

You’ll find a number of individuals walking around and patrolling areas alone. Thin out their numbers to prevent things from getting too hard if anything goes wrong.

The following tips will help you with the final part of your quest.

  • You can use the pit in the center to kill enemies by shoving them down there. The pit has two spiders that will attack anyone that is unfortunate enough to fall below.
  • Find a nice quiet area and take a shot to break the iron gate keeping the spiders locked. Lure the spiders to nearby goblins and they will fight for you.
  • Shove enemies into endless pits.
  • Utilize stealth to take down enemies in one-hits.
  • Attack from the beams.
  • Destroy the drums to prevent reinforcements.
  • Bring Halsin with you for extra help.

Return to Halsin
After killing all the Goblins, Halsin will thank you for your assistance in restoring peace to Druid’s Grove. Halsin will then return back to the Grove to take care of a few matters.

When you enter Druid Grove, Halsin will come to you and thank you for all your help. He will tell you to go meet Rath for your reward.

When you ask him regarding the parasite, Halsin will say that he will help you the next morning.

Rath is located below Druid Grove in the Emerald Grove near the center. There is a stone door that will take you to Rath.

Claim your Reward
Once you’ve received your reward from Rath, go find Zevlor above the Druid Grove gate. He will give you a reward and some experience for taking out the leaders. Zevlor will ask you to celebrate at the camp alongside the refugees.

Wander around the camp, and enjoy the fun. You will eventually come across another delay from Halsin’s end as he says that magic is stopping the parasite from turning you into a mind flayer. He wants you to find the mastermind behind the parasites.

Halsin will tell you to find the source of the magic at the Moonrise Towers. You can check out our guide on how to get to the Moonrise Towers here.

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