Baldur’s Gate 3 Lord Enver Gortash Boss Guide

The Politician and Commander of Steel Watcher Guards, Lord Enver Gortash, is a lethal boss in Baldur's Gate 3.

Lord Enver Gortash is a politician in Bladur’s Gate 3 who takes over the city of Baldur’s Gate after the sudden disappearance of Duke Ravengard and commands the Steel Watchers and the Flaming Fist Guards. He is an influential and powerful figure in BG3 who serves as an interesting antagonist.

You will come across him when you wish to obtain the Gortash Netherstone. It is an item that can unlock Orpheus’s powers. Gortash in BG3 will present you with a deal asking you to bring him the Netherstone from Orin. It will be up to you to accept or decline the Gortash deal.

Your choices will significantly affect how Lord Enver Gortash will present in the story. But before getting to the deal and ultimately the boss fight, let us look where to find him.

Lord Enver Gortash location in BG3

During Act III, you will find Lord Enver Gortash in the Wyrm Rock Fortress of the Bladur’s Gate City. You can get there after playing through the Temple of Bhaal and then moving on to the.

The Basilisk Gate is on the map’s east side; you can enter the new area leading to the fortress. Once you do so, the ‘Get Gortash’s Netherstone‘ quest will begin, and you must look for Lord Enver Gortash in BG3.

There are a few places inside the Wyrm Rock Fortress where you can encounter Lord Enver Gortash, depending on your dialogue choices. You can even choose to skip the boss fight with him altogether.  


Lord Enver Gortash dialogue options

When you enter the Wyrm Rock Fortress in Baldur’s Gate 3, the first chance you will encounter Gortash will be in the Audience Hall. A ceremony will be taking place there in which Gortash is appointed as the Archduke. You can commence the boss fight here, but that will be a suicide plan.

When you enter the Audience Hall in BG3, Gortash will not attack you immediately. Instead, he will offer you a deal to side with him and kill Orin. He will ask you to take down Orin the Red and bring her Netherstone to him.

He will attack you if you accept this deal and go to Lord Enver Gortash without his coveted Netherstone. Karlach will be against Gortash and any alliance with him due to her long-standing hate for the devil and his associates. If you bring her along while conversing with Lord Enver Gortash, she will end up saying, “Never mind that, Gortash, we’ve heard all we need from the likes of you,” to Gortash which will enrage him, and the fight will begin.

However, you can put off the boss fight if you get the Netherstone first and then go to Gortash in BG3. To shush Karlach, you can choose the “Easy Karlach; we won’t make it far against the Steel Watch” option. To Gortash, you can say, “We can be allies, but Ketheric’s and Orin’s stones stay with me.” 

The next chance to encounter Lord Gortash will be in the Undercity Ruins at the Morphic Pool Docks. Here, you will meet him with the Elder Brain. However, this will not result in the boss fight, as the Elder Brain will kill Gortash himself.

If you want to take part in the boss fight now, you can choose not to go to the Elder Brain and start dismantling the Steel Watch instead.

Now, you can make your way to the Fortress to come across Gortash in the Proclamation Room on the rooftop of the fortress. This is where Lord Enver Gortash’s boss fight will begin.  

How to defeat Lord Enver Gortash in Baldur’s Gate 3

Lord Enver Gortash is a very aggressive boss in BG3 who has many henchmen around him, but the key to taking him down is to focus your attacks on him as much as possible. If you go after his guards first and then him, it will result in HP depletion, and the boss fight will become more challenging for you.

Gortash will also have a wizard among his guards who will spawn elemental damage at you. You can take him down, but he has immense HP, so it is better to consider something for your immunity instead.

Gortash will also have the power to summon the Hand of Shadow against you, a large black hand above your party. It will make a fist and punch down to crush your party repeatedly, so it is recommended to exit its attack radius when it comes down.

Lastly, the best strategy to win against Gortash in BG3 is to use the bombs. Throughout the fight, bombs will be deployed at you at intervals, which can take down excellent health. Not only do you need to avoid these bombs, but also use them to your advantage.

Whenever you find one deployed at you, toss it back at the enemies and exit the impact radius yourself. Then you can keep attacking Gortash until all his HP is drained, and you gain victory.

Lord Enver Gortash rewards and loot

After you have taken down Lord Enver Gortash in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will be rewarded with the following:

  • Gortash’s Fabricated Arbalest (+2 weapon enchantment), a heavy crossbow with a Dazzling Ray, Illuminating Shot, and a range of 18m.
  • Netherstone Studded Gauntlet: rare gloves that let you deal 1-6 additional Fire Damage
  • Gortash’s Netherstone

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