How To Get Into Wyrm’s Rock Fortress In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Wyrm's Rock Fortress is a location which houses places like Dragon's Sanctum and Wyrmway that players can access to begin several quests.

Baldur’s Gate 3 features a lot of regions throughout the gameplay, and Wyrm’s Rock Fortress is one of the most challenging places to get in. You will get to see this Fortress during the game’s Third Act but will be denied direct entry inside it.

You will have to gather those teammates with good Deception and Intimidation skills to pass the checks along the way. However, you can still manage to get inside the Wyrm’s fortress, but it will require you to do some effort on your half as well. Getting into this fortress is essential because you will meet Lord Enver Gortash.

This particular NPC is considered a True Soul and also has a Netherstone. This item carries powerful abilities to the extent that it can even be used to control the Elder Brain in BG3.

Moreover, you cannot fight your way to get inside the Fortress. It is guarded by Steel Watchers and the Flaming Fist, which will prove to be quite a challenge for you to handle on your own. If you want to learn all the methods you can use to Get Into Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, I have got you covered in this BG3 guide.

You can use the following four methods to enter Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyrm’s Rock Fortress.

Method 1: Pass Blaze Elin’s Dialogue checks

For this method, you must talk your way through to enter Wyrm’s Rock Fortress in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, it will be the most challenging path because you must pass high dialogue checks.

First, you will meet with Blaze Elin, who will guard the bridge. She won’t let you through, but you can use the dialogue options to your advantage with her. Now, here, you can follow three dialogue options with her.

  1. An assassin is pursuing Duke Ravenguard, and you need to warn him. You must pass the Deception check to roll a number (>= 30).
  2. You can tell her that you are tasked with protecting the Archduke known as Elect Gortash. You must also pass the Persuasion check and roll number (>= 30).
  3. Lastly, go with the dialogue option, which says you are here to contribute to the Flaming Fist. It will be for an orphans fund. Selecting this option, you must pass the Persuasion check and roll number (>= 25).

If you get the required number on the above dialogues, you can secure the passage into Wyrm’s Rock Fortress in BG3.

Method 2: Steal Invitation from an NPC (Sharess’ Caress)

This method is relatively more straightforward as it will require you to go to Sharess’ Caress in Baldur’s Gate 3. It shouldn’t be too hard to find; inside, you need to take the stairs up and turn right. Make another right at the end of the corridor and go up the stairs to the second floor.

You will find a locked door on Sharess’ Caress’s Upper Floor there. This door can be unlocked by using Thieves Tools to lockpick it. Similarly, if you don’t want to go through this hurdle, you can simply meet with Mamzell Amira. She will be on the Ground Floor and will offer you the key to this room as well.

After you enter the door, you can steal the invitation, which will be the Admission Pass for someone in BG3. Take it and then meet with Blaze Elin again. This time, you will get another dialogue option in which you will present her with the invitation—seeing that she won’t question you any further. After that, the bridge will be lowered for you to enter Wyrm’s Rock Fortress in BG3.

Method 3: Get a Lower City Pass

This method will suffice for you if you want to get into Wyrm’s Rock Fortress but it has a prerequisite. This will require you to complete certain quests like the Open Hand Temple Murders. You will do these during Act 3 outside of Baldur’s Gate.

Once you have started the Open Hand Temple quest, you must go to the Halls of the Temple. Once there, begin a dialogue with Sister Yannis. She will be conversing with another NPC character, Inspector Valeria, about the Temple Murders. In short, you will be tasked with entering Arfur’s House, and in his basement, you will discover bombs camouflaged as toys.

After that, you need to meet Arfur and be friendly during your conversation. This way, you can gain info on his lower city pass. This Lower City Pass can pave the way for you to enter Wyrm’s Rock Fortress in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Method 4: Enter through Wyrm’s Rock Prison

For this method to work, you need to head right from Blaze Elin’s location and make your way to the broken fence at the edge. From there, you can jump down.

However, the fall is quite deep, so make sure to bring healing potions along. Once all of your party members make the jump, you can aim the healing item on the ground, and it will heal the injured teammates in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Make your way around that area, and you will find a crack in the wall. Pass through it and enter Wyrm’s Rock Prison area in BG3. Proceed to jump towards the other side and then target the weak wall section with the irregular bricks. It will be force resistance, so use a more potent weapon to break through that area.

Once you are successful, you will find a locked door on your right side. You can use Thieves Tools to lockpick it or attack to break it down. Follow the Hallway and then find another door on the left. However, a prison guard will spot you, so it will either be a lie (Deception check) or you can fight him. If you choose to go with the lie, you need to roll a number greater and equal to 15.

If you are successful, the guard will buy your lie, and you are free to roam Wyrm Rock Prison. Proceed straight through the giant door, and a cutscene will play in which a steel watcher will inform you that Lord Gortash has been expecting your arrival in Baldur’ Gate 3.

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