Should You Keep Or Sell The Devilfoil Mask In Baldur’s Gate 3

Devilfoil Mask serves dual purposes in the game. You can either use it as a gear item or craft something destructive out of it.

Devilfoil Mask in Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the many precious helms with more advantages when used as a crafting material. These masks are available in the Grymforge-Underdark area of the game, and their number is limited to a total of four.

Like any other item in Baldur’s Gate 3, the Devilfoil Mask can also be sold for gold by taking it to a merchant. Selling these masks can give you a handsome amount of gold in return, but it may be advantageous for you not to sell them and bring them to some other use.

This article will help you decide whether to keep the Devilfoil Mask or sell it to get a good amount of gold. We will also explain the exact location of all four masks available in Grymforge and how you can use them during combat scenarios.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Devilfoil Mask locations

The locations of all 4 Devilfoil Masks in Grymforge-Underdark are described below. 

  • The first mask can be obtained by going to the coordinates (X: -660, Y: 440) in the abandoned refuge. You will see duergars who are overworking and hurting 2 Deep Rothe. Use the Speak with the Animals spell to talk to the Rothe. They will ask you to free them by killing the slavers and clearing the rubble. Follow the instructions and search the cleared tunnel for a Devilfoil mask on a skeleton. 
  • Now, disband the party and climb the stairs until you reach the tower. Cross the traps on the bridge and jump on the platform. Use the other party members to move the platform. Climb the stairs and open the locked double door with a lockpick. Inside is a Merregon Legionnaire. Kill him to loot the second Devilfoil mask from his body. 
  • The third mask is in the same room on an altar before a huge mirror. 
  • To collect the fourth and final Devilfoil mask, go to the main hall (X: -615, Y: 325) and steal it from the table. 

Below is a map with the locations where you can find all Devilfoil masks in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What to do with the Devilfoil Mask in Baldur’s Gate 3?

On the surface, it might seem like Devilfoil Mask only has two uses: sell for 240 gold each or craft Orthon bombs, which is not entirely true. These Masks also have another hidden use. Depending on your party composition, you can gain quite a significant STR boost if you find all four Devilfoil Masks.

Thanks to the mask’s magic effect, whenever you are within 20 meters of a character wearing the mask, you gain 1 STR point. However, your INT, WIS, and CHA are also decreased by 1. So, if you find and equip all party members with Devilfoil Masks, each character will have a +3 STR bonus.

Because of the negative impact on intelligence, wisdom, and charisma, stacking these masks is only good if you have Fighter or Warrior characters.

You can also give it to Dammon during Act 2, who is a merchant present inside the Last Light Inn. He will use these masks to craft Orthon Explosives. These grenades deal a lot of damage to the enemies upon exploding.

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