Should You Steal The Druids’ Sacred Idol In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Stealing Druid's Idol can lead to a bloodbath between two innocent parties. Do you still want to do it? Then follow us on this dark journey here.

Aligning yourself to be good or evil in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be tricky, especially when the latter can give you exciting rewards and opportunities. An opportunity like this presents itself during the Steal the Sacred Idol quest in the Emerald Cove area of Baldur’s Gate 3, where some Tiefling children want you to steal Druids’ Idol to have their revenge. 

The Idol of Silvanus is the driving force behind the druids, and leaving or stealing it can change the outcome of the ritual. The ritual is being done to permanently close off the Druid Cove area to everyone except for the Druids themselves. 

This quest can be accepted after talking to a Tiefling child, Mol, inside the Dragon’s Lair area of the Druids’ Grove. However, to earn Mol’s favor, you must save Mikron during the Investigate the Beach quest, save Arabella from Teela, avoid threatening the children during the Find Your Belongings quest, and help Meli during the Return the Locket quest.

Steal the Sacred Idol quest walkthrough

The Idol of Silvanus is present in the center of the Sacred Pool (X: 240, Y: 505), surrounded by a group of Druids performing the Rite of Thorns. Once you accept Mol’s offer to steal the idol, you can swipe the item in two ways.

You can either walk up to the podium and simply grab it. However, this will make all the Druids around you hostile, and you must kill them. It is an extremely difficult fight at this point in the game.

Or you can take a stealthier approach by concealing yourself with an invisibility spell. When you try to exit the area after stealing the idol stealthily, you will be stopped by the guards, and the fight will commence.

Both options have the same outcome regardless of the method. It is important to note that the fight here is extremely difficult. This can quickly result in the death of your party.


If you survive the fight, you can Intimidate the remaining Druids in the Grove by passing a DC15 check.

You also gain a permanent debuff that provokes enemies to attack you. The debuff is called “Enemy of Justice.” Several quests become unavailable, and the Druids and Tieflings engage in a civil war. This resulted in massive casualties on both sides. 

Furthermore, characters like Sazza, Kagha, and Nettie meet their demise. However, you and your team will get XP and some good loot if you survive. Disrupting the ritual also means that the Druid Grove area will remain open to you and the refugees for the rest of the game. 

Once the idol is in your possession, you can keep it or sell it to Mol. He will reward you the Ring of Protection, which grants you +1 on your armor class and saving throws.

Not stealing the Sacred Idol 

If you want to stop the ritual without stealing the idol and avoid kickstarting a major war, you can take two alternative paths. You can initiate the side quest “Investigate Kagha” or “Rescue Druid Halsin.”

Completing either objective lets you stop the ritual in a much easier way. Following this route keeps Druid Grove open to you and stops the war between the Druids and the Tieflings. It also prevents many important NPCs from dying. Additionally, you’ll retain access to many quests you would have missed by making the Druids hostile. The only thing you will miss is the Ring of Protection you can get from Mol by trading the idol.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Shall you steal Druids’ Idol or not

We don’t recommend stealing the idol unless you are doing a complete evil run. This will throw the whole Druid Grove into a frenzy, resulting in a mindless massacre. You will lose Karlach, Shadowheart (most likely), and Halsin as companions. Wyll will strongly disapprove, and he may leave the party forever.

You will be locked out of many important side quests and miss merchants like Dammon. The cons outweigh the pros enormously. So, the best solution is to refuse Mol’s request and try to stop the ritual without stealing Druids’ Idol in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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