Which Sussur Masterwork Weapon To Forge In Baldur’s Gate 3

Sussur Masterwork Weapons is a quest in Baldur's Gate 3 that allows you to create three unique weapons from Sussur tree Bark.

Sussur Masterwork weapons in BG3 have a strange case of being meant for early game, but the quest will take you to a much more dangerous place in Underdark to obtain the relevant quest material i.e., Sussur Tree Bark. If you wait organically to reach there, chances are you will have found better weapons. If you go out of your way to get there first, then these Masterwork Weapons can have some time in the limelight.

Which Sussur weapons should you forge in Baldur’s Gate 3

Bear in mind that your race and class grant you specific weapon proficiencies. An Elf, for instance, does not gain any weapon proficiency in sickles, daggers, or great swords so these weapons are less useful for an Elf as compared to, say a Githyanki who at least has proficiency in greatswords.

Again, this is not the end; even if your race does not grant specific proficiency, the right class can do so. A Barbarian has proficiency in Martial Weapons, which includes greatswords, so a Drow Barbarian can proficiently wield one despite the lack of racial benefit.

All 3 Sussur Masterwork weapons in BG3 have a chance to trigger silence upon hit and have a +1 weapon enhancement. Since you have likely found decently strong weapons during your journey to Underdark, picking weapons to use as a main would be counterintuitive, most likely useable as a sub-weapon for the passive. As such we can’t recommend the Greatsword.

In this case, I recommend the Susser Dagger as a quick silence, silence-triggering, supporting weapon. This takes priority over the sickle, largely because only druids have proficiency in sickles. While for daggers, we have Sorcerers, Wizards and Druids who are proficient. And even the non-proficient classes can still use the dagger effectively. At the same time, the Great sword can only be used by a select few.

How to obtain Sussur Masterwork weapons in BG3

During Act 1, while visiting the Blighted Village you may come upon a blacksmith’s house where you will find ‘Highcliff’s Journal’. Reading it will inform you of the existence of blueprints for creating unique weapons in BG3. These are called ‘Master Weapons,’ made from the bark of the Sussur Tree, located in Underdark.


To obtain the blueprints, you must shamble around the house till you find a web that covers a conspicuous hole in the ground. An automatic perception check is triggered after getting rid of the web and jumping down the hole. If you succeed, a peculiar box will appear. Opening this box also requires succeeding in a Sleight of Hand check. But once you do, the blueprints are yours and the quest will direct you to your next objective.

Just return to the Blacksmith’s house in Blighted Village and use the furnace to create your weapon of choice. Your options are either a Sussur Sickle, Dagger, or Greatsword.

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