How To Find Dark Amethyst In Baldur’s Gate 3

During your gameplay in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will be getting various magical and mysterious items. Dark Amethyst is one...

During your gameplay in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will be getting various magical and mysterious items. Dark Amethyst is one of the many key items in BG3 that can only be obtained with careful exploration. The exact location of Dark Amethyst is in the dungeon of Whispering Depths. This dungeon is located below the Blighted Village.

This item is crucial as it becomes the source to open the book Necromancy of Thay which is also located beneath the Blighted Village in the Apothecary. This article will teach you the exact location to get the Dark Amethyst item and how to use it in BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Dark Amethyst location

If you want to get your hands on Dark Amethyst in BG3, you need to go to the Blighted Village, west of Emerald Grove. There is a dungeon known as Whispering Depths below the Blighted Village which houses this unique item. You first need to reach the middle of the village where you will find a well to go down. In order to go down, have an interaction with the well and you must do a perception check.

To reach Blighted Village instantly, we recommend that you fast travel to its waypoint (you can unlock it while going towards Goblin Camp). Once you are there, make your way to your left side and continue the path until you reach the well.

Make sure that you and your party are aptly prepared to take the boss of Whispering Depths dungeon known as Phase Spider. This dungeon is completely occupied with the webs and the eggs which have not hatched yet.

To make your way easy to find Dark Amethyst in BG3, it is suggested that you burn those eggs with your spells. During the fight, the boss can travel and bring those unhatched eggs, making your fight quite tough.


You need to slay this boss and then make your way to the lower level. You will find Dark Amethyst in this area of BG3. The boss’s location in the dungeon is at the coordinates (X: -564, Y: -355) in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What is Dark Amethyst used for?

The Dark Amethyst is an item that allows you to open the Necromancy of Thay Book in BG3. It is a multi-purpose item so in order to complete “Search the Cellar” quest in BG3, you will also need Dark Amethyst. The location of Necromancy of Thay book is below the Apothecary in the same village.

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