Best The Witcher 3 Silver Swords For Slaying Monsters

Arm yourself with the best blades to dispatch monsters.

When it comes to killing monsters in the world of The Witcher, Geralt needs to be able to fight both human “monsters” as well as mythical ones. While steel swords work well against humans, they are useless against the actual monsters of the night. That is where Silver Swords come in handy.

Silver Swords in The Witcher 3 are used to fight all types of supernatural enemies and monsters that do not take any damage from steel swords. Just like steel swords, there are numerous silver swords in TW3, some better than others.

To ensure you always have the best silver swords equipped in The Witcher 3, no matter your level or build/playstyle, we have compiled a list of some of the best silver swords you should consider finding in TW3.

15. Bloodsword

Bloodsword has a decent damage level, which may not seem like much on its own, but considering its bleed and dismember chance on hit, it can be considered a good early-game silver sword in TW3. It can be equipped at the low level of 14, making it a good starting silver sword.

Bloodsword can be found in a number of places as loot. It can be found in the swamp present on the southern side of Eternal Fire Chapel, from the loot from the ruins in Boxholm, or guarded by Earth elemental in South Velen.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
14 16 25Bloodsword3Relic219-267 231-283 310-3802.01+5 – 20% Critical hit damage +1 – 4% Critical hit chance +9% Chance to cause bleeding +1 – 2% Chance to dismember

14. Naevde Seidhe

Besides Bloodsword, Naevde Seidhe is another great early-game silver sword in The Witcher 3 that you should consider using. Similar to Bloodsword, it also has three levels, which makes it a sword that improves as you increase your level. Naevde Seidhe focuses on increasing Igni and Yrden signs, which makes it a good candidate for magic lovers for the starting game.

To get Naede Seidhe, look for it as loot. You can either find it in the Ancient Crypt during your time on Ard Skellig. If not, you can try your luck to look around during the For Fame and Glory side quest and find it as loot there.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
16 25 30Naevdeseidhe3Relic234-286 319-389 363-4432.11+8-15% Igni Sign intensity +8-15% Yrden Sign intensity +10% Chance to stagger

13. Sarrim

A silver sword that increases the intensity of three of the signs is the Sarrim silver sword.  Aard, Igni and Axii sign intensity is increased by 15%, out of two of which are used a lot in combat. Plus, Sarrim also includes a Critical hit damage bonus, which can make your hits more lethal than usual.

This sword is exclusive to the Hearts of Stone DLC. As this sword is craftable, you’ll need to find its diagram which is found in the Bandit camp near Kilkerinn Ruins, Gustfields.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
35EP1 Crafted Witcher Silver Sword3Relic418-5123.96+15% Aard Sign intensity +15% Igni Sign intensity +15% Axii Sign intensity +75% Critical hit damage bonus +10% Critical hit chance

12. Legendary Feline silver sword – Mastercrafted

The Legendary Feline silver sword is part of the Cat School gear. The whole armor, including its swords, is known for being good for all types of gameplay. This silver sword increases the effect of the Aard sign along with causing stun and bleeding to enemies, which is highly helpful in combat.

The Feline silver sword is a crafted sword that requires a Master blacksmith to be crafted. First, you’ll need the Diagram of Feline silver sword which is found as a part of Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear Upgrade Diagrams. This can be found in a cave near Jutta’s Arena in Faroe.

If you want a slightly high-damage version of the Feline sword, look for the Grandmaster Legendary Feline silver sword that is found during the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Feline Gear quest in Blood and Wine DLC.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
34Lynx School silver sword 33Witcher gear679-8293.46+35% Aard Sign intensity +15% Critical hit chance +15% Chance to cause bleeding +10% Chance to dismember +20% Bonus experience from monsters

11. Cantata

A silver sword with high damage, Cantata is just as powerful as it is designed. Although it is a high-level sword, its perks of high armor piercing, stun, bleed, and critical hit are enough to convince anyone of its spot on one of the best silver swords.

To get the Cantata silver sword, you need to start the What Lies Unseen quest during the main storyline of Blood and Wine. During this quest, you’ll get the chance to loot a dead body which would have this sword on it along with some other stuff.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
52q704 vampire silver sword3Relic567-6932.16+150 Armor piercing +75% Critical hit damage bonus +15% Critical hit chance +15% Chance to cause bleeding +15% Chance to stun

10. Legendary Wolven silver sword – Mastercrafted

The Legendary Wolven silver sword has everything covered, which makes it an excellent sword. The combination of critical bleeding is deadly enough to take down any enemy. Additionally, the sign intensity adds to assisting the combat with magic.

To find the diagram for the Legendary Wolven silver sword, look for it at the treasure marker present south of Kimbolt Way. If you want a slightly higher base damage, you can opt for Grandmaster’s legendary Wolven silver sword instead, which is found as part of the Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Wolven Gear in Blood and Wine DLC.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
64NGP Wolf School silver sword 33Witcher gear634-7742.81+15% Sign intensity +15% Adrenaline Point gain +15% Critical hit chance +15% Chance to cause bleeding +20% Bonus experience from monsters

9. Legendary Manticore silver sword

Part of the Blood and Wine DLC, the Legendary Manticore silver sword comes with a staggering 250 armor piercing, making it one of the highest in this category. What’s better, it doesn’t end its effect here and adds bleed, critical hit chance, and damage, which all contribute to killing enemies faster and easier. The only downside is that it requires a high level of 74.

The diagram for the Legendary Manticore silver sword can be found in the Cave of Tribulations, in Toussaint for Scavenger Hunt: Grandmaster Manticore Gear quest.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
74Red Wolf School silver sword 23Witcher gear778-9502.61+250 Armor piercing +50% Critical hit damage bonus +15% Critical hit chance +12% Chance to cause bleeding +5% Bonus experience from monsters

8. Viper venomous silver sword

Introduced in the Hearts of Stone DLC, the Viper venomous silver sword, which is part of the Viper Witcher gear set, has good enough attributes to be used along with its armor. Especially the venomous silver sword, which true to its name, poisons the enemy upon contact.

The only way to get the Viper Silver sword is by challenging Master Mirror, Gaunter O’Dimm. Basically, side with Olgierd Olgierd during Whatsoever a Man Soweth quest of the Hearts of Stone expansion. You will end up in the Realm of Ruination, and that is where you can find the Viper Venomous silver sword sticking out from a rock.

If you lost that chance or want to get the sword earlier, use the console command

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
39EP1 Viper School silver sword3Witcher gear472-5764.31+25% Aard Sign intensity +75% Critical hit damage bonus +10% Critical hit chance +15% Chance to poison +20% Bonus experience from monsters

7. Tor Zireael

Despite being hard to locate, Tor Ziereal has all the statistics that make it one of the best silver swords in The Witcher 3. It increases the intensity of two signs, one for offense and the other for defense. It also has the chance to freeze, which gives an open window for players to land a few attacks.

To find the Tor Zirael silver sword, first make sure you are level 60 or above. Look for a chest near Lugos’ fortress in Kaer Muire on Skellige. If you’ve opened the chest before reaching level 60, the chest would not have the sword, so only go there after reaching the required level limit.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
VariableTorzirael3Relic540-6602.76+20-25% Igni Sign intensity +5-15% Quen Sign intensity +20% Chance to freeze +1-2% Chance for instant kill

6. Legendary Griffin silver sword – Mastercrafted

Another Witcher school gear sword on the list is the Mastercrafted Griffin Silver Sword. This sword has a higher level of critical hit chance and damage bonus, which makes it easier to kill enemies in one or two hits. It also comes with 25% sign intensity for all signs, making it a useful effect for magic users.

As this sword is crafted, you’ll need to find the diagram for the Griffin silver sword. The diagram is found as part of the full Griffin armor for the Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear Upgrade Diagrams.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
34Gryphon School silver sword 33Witcher Gear679-8292.81+25% Sign intensity +50% Critical hit damage bonus +10% Critical hit chance +10% Chance to dismember+20% Bonus experience from monsters

5. Tah’rel

Tah’rel deserves a spot on the best silver sword list for its high critical damage that is paired well with poison and increased Aard intensity. All of these work well together and can take down enemies in a swift few minutes.

Found in the Blood and Wine expansion of The Witcher 3, getting the Tah’rel sword diagram requires a little effort. First, start the What Was This About Again quest and wait for the prompt to dive underwater. The river is near The Silver Salamander Inn. Here, look for a dead body and loot the sword diagram off it.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
43Serpent Silver Sword 23Relic481-5872.81+28% Aard Sign intensity +95% Critical hit damage bonus +12% Critical hit chance +15% Chance to poison +5% Bonus experience from monsters

4. Legendary Ursine silver sword – Mastercrafted

The Witcher 3 Best Silver Sword

With a 100% critical hit damage bonus, the Mastercrafted Ursine silver sword secures a high rank on our The Witcher 3 list. This sword generates fast adrenaline point gain, Critical hit, and dismember, along with a bonus when fighting monsters.

To look for the diagram of the Legendary Ursine silver sword, go north from Bald Mountain towards the shore. Here, you’ll find a chest on an island in Lake Wyndamer. Fight Drowners nearby to get the diagram.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
34Bear School silver sword 33Witcher gear679-8293.01+25% Adrenaline Point gain +100% Critical hit damage bonus +5% Critical hit chance +14% Chance to dismember +20% Bonus experience from monsters

3. Gesheft (crafted)

Mixing critical hit damage with poison, Gesheft is surely one of the top-tier silver swords in The Witcher 3. It also increases the Aard sign intensity, which helps push the enemy away during combat. Considering all the effects here, it is just an improved version of Tah’rel.

To find the craftable Gesheft diagram, follow the Dun Tynne Crossroads river until you find Beauclair. Then, go northeast from it towards a monster den. Here, you’ll find the diagram as loot. You can also find the other Gesheft sword that is ready to use in Land Of A Thousand Fables. This version is a little weaker, though.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
46Serpent Silver Sword 33Relic508-6202.41+30% Aard Sign intensity +100% Critical hit damage bonus +15% Critical hit chance +15% Chance to poison +5% Bonus experience from monsters

2. Tlareg

The Witcher 3 Best Silver Sword

With its ability to freeze opponents and also increase Igni intensity, Tlareg is a true fire and ice combination sword. Either can be used for opponents according to what they are weak to. This combination is more effective as it works for most of the enemies depending on if one thing doesn’t work, you still have a chance to use another.

Additionally, Tlareg increases its base damage according to Geralt’s level, which makes it a better choice for those who like to stick to one sword for the most part. To find this sword, travel to Kaer Muire in Skellige and look around for the sword as loot.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
VariableTlareg3Relic540-6603.61+2-20% Igni Sign intensity +12% Chance to freeze +1% Bonus experience from monsters

1. Aerondight

Ending the list with the most popular silver sword in Witcher 3, Aerondight is considered the best sword in the game by most of the players. This is due to its high damage, which adjusts itself according to the sword’s charge and increases with more hits. Although the charge has a limit of 10, it can be increased with Geralt’s level.

To get Aerondight, you need to complete the There Can Be Only One quest. The quest can be started by talking to the Hermit present on the isle of Lac Celavy in Toussaint. He will ask to complete five virtues after which the Lady of the Lake will hand you the sword.

Required LevelConsole CommandSlotsTypeDamageWeightEffects
Varies after 35Aerondight EP20Relic477-583 522-6382.86Every hit increases sword damage by 10% which are then lost when receiving damage. When fully charged, it deals full critical damage. Killing a foe with a fully loaded sword will expend its charge to permanently increase the weapon’s damage.
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