How To Get Forgotten Wolf (Netflix Show) Gear in The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 now has the Forgotten Wolf school gear, inspired by Netflix's The Witcher and here we will tell you how to get this gear set.

The Next Gen upgrade of The Witcher 3 has added some new content to the game, including the Forgotten Wolf Gear set, inspired by the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. This is a complete gear set with everything, including the silver and steel swords.

So to help you get your hands on this Netflix show-inspired gear set, we will tell you complete details about finding the Forgotten Wolf diagrams and crafting this school gear in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

How to find diagrams of the Forgotten Wolf school gear in The Witcher 3

The first step in finding the diagrams of the Forgotten Wolf School gear set is starting the In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow quest. Below are details about finding and completing this quest in TW3 Wild Hunt.

In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow quest

witcher 3 forgotten wolf

To get this quest, head to the Eternal Fire Priest in the Devil’s Pit. You will find him close to the Hanged Man’s Tree sign. The map above also helps you reach it quickly. Start the conversation with the Priest to get this quest in The Witcher 3.

While negotiating with the Priest, ask for Crowns below or equal to 250. If you ask for more, the Priest can get irritated and wouldn’t get the quest. After starting the quest, follow the quest marker to enter the Devil’s Pit.

Some bandits will block your way, and you must take them out to move forward. Once the bandits are out, get to the big door at the bottom and enter the mine. From here, you can start using the Witcher Senses ability to find some clues. Continue to move forward in the cave, and you will begin to hear a voice that guides you.

Throughout the mine, you will also find some notes from Reinald, a witcher in TW3. Just continue to move forward and read all notes you see. When you reach a fork, the voice will ask you to head right, but you must follow the straight path to enter the next room.

There you will find another note from Reinald and breakable walls. After that, continue to move forward, and you will enter a big chamber with Plague Victims. Take them out and use the ramp to climb the wall and search for the Reinald room.

You will also learn the recipe for a special potion called Reinald’s Philter. You can create it using the Alchemy menu. Continue to move forward, and you will see a stair leading to a door. Enter that, and you will find Reinald trapped.

Use the Aard to set him free, and you will find out that he is possed by the Red Misamal. Keep the Reinald’s Philter potion to help you in the boss battle.

Reinald Boss Fight

Once you deny giving him the potion, the fight will start automatically. Your sword, along with the Yrden and Aard is enough to defeat Reinald, who the Red Miasmal possesses. You can use the Arden circle, and right when Reinald enters it use the Aard to knock him back and deal extra damage.

Once his health falls below, and you hit some final attacks, the Red Miasmal will leave his body, and you have to fight the Red Miasmal boss.

Red Miasmal Boss Fight

Red Misamal is not that dangerous boss and had some Plague Victims with him. All you have to do during the fight is focus more on the boss and dodge his ground flames and claws attack.

The Yrden and Aard, along with the swords, are enough to take out this monster in The Witcher 3. After defeating the boss, you will have a chat with Reinald. We recommend you select all dialogue options for the best ending of this quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

You will also get the diagram for the Forgotten Wolven armor from Reinald. Now to find the diagrams for the rest of the Forgotten Wolf gear set, you must head to the Kaer Morhen. Just read all the notes you find to start another quest to find the diagrams for the Forgotten Wolf School Gear.

Scavenger Hunt: Forgotten Wolf School Gear Diagrams quest

witcher 3 forgotten wolf

This quest is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is head to Kaer Morhen and follow the quest markers to enter the location shown on the map above. There you will see some bookshelves on the left side and a ladder that will take you up.

Climb the ladder and read the notes on the Bookshelves to find the diagrams for the remaining Forgotten Wolven gear set. Now you will have the diagrams for all the gear pieces, including armor, boots, trousers, gauntlets, and silver and steel swords.

Do note that to equip each of these gears in The Witcher 3, you will need to be at level 20 or above. To craft, the Forgotten Wolf Gear set, head to any nearest armorer and pay him to get yourself the complete gear set in The Witcher 3 inspired by the Netflix show.

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