How To Access The Bestiary In The Witcher 3

The Bestiary is an important part of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It tells you the weaknesses of all monsters and enemies in the game.

The bestiary returns to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from the previous games in the franchise. This is a journal that Geralt keeps on every monster and enemy he has faced on his many adventures.

There are nearly a dozen or so different types of monsters in The Witcher 3. Each monster has certain habits and weaknesses for you to take advantage of. You get to know that important information by reading the bestiary in the game.

The following guide will tell you how to open and access the bestiary and how to keep it updated with new monsters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

How do I read the bestiary in The Witcher 3?

The bestiary is going to be available from the start of your journey. To access the bestiary, all you need to do to open it is to pause your game and then scroll through to the Glossary tab before selecting the bestiary.

You will now be able to see a list of all monsters and enemies, their types, classifications, and a whole lot more.

Do keep in mind that the bestiary needs to be updated throughout the game. The more you learn about your enemies, the more details will be added to their journal entries.


How to add new monsters and update the bestiary

There are several ways to get more information about monsters in The Witcher 3. You will not really have to go out of your way to get new entries in your journal though. You only need to keep exploring and playing the game to add new monsters or update existing ones in the bestiary.

Fight monsters

The first and foremost way to increase your journal entries is to fight the monsters. As a Witcher, you will come across many monsters belonging to different kinds, and showing different kinds of strengths and weaknesses.

Any information you obtain about those monsters during the combat will be automatically included in the bestiary. You can access it anytime by going through the journal. Additionally, the information is very organized in different segments making it easy to search through the whole journal.

Read books

There are hundreds of books in The Witcher 3. Make sure to read them before throwing or selling them away. Certain books contain important information about monsters. The books you read just might tell you about a new weaknesses that will be added to the bestiary.

Listen to conversations

In The Witcher 3, you are going to have many conversations with different kinds of people. Those conversations can be a real source of earning information and journal entries for your bestiary.

Any mention of the monsters will end up in your journal, making future encounters with those monsters much easier. The real strength of the bestiary lies in this, providing you with information on creatures that you might face later in the game.

Using the information and their weaknesses will improve your chances of winning the fight. So try to gather as much information as possible through conversations.

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