The Witcher 3 Griffin Armor Location “Griffin School Gear” Guide

Get your hands on all the Griffin School armor sets.

The Griffin School Gear is a set of armor used by the witchers of the Griffin School in The Witcher 3. This is a medium set that is balanced in terms of both offense and defense and is still quite powerful on its own.

You need to start the Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School gear to get the basic form of the armor set. Once you have the basic form of the set, you can then work your way upwards and upgrade it to several tiers, which are enhanced, superior, Mastercrafted, and then the Grandmaster tier. There are different ways to start the hunt, which we have covered as well.

How to start Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear

There are two ways to start the side quest. The first and easiest way is to simply find the diagrams in the open world (locations given below), which will automatically start the Scavenger Hunt.

The second way, also easy, is to purchase one of the map fragments from a vendor and read it from your inventory to begin the Griffin School Gear quest in The Witcher 3. When you reach Velen, head west from Crow’s Perch to reach the small village of Midcopse. The armorer has a couple of map fragments to sell that you can purchase to start the hunt.

The complete Griffin set features a total of six diagrams. Four of them are for the Griffin armor pieces, while the remaining two are for the Griffin silver sword and the Griffin steel sword. Moreover, wearing a combination of a few pieces of the set will grant you some bonuses.

  • 3 Pieces: After casting a Sign in a standard mode with your stamina, another Sign made within the next three seconds in the standard mode will be stamina-free.
  • 6 Pieces: The area of effect of the Yrden trap is increased. Moreover, if Geralt is in a Yrden trap, he receives less damage, regenerates stamina faster, and also doubles his Sign intensity.

Basic Griffin Gear Diagrams locations

You can find all the Basic Griffin Armor sets diagrams in the Velen region of The Witcher 3. After getting all, you can upgrade them to the Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted, and Grandmaster in the Blood and Wine DLC after finding the required diagrams.

Basic Griffin Armor Set

You can find the diagrams of all armor set pieces from a chest inside a cave at the Dragonslayers’s Grotto. The map will help you reach the chest location. The table below shows what you will need to craft all these after getting the diagram.

ItemRequired Ingredients
Armor2x Hardened Leather, 5x Leather Straps, 1x Meteorite Silver Plate, 2x Monster Eye, 1x Shirt
Gauntlets  1x Meteorite Ore, 2x Thread, 2x Leather Straps, 4x Powdered Monster Tissue, 4x Leather Scraps,  
Trousers  1x Cured Leather, 4x Leather Scraps, 1x Meteorite Ore, 1x Monster Blood, 2x Silk  
Boots  1x Meteorite Ore, 1x Monster Essence, 3x Thread, 1x Hardened Leather, 4x Leather Scraps,

Basic Griffin Silver Sword

The Griffin School Silver sword itself is within the Lornruk Lighthouse, but you can’t enter it normally as the drawbridge is raised. This one is a bit tricky to find as you have to go through an underwater cave. To find the cave, you need to jump in the water from the right side of the castle while traveling to Lornruk lighthouse. This is close to the Place of Power. Once you get out of the cave, climb up, and you will find a ladder.

Climb up and move forward, and you will find another ladder outside of the structure. Climb up again, and you will find the chest with the diagrams. You can craft the sword by visiting the blacksmith with the following ingredients.

  • 1x Monster Brain
  • 1x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Fifth Essence
  • 3x Silver Ingot

Basic Griffin Steel Sword

This one is easy to find. Head to Velen and climb to the top of the Tower shown on the map above. There, you will find a small door on the left that you can open and enter to find a corpse with the diagram. You can craft Griffin Steel Sword in The Witcher 3 with the following items.

  • 1x Monster Eye
  • 1x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Monster Brain
  • 2x Steel Ingot

Enhanced Griffin Armor Diagrams location in The Witcher 3

The Enhanced Griffin diagrams are the first set of upgrade diagrams for the Griffin Witcher School armor and swords. You will not find diagrams of Enhanced Griffin Gear in one place. You need to visit different locations. Some diagrams are easier to find, while others can trouble you a bit, but we will help you get them easily.

Enhanced Griffin Chest Armor

To find the first diagram of the Enhanced Griffin Armor, you need to head to the White Eagle Fort. There, behind a Rock Troll, you will find it inside the chest. Gather the following, and you can craft it.

  • 4x Linen
  • 1x Griffin Armour
  • 1x Meteorite Silver Plate
  • 5x Monster Feather
  • 3x Hardened Leather

Enhanced Griffin Boots

You need to find a destroyed structure by traveling northwest from the Inn at the Crossroads. Behind that structure, you will find a chest diagram for Griffin Boots. You can craft it with the help of the following resources.

  • 1x Monster Essence
  • 1x Hardened Leather
  • 1x Meteorite Ore
  • 4x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Griffin Boots
  • 3x Thread

Enhanced Griffin Trousers

You will find this inside Burned Ruins that you can spot easily in Velen by following the smoke. Once you get there, look for a chest with the trouser diagram. You can craft it by gathering the following items.

  • 1x Cured Leather
  • 1x Monster Blood
  • 1x Meteorite Ore
  • 1x Griffin Trousers
  • 2x Silk
  • 4x Leather Scraps

Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets

To find the diagram of Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets, you need to get to the Swamp and find the Noonwraith. It is actually guarding a cave entrance that you can reveal using the Aard. Inside this cave, you will find the diagram you are looking for. This Griffin armor piece in The Witcher 3 requires the following items for crafting.

  • 1x Meteorite Ore
  • 4x Leather Scraps
  • 2x Thread
  • 1x Griffin Boots
  • 4x Powdered Monster Tissue
  • 2x Leather Straps

Enhanced Griffin Silver Sword

Head to the location given on the map above and look for a cave. Inside the cave, you will find a corpse next to the chest with the diagram. Crafting this piece will require you to have the following.

  • 2x Meteorite Silver Ingot
  • 1x Monster Egg
  • 1x Griffin Silver Sword
  • 1x Monster Tongue
  • 2x Leather Straps

Enhanced Griffin Steel Sword

This one is in a bandit camp west of Midcopse. You will need to take out the Bandits first and follow the stairs to find the hidden chest. To craft this, you need:

  • 1x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Monster Claw
  • 1x Griffin Steel Sword
  • 1x Powdered Monster Tissue
  • 2x Dark Steel Ingot

Superior Griffin Gear Diagrams location

Getting the Griffin School Gear Upgrade Diagrams Part 2 for the Superior Griffin armor set is not a lengthy process as the Enhanced one, as you just have to visit three locations to get the whole set. You need to be at level 26 to use this armor set.

Superior Griffin Silver Sword

You can find it inside a room that you can enter by following a cave. To spot the cave, head to the Elverum Lighthouse, and you will find the cave entrance. After entering the room, look for chests behind the stone to get the diagram. Using a potion that helps you see in the dark can help here.

  • 1x Monster Blood
  • 1x Enhanced Griffin Silver Sword
  • 1x Dimeritium Ingot
  • 1x Powdered Monster
  • Tissue
  • 2x Leather Scraps

Superior Griffin Steel Sword

To find the Superior Griffin Steel Sword diagram in The Witcher 3, head forward on the path to Yngvar’s Fang West and look for a big rock. This rock has a witcher symbol, and behind it is the chest with the diagram. After getting the diagram, gather the following ingredients and craft it.

  • 1x Enhanced Griffin Steel Sword
  • 1x Monster Feather
  • 1x Leather Scraps
  • 1x Monster Blood
  • 3x Dark Steel Ingot

Superior Griffin Armor

After getting to the location on the map above, you will find a camp with several enemies. Take out enemies there and find the campfire. There, you will find a chest with diagrams of all four armor pieces. You will need the following ingredients for their crafting.

ItemRequired Ingredients
Armor2x Dimeritium Plate, 3x Cured Draconid Leather, 1x Monster Hide, 2x Monster Heart, 1x Enhanced Griffin Armor  
Gauntlets  2x Cured Leather, 1x Meteorite Silver Plate, 2x String, 2x Monster Tongue, 1x Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets    
Trousers  1x Meteorite Silver Ingot, 2x Silk, 1x Leather Straps, 1x Monster Egg, 1x Enhanced Griffin Trousers  
Boots  2x Hardened Leather, 2x String, 1x Meteorite Silver Ingot, 2x Monster Claw, 1x Enhanced Griffin Boots  

Mastercrafted Griffin Armor Diagrams location in The Witcher 3

Mastercrafted are even better Griffin gear that you can fully use after reaching level 31. Below, you will find complete details about Griffin School Gear Upgrade Diagrams Part 3 scavenger hunt and what you will need to craft these Mastercrafted Griffin items.

Mastercrafted Silver Sword

Follow the map above, and you will get to a tower close to a pond. Head inside it, and you will find the first diagram pretty easily. The following are the required ingredients for its crafting.

  • 1x Monster Feather
  • 2x Leather Scraps
  • 2x Dimeritium Ingot
  • 1x Monster Heart
  • 1x Superior Griffin Silver Sword

Mastercrafted Steel Sword

This one is inside a ruined building after crossing the stream. The diagram is under some debris close to the ledge on the left. Gather the ingredients below to craft it.

  • 2x Leather Scrap
  • 1x Monster Egg
  • 2x Dark Steel Ingot
  • 1x Siren Vocal Chord
  • 1x Superior Griffin Steel Sword

Mastercrafted Armor

From Redgill, follow the path to the north, and you will find a ruin. Take out the Cyclops defending it and move forward on the left.

Here, close to the Place of Power, you will find some chests with the armor pieces. After collecting the diagram, you need to gather the following ingredients and head to the Master Armorer in Crow’s Perch to craft the armor.

ItemRequired Ingredients
Armor1x Monster Brain, 1x Superior Griffin Armor, 2x Cured Draconid Leather, 3x Dimeritium Plate, 1x Fifth Essence
Gauntlets  1x Meteorite Silver Plate, 1x Superior Griffin Gauntlets, 2x String, 2x Monster Tongue, 1x Cured Leather
Trousers  1x Meteorite Silver Ingot, 1x Superior Griffin Trousers, 1x Monster Egg, 1x Leather Straps, 2x Silk,
Boots  1x Meteorite Silver Ingot, 1x Superior Griffin Boots, 2x String, 2x Monster Claw, 2x Hardened Leather

Grandmaster Griffin set diagrams locations

The Grandmaster Griffin School gear set is only available in the Blood and Wine DLC of The Witcher 3. Moreover, you can only craft it by visiting Grandmaster Smith. This one also has four armor pieces and two swords. Grandmaster Griffin set is part 4 of the Griffin gear diagrams.

Grandmaster Gauntlets, Boots, Steel Sword

To find these pieces of the armor set, you need to enter the ruins of Fort Ussar. When you get to the open area under some debris, head right to find the chest with armor piece diagrams.

Grandmaster Silver Sword, Trouser, and Chest Armor

To find these, enter the Mont Crane castle and take out all the bandits. After this, you can head towards the left and dispel the illusion from the wall. This will take you to the room. Press the small button in the center and head to the end of the path.

Read the journal here, head back, and take the first right, and you will find the Power Crystal. Now, you need to take this crystal to the Moreau’s Journal and put it in the holder. Use Aard, and this will open a portal.

Here, you will find some enemies that you can take out and find the Trouser diagram on the desk. The other two diagrams are on the round table and bookshelf.

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