The Witcher 3 Feline Armor Locations “Cat School Gear” Guide

All Feline Armor Diagrams that you will need for crafting.

The Cat School Gear, also known as the Feline School Gear, is a lightweight armor set in The Witcher 3 that focuses on movement speed, increased stamina, and fast attacks.

Hailing from the School of the Cat in the Witcher lore, the Feline set gives Geralt the agility of a cat to move in and out of combat for quick attacks instead of power. This means there is little protection from the armor set, and Geralt must rely on its agility to dodge enemy attacks.

This guide will tell you how to start the Scavenger Hunt for the Cat School Gear and where to find all its diagrams.

How to start Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear

Like the rest of the Scavenger Hunts, you can automatically start the side quest by finding one of the Feline diagrams mentioned below.

You can also find Julia Keynon’s diary in Farcorners, the southern district of Novigrad, to start the hunt. The diary is located in one of the houses west of the Portside Gate.

Third and last, you can purchase a map fragment of the basic Feline School Gear to begin the Scavenger Hunt. Head to Blackbough village, west of Crow’s Perch in Velen, and find the Gwent-playing merchant. He will sell you “Adalbert Kermith’s first map” to get you started.

Basic Feline Armor Diagrams location

This is the first Feline Armor set in The Witcher 3, whose diagrams you need to find for crafting. It has all the armor pieces like the other school armor set with the addition of a Crossbow. Below, you will find all the locations where you can find its diagrams and then craft it by visiting the blacksmith.

Basic Feline Armor Set

The Cat School armor set diagrams are in the Temple Isle in Novigrad, next to the Electors’ Square. To find the section of the area, you must first find a hidden cave.

If you move alongside the cliff, keeping the ocean to your right, you will find a path leading off it. Head down the switchback path till you reach a dead end. There is an illusion here that hides the entrance to the cave.

Now, you must use the Eye of Nehaleni, given to Geralt by Keira Metz in the “Wandering in the Dark” main quest. This amulet can be used to dispel illusions. Use it at the end of the path to reveal the entrance to the cave.

As he enters the cave, the door right in front of Geralt is where the armor set diagrams are located, but it will be locked. The key to open the cave lies ahead of the path to the left. If you take the path to the left, you will reach a circular area with a few statues.

Each statue has a lever that rotates the statues if interacted with. You must use the levers and rotate the statues to face the center. Once that’s done, a pool at the center with the key will be revealed. This is the key that you will use to open the locked door you found earlier.

Head back over to the door and use the key to unlock it. Take out Mad Kiyan inside, and you can loot the Feline armor set from his body.

ItemRequired Ingredients
ArmorHardened Timber x2, Hardened Leather x2, Shirt x1, Dark Steel Plate x2, Powdered Monster Tissue x1
Gauntlets  Cured Leather x2, Dark Iron Ore x1, Monster Tooth x2, Nails x2, Hardened Timber x1
Trousers  Leather Scraps x4, Cured Leather x1, Silk x2, Hardened Timber x1, Monster Brain x1
Boots  Monster Eye x2, Hardened Leather x2, Leather Straps x2, Hardened Timber x1, Dark Iron Ore x1

 Basic Feline Silver Sword

You will find the diagram in the Ruins of Est Tylar. After getting to the location on the map above, spot a hole in the ground and enter the tunnel. Here, you can use the Aard sign on the right side wall to destroy it.

Pass through it, and you will find the diagram you are looking for. The following are the items you will need to craft this.

  • Leather Straps x2
  • Silver Ingot x2
  • Ruby Dust x1
  • Monster Eye x1

Basic Feline Steel Sword

Head to the map location above to find the Drahim Castle, Novigrad. Enter it and use the ladder to go down and find the chest. The chest has the diagram you will need to craft Feline Steel Sword in The Witcher 3.

You will need the following ingredients to craft this sword:

  • Leather Straps x1
  • Iron Ingot x4
  • Monster Saliva x1
  • Ruby Dust x1

Basic Feline Crossbow

This diagram for this armor piece is in a shipwreck that you can find southwest of Novigrad. The map will help you find it easily. Get inside the shipwreck, and you will find the chest with the diagram. You can craft the Crossbow with the following ingredients.

  • Hardened Timber x2
  • Monster Bone x1
  • Monster Hair x1
  • Wax x1
  • Dark Iron Ore x1

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Feline armor

The diagrams of this level 20 set are scattered around Velen and Novigrad. These are the first upgrades to the basic Feline Gear in The Witcher 3, so ensure you have them before. Finding this set of diagrams is a bit easy since you don’t have to face many enemies.

Enhanced Feline Chest Armor

To find the diagrams of the armor and other weapons, you must enter the ruined building shown on the above map. Enter it, and you will find the chest with diagrams next to a bookshelf. You can craft it using the following.

  • Lunar Shards x2
  • Feline Armor x1
  • Dark Steel plate x2
  • Monster Blood x2
  • Hardened Leather x4

Enhanced Feline Boots

This diagram is inside a cave a bit east of Toderas. You will need to use witcher senses to find a chest on the left side of the cave after moving a little forward. Boots require the following ingredients for crafting.

  • Dark Iron Ore x1
  • Feline Boots x1
  • Monster Eye x2
  • Hardened Leather x2
  • Hardened Timber x1
  • Leather Straps x2

Enhanced Feline Trousers

In the center of Velen, head to the location on the map, and you will find a building next to the water. Enter it and get to the basement. Here, you will spot many caves but don’t enter any. Instead, use your witcher senses to spot a moveable wall.

Moving it will reveal a button to open the hidden door and collect the diagram from the chest. This trouser needs the following items for crafting.

  • Leather Scraps x4
  • Feline Trousers x1
  • Cured Leather x1
  • Silk x2
  • Hardened Timber x1
  • Monster Brain x1

Enhanced Feline Gauntlets

If you haven’t visited the Codger’s Quarry before, you need to talk to some miners and go through some cutscenes. Once done, move forward in the mine and follow the left side. Here, you will find a chest with a Gauntlet diagram. Crafting it will require the following ingredients:

  • Feline Gauntlets x1
  • Dark Iron Ore x1
  • Cured Leather x2
  • Nails x2
  • Hardened Timber x1
  • Monster Tooth x2

Enhanced Feline Silver Sword

Close to Oxengert Gate at the location above is a building with a wooden closed balcony-type structure. It hides a ladder that you can use to enter the building. After entering it, climb up, and you will find the chest containing this diagram next to a pot. Take the following ingredients to the armorer to craft it.

  • Monster Hair x1
  • Meteorite Silver Ingot x2
  • Leather Scraps x1
  • Feline Silver Sword x1
  • Ruby Dust x1

Enhanced Feline Steel Sword

This one is inside a cave at the location above. A Bear guards it, so you need to defeat it before entering. After taking it out, move forward and open the chest to collect the diagram.

  • Feline Steel Sword x1
  • Dark Steel Ingot x2
  • Leather Straps x2
  • Monster Claw x1
  • Ruby Dust x1

Superior Feline armor Diagrams location in The Witcher 3

To get the diagrams of the Superior Feline gear in The Witcher 3 and craft these, you should be at level 26 and have the enhanced Feline Armor set. Once you have that, you can gather the required ingredients and upgrade the enhanced set to superior.

Superior Feline Silver Sword

Head to the cave shown on the map above and get inside it. Take out all the enemies, get to the end, and destroy the breakable wall using Aard to find the chest with the diagram. The following ingredients will allow you to craft it.

  • Enhanced Feline Silver Sword x1
  • Dimeritium Ingot x1
  • Leather Scraps x1
  • Ruby x1
  • Monster Heart x1

Superior Feline Steel Sword

You will find a cave with water northeast of the main city. Enter it and take out the Golem to find the chest behind. After getting the diagram, you can craft it using the following ingredients.

  • Ruby x1
  • Monster Tooth x1
  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Enhanced Feline Steel Sword x1
  • Dark Steel Ingot x3

Superior Feline Armor

In the southwest of Dragonslayers Grotto, you will find a ruin. At the corner of this ruin, there is a chest that you can open to get the diagrams of all Superior Feline Armor pieces in The Witcher 3. The following ingredients are required for the crafting of all of these.

ItemRequired Ingredients
ArmorMonster Hair x4, Cured Draconid Leather x2, Dimeritium Plate x2, Enhanced Feline Armor x1, Quicksilver Solution x3
Gauntlets  Dark Steel Ingot x1, Enhanced Feline Gauntlets x1, Monster Claw x4, Leather Straps x4, Hardened Leather x2
Trousers  Monster Heart x1, Dark Steel Ingot x1, Silk x2, Hardened Timber x2, Enhanced Feline Trousers x1
Boots  Enhanced Feline Boots x1, Hardened Leather x2, Dark Steel Ingot x1, Leather Straps x2, Monster Bone x2  

Mastercrafted Feline Gear Diagrams location

You must be at level 31 to fully carry this armor set. It will further improve the stamina regeneration, attack power, etc., of the Superior Feline Witcher gear. You will find the detailed locations of this whole set and the ingredients required for crafting below.

Mastercrafted Silver Sword

This diagram is also inside the cave, just east of the Harviken. Enter it and move forward to the broken door. Move it using the Aard sign and head downstairs. There you will find two chests, one of them have diagram of the sword. To craft it, you will need the following items.

  • Flawless Ruby x1
  • Powdered Monster Tissue x1
  • Cured Leather x2
  • Superior Feline Silver Sword x1
  • Dimeritium Ingot x2

Mastercrafted Steel Sword

Get to the ruins of Kaer Gelen and enter the den at the location above. Take out the Wraiths here and head upstairs. While on the stairs, you will spot a hole in the wall; enter it to find the chest with the diagram. You can craft it using the following ingredients.

  • Superior Feline Steel Sword x1
  • Demetrium Ingot x2
  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Flawless Ruby x1
  • Monster Bone x1

Mastercrafted Armor

On the same island, you find the Silver Sword Diagram. Just head to the Trottheim, and you will find a cave that you enter by swimming. Climb up the center area of the cave and enter the main corridor with the chest inside. After finding the diagrams, you will need the following ingredients for crafting.

ItemRequired Ingredients
ArmorMonster Hair x4, Cured Draconid Leather x2, Dimeritium Plate x2, Superior Feline Armor x1, Quicksilver Solution x3
Gauntlets  Monster Claw x4, Superior Feline Gauntlets x1, Hardened Leather x1, Dark Steel Ingot x1, Leather Straps x4
Trousers  Hardened Timber x2, Superior Feline Trousers x1, Silk x2, Monster Heart x1, Dark Steel Ingot x1
Boots  Superior Feline Boots x1, Hardened Leather x2, Monster Bone x1, Leather Straps x2, Dark Steel Ingot x1

Grandmaster Feline Witcher Gear Diagrams location

This upgrade of the Mastercrafted Feline Gear is only available if you have the Blood and Wine DLC installed. This Feline armor set can only be crafted by Grandmaster Smith. You can find him in the Beauclair.

Grandmaster Feline Armor

To get the Grandmaster Feline Armor diagram, enter the fort east of the Arthach Palace Ruins. To enter it, come around it and find a climbable structure. Use it to enter the compound and defeat the bandits.

This will trigger the cutscene, and you can head to the white door. Enter the second room here to find the Grandmaster Feline armor diagram on the portrait in The Witcher 3.

Grandmaster Silver Sword

Go west of Palace and defeat more bandits to start another cutscene. Now again, head to the center point of the main building. Turn right to the landing near the blacksmith area to find a chest with the silver sword diagram.

Grandmaster Steel Sword

Head to the cave location above and enter it. Continue to move forward and take a left after reaching the open area. Use your witcher senses to find the loot, including the Steel Sword crafting diagram.

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