Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Best Swords

One weapons category in Zelda Tears of the kingdom is swords. You get a lot of sword options in Zelda TotK and each perform well in ...

There is always a favorite category of weapons that the players often use regardless of the attack power. One such category in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is swords. You get a lot of sword options in Zelda TotK and each performs well in different conditions. Our best swords list will help you pick the best sword for you in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda TotK offers versatility in weapons and with the addition of the ability to fuse different materials, the options increase drastically. If you are a Sword person then this guide is a personalized guide for you. We have compiled the best Swords in Zelda TotK with high damage and special abilities.

1. Master Sword

Master Sword in the Zelda series is arguably Link’s most potent and iconic weapon. The reason is its incredible base damage of (30) and other special attributes. Since it is the most crucial weapon of the game you can’t miss it. You can also get your hands on Master Sword early in Zelda TotK.

Although the weapons in the game have a durability meter, once the durability goes down to zero, the weapon breaks. However, the Master Sword comes with no durability. It runs on energy, and once it runs out, you cannot use it for 10 minutes.

As for the unique fusions, you can fuse Master Sword with Flux Core to increase its attack power drastically. In addition to that, Master Sword can also shoot a beam by holding R when the hearts are full.

Moreover, the Champion’s Leathers also unlock a special move that can be activated using the throw button. Lastly, the base damage of Master Sword becomes double if you are facing an enemy with attributes of Gloom.

2. Scimitar Of The Seven

Scimitar of the Seven is one of the best swords in Zelda TotK. It has a base damage of 28, but what makes this sword special is its passive ability of fusion.

To obtain the Scimitar of the Seven, you must complete two side quests after completing the main questline, Riju of Guerdo Town. The side quests are as follows. Firstly, the “Missing Owner” which can be started by talking to Cara in the town’s Jewelry shop in Guerdo. In this quest, you will save Isha who will then make the Scimitar of the Seven

Secondly, you will have to talk to Isha to start the “Pride of Gurudo” quest. Upon completing it, you will have the Scimitar of the Seven in Zelda TotK. If it breaks at any point in the game, you can always ask Isha to recraft at the expense of the same materials.

3. Fierce Deity Sword

The Fierce Deity Sword in Zelda TotK is one of the most powerful swords. It has a base damage of 38 which is more than that of the Master Sword. In addition to that, this sword can also be fused with other items to make it stronger and more viable.

Although the base damage of the Fierce Deity Sword is more than that of Master Sword, the durability of the Fierce Deity Sword is something you cannot rely upon. To counter this issue, you can fuse the Fierce Deity Sword with robust materials such as Flux Construct’s Core.

To obtain the Fierce Deity Sword in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you must complete Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity quest and collect all the Fierce Deity Armor pieces. Afterward, travel to Cephia Lake and obtain the Fierce Deity Sword.

For instance, if your Fierce Deity Sword breaks up you can get it at the Bargainer Statue for 160 poes.

4. Royal Guard’s Claymore

The Royal Guard’s Claymore is a two-handed sword, and the special ability of this Sword is that the weapon’s damage becomes significantly higher when it’s about to break.

There are a total of two versions in the whole game. The first one is in the Lookout Landing, near a cave, behind the rocks. This version is a decayed version of Royal Guard’s Claymore.

For the new and durable version of this Sword, you will have to travel to the Hyrule Castle. There you will find it in a chest on the upper level of the Northeast Tower of the Second Gatehouse of Hyrule Castle.

You can reach the castle by launching yourself using the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and Gliding towards the Hyrule Castle. Make sure to cook some stamina-regaining meals in Zelda TotK.

5. Silver Lynel Blade

The Silver Lynel Blade is a fused weapon with an Attack Power of 174 in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This weapon results from a Royal Guard’s Claymore fused with a Silver Lynel Saber Horn. You can find these Silver Lynels in the Floating Coliseum.

Remember fusing Horns to any weapon grants the weapon a 110-attack bonus. That is the heist amount of damage you can do to any enemy with a single hit.

6. Captain Reaper

If you are looking for a powerful weapon with a quick swing ability, Captain Reaper is your go-to weapon. It can be obtained by fusing The Reaper with a Captain Construct weapon in Zelda TotK.

7. Gloom Sword

The Gloom Sword is yet another fusion that results in a 41 base attack weapon. Fuse the Gloom with any sword, and you will have the Gloom Sword in return. However, as the name suggests, using the Gloom Sword will affect its user.

It is recommended that you obtain some Gloom resistance items from the Bargainer’s Statue in Zelda TotK before proceeding to make this sword.

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