How To Defeat Flux Construct In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Flux Construct has a confusing structure. You will encounter three different types of Flux Constructs in ...

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Flux Construct has a confusing structure. You will encounter three different types of Flux Constructs in the game. Each type is a bit different from others; if you don’t know how to tackle it, things can get tricky.

Defeating a Flux Construct will reward you with a bundle of the Zonai Charges and Zonai items. So you must know details about the Flux Construct and how to defeat it.

Preparations to do before fighting the Flux Construct in Zelda TotK

Flux Construct in Zelda TotK is a giant creature made out of dozens of cubes. It can use them to form any shape at any time. All the cubes are connected to its core which gives power to each cube and holds them together.

There are three types of Flux Constructs, namely Flux Construct I, Flux Construct II, and Flux Construct III. Each has at least one unique attribute that makes them different and more complex than the other. However, the overall attack arsenal and weakness remain the same.

Since Flux Construct is a mini-boss in Zelda TotK, you will need to do some preparations.

The Flux Construct uses a mechanism called “shape-shifting.” This makes the fight much harder because its only weakness is its Core. It will not be enough if the core is untouched, no matter what you do.


The most helpful skill for this fight will be Ultrahand since it can grab and separate the blocks from his body. It will allow you to deal massive damage to its core.

In addition to Ultrahand, you will need several powerful weapons since you will get tiny windows to attack. If you miss those by hitting the wrong cube, your weapon will be destroyed, and you cannot win a fight.

Some examples are; Sledge hammer, Master Sword, Zonai Spear, and Zonai Sword. Moreover, you will need Recall and Ascend abilities to create those attacking windows in certain scenarios. Time bombs and fire bombs will give you an edge if you are a good archer.

You must also cook heart regeneration meals and speed elixir to give you the upper hand in the fight.

How to defeat Flux Construct I in Zelda TotK

To defeat Flux Construct 1, you must know its attack patterns, shapes, and weaknesses. After every attack, the Flux Construct will expose its weakness: the glowing cube that works as the core cube in all of its body.

When it exposes the glowing cube, use Ultrahand to grab the core cube and pull as hard as possible. Doing so will dismantle the Flux Construct briefly.

The Flux Construct has four different types of attack, the first being the Fist Ground Slam. The Flux Construct slams into the ground using its fists in this attack. Dodging it will allow you to attack, use Ultrahand to pull out the glowing cube, and dismantle the Flux construct.

Afterward, keep attacking the core cube until it stands up and rebuilds itself. The next attack is the significant Cube attack. In this attack, the Flux Construct in Zelda TotK transforms into a large cube and tries to crush you by turning sides.

You just have to dodge the large cube until you see the glowing cube. Once it exposes its weakness, use Ultrahand to dismantle and damage the core. The third attack is the Horizontal Platform attack. In this Construct, I turn itself into a horizontal platform and use a whole row of cubes to attack.

The easiest counter to this attack is going under the platform, using Ascend to reach the above platform area, and then using Ultrahand to dismantle it and deal significant damage.

The fourth and last attack is the Center Box attack. The Flux Construct in Zelda TotK turns into a large cube again, but it hides its core in the center this time. So you will have to pull smaller cubes first until you see the core cube and dismantle the Flux Construct I to deal significant damage to it.

Remember that separating the majority of non-core cubes will also dismantle the Flux Construct.

So, the best strategy is to wait for the Flux Construct to attack, and after dodging it, pull out the core cube and deal as much damage as you can. You can also fire arrows on the core Cube when it’s intact with the Flux Construct.

How to defeat Flux Construct II in Zelda TotK

Flux Construct 2 follows the same strategy except for a single variation to the Horizontal Platform attack. The only difference between Flux Construct I and II is that Flux Construct II floats higher and is out of your Ascend’s reach, so you must use Recall on the cubes falling from the Horizontal Platform to reach their origin. Use Ultrahand to dismantle it and deal significant damage to it.

How to defeat Flux Construct III in Zelda TotK

Flux Construct 3 uses the same attacks as the previous ones, but the unique attribute of this variant is that the core cube keeps shifting its place, making it harder for the player to grab using Ultrahand.

However, no matter how many times it changes positions, the Ultrahand will not leave the core cube if you grab it.

The steps above will help you defeat the Flux Constructs in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom effortlessly.

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