Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Best Fuse Combinations

Some Fuse combinations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are much better than others in their use, versatility, and efficiency. You can fuse ...

Fuse Ability in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom allows players to make weapons for themselves and even add mods to their shields. The only limitation of this ability is your imagination. You can fuse anything with anything to make anything. Of course, some Fuse combinations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are much better than others in their use, versatility, and efficiency. 

This guide will list some of the best combinations you can make in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom using the Fuse ability.

Best Fuse combinations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Fusing even early-game weapons can improve their potential quite a lot in Zelda TotK. In fact, most of the weapons in the game are pretty much the same except for their appearances. The only way to differentiate between them is through the different materials you fuse these weapons with which will determine their strength.

Spear with Spear

Fusing two spears won’t get you an overpowered weapon, but you get a new spear twice in length relative to the basic spear. The best reason for the Spear on Spear fusion is to get a long weapon that also deals decent damage at a distance.

You lack many resources, defensive capabilities, and offensive strength at the game’s start. As such, this fusion allows you to keep your distance when engaging with melee weapons. You can save up your arrows and also safely attack enemies.

Spear with Monster Horns

Monsters Horn is the most durable item in the game. They do not lose any durability, no matter how much you use them. So Fusing a spear with a Monster Horn in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom gets you a spear that has infinite durability.

You can keep using the weapon from the start of your adventure to the end, and it will never break, making it the best weapon a player can make for themselves.

All Monster Horns can be used with a spear or stick in Fusion to make a durable weapon in Zelda TotK. Using such a weapon early on when you lack a wide arsenal of weapons in your inventory can be extremely crucial as it allows you to stock up on weapons for other, more challenging encounters.

Shield with Zonai Rocket

Your shield can be fused with all your Zonai devices in your inventory. To create a jump boost, you can fuse the Zonai Rocket with your shield in Zelda totK. Using this fusion, the rocket boost will allow you to jump higher, allowing you better traversal ability and the ability to run away from multiple enemies with a single block.

The fusion can also be paired with Ascend’s ability to reach high-off places early on.

Arrows with Jelly

Yes, we only said jelly since all the jelly types are helpful. You find these Chuchu Jellies in the game that can be fused with your arrows to their elemental effects.

There is the Fire Chuchu Kelly, Ice Chuchu Jelly, and Electric Chuchu Jelly. These Jellies can be cooked and found randomly in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The main point is whatever jelly you fuse with your arrows; the arrows gain the elemental effect of the jelly.

A Fire Chuchu Jelly fused with a basic arrow will quickly get you a Flame Arrow. You can carry these jellies on you and create whatever arrow type you need, making it easier to deal with enemies depending on their weaknesses.

Arrow with Eyeball

Ever wondered what it would be like to have homing arrows in Zelda? Well, fusing Eyeballs with Arrows in Zelda TotK gives you precisely that. Charge the shot, and your arrow will lock onto the enemy in your vicinity, and launching the arrow will allow you to hit the enemy even if they move out of your line of fire.

It’s handy for attacking flying and those nimble enemies who are a huge pain to hit effectively. Even if your enemy tries to escape, you will land a hit and stun them long enough to land a melee hit or charge another arrow.

Shield with Puffshroom

Puffshrooms serve as an excellent fusion material in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Puffshroom creates a spore cloud when they burst. This spore cloud will disorient enemies and leave them open for attacks. Furthermore, the enemies under the effect of the cloud also have reduced defense, so you deal additional damage.

Attaching a Puffshroom to your shield will allow you to create this spore cloud when you block an attack. The cloud also affects Link, but not nearly to the extent it affects Link’s enemies.

Flame Emitter with Shield or Weapon

Flame Emitter is one of the best Zonai devices you can get. The device is a giant dragon head-like block that spews fire and can be attached to your shield and weapon.

Fusion of Flame Emitter with a shield allows you to create a flamethrower to counter any enemy attacking you. The Flame Emitter on a weapon will create a giant hammer that doubles as a flamethrower attacking all your enemies and spewing fire that hits multiple enemies simultaneously.

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