Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Lynel Locations

Lynels are one of the most iconic enemies in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom so knowing their locations for loot is something everyone wants..

Lynels in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom are creatures of immense strength. In fact, they are one of the strongest creatures in the Zelda franchise. Fighting and defeating a Lynel is a true test of strength for Link. However, before you go and challenge a Lynel, you need to know where to find the various types. For that very reason, we have compiled this detailed guide about the locations of every Lynel type in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda TotK Lynel locations

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of Lynels; Red Lynel, Blue Lynel, White Lynel and Armored Lynel. The different colored Lynels not only have unique appearances but their powers also increase in that same order.

Each type of Lynel has its own unique spawn locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. So if you are interested in farming a specific type of Lynel for its loot drops, simply head back to its spawn locations after every Blood Moon and the Lynel will have respawned.

Apart from all these locations listed, there is one place in Hyrule where you can actually fight every Lynel in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom without having to look for them.

The Desert Coliseum in the Depths actually contains all the types of Lynels. Every time you enter the Desert Coliseum, you can battle these monsters. The first time you go to the area in Zelda TotK, it is to obtain Majora’s Mask. It is contained in a chest and first, you have to defeat all the Lynels in order to open the chest.

The Lynels appear strength-wise which means that first, you battle a Red Lynel, then a Blue Lynel, a White Lynel, a Silver Lynel and at the end an Armored Lynel. Defeating all these opens the chest and you can get Majora’s Mask. But even after your objective is complete, you can still come back to battle these Beasts.


Below are all the types of Lynels and their locations in Zelda TotK

Red-maned Lynel locations

Red Lynels are weakest among the types. They are easy to take down and don’t have a lot of special attacks. We have found 7 Red Lynels in the game. Their locations are listed below:

Near Tanagar Canyon

A red Lynel can be found near the Tanagar Canyon. All it takes to reach that Lynel is a northwest glide from the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. These coordinates can also be followed: -2163,1536 and 0217.

Another Lynel can also be found across the canyon from the location of the first Lynel. However, this Lynel is not necessarily red. The type depends upon the level of the player in the game. If it is high, then the player can encounter either a Blue or White Lynel. This location is west of the Tabantha Hills and east from the Tama Pond.

West Hyrule Plains

A Red Lynel can also be found in the West Hyrule Plains. Its location is not much specified but it can be found on the edge of the Regencia River.

Inside the Canyon

A red Lynel can also be found inside the Tanagar Canyon. Its location is northeast of Lake Illumeni. The nearest fast travel point is the Turakawak Shrine. The Shrine is located outside the canyon directly east of its location.

Deep Akkala region

This Red Lynel can be found in the Deep Akkala Region. Its exact location is in the North Akkala Valley, southeast of the Rok Woods and west of Jochi-iu Shrine. The Shrine can be used for fast travel.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Lynel Locations

In the Depths

The last two Red Lynel spawn locations in Zelda TotK can be found in the Depths of Hyrule. The first Lynel can be found near the Mu-ustust Lightroot.

The last Red Lynel can be found near the Stakijat Lighroot.

Blue-maned Lynel locations

Blue Lynels are second last on the power scale. They are a bit tougher than Red Lynels but usually can be defeated by good parrying.

We have discovered a total of 8 Blue Lynel spawn locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdm. They can be found at the following locations:

Stalry Plateau

This Blue Lynel can be found in the Stalry Plateau . This plateau is located near East Gerudo Mesa. The exact location of this beast is north of the Kitawak Shrine.

Near Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower

This Blue Lynel can be found near the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. Travel north while gliding. This will make spotting the beast more easy and give you a height advantage.

Hebra West Summit

Another Lynel can be found in the Hebra West Summit area. To Find this Lynel, fast travel to the Tauyosipun Shrine. When reached, continue south from the Shrine. This area will be very cold, so we suggest keeping Cold Resistant foods with you.

Lanaryu Wetlands

This beast is also found in the Lanaryu region. Travel to the Lanaryu Wetlands and continue south. You can find this beast in the Sandbar Area.

Rabia Plains

This creature is also present in the Rabia Plains. Upon reaching the Plains, travel northwest to find this creature. This Lynel also depends on the level of the players. If it is high then, then instead of a Blue Lynel, a White Lynel will appear.

Lanaryu Heights

This beast is found directly south of the Rabia Plains and west of the Lanaryu Heights.

Harfin Valley

A Blue Lynel is present in the Harfin Valley. This valley is located West of the Highland Stable, present in the south of the map of Hyrule.

Nautelle Wetlands

This Lynel can be found by traveling further west from the location of the last Lynel. This Lynel also depends upon the level of the player. This location spawns a White Lynel if the level is high.

White-maned Lynel locations

Next up on the list are White-maned Lynels. These beasts have a significant boost in their health and are harder to take down. They can launch sudden attacks while also increasing the intensity of the attacks. More powerful weapons are required to defeat these beasts.

We have so far found a total of 5 White Lynel spawn locations cin both the Surface and Depths areas of Zelda TotK.

Kamah Plateau

This white monster can be found by travelling south from the Kamah plateau.

The Risok Snowfield

To disguise itself naturally, it also roams the Risok Snowfields. This snow-covered field is present near the Gerudo Summit. To Find this beast in the snow, fast travel to the Otutsum Shrine and continue south from there.

The Ukuku Plains

This monster also roams the Okuku Plains. To find it, make your way to the Rasitakiwak Shrine. Once there, continue southwest straight across Kaepora Pass.


To find the White Lynel in the Depths, travel to the Stakijat Lightroot. The beast will be nearby. The white beast is also found near the Kawakanis Lightroot.

Silver-maned Lynel locations

Silver-maned Lynels are at the top of the food chain among Lynels. They are the most aggressive out of all. Their health is on steroids and they are much harder to take down. However, they are only found in one location on the entire map. That is in the Depths near the UI-ichcoj Lightroot.

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