How To Increase Gloom Resistance In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Gloom is one of the new status effects in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and learning how to cure it is very important

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there is a new way to make Link’s life and fights more challenging. This new status effect, Gloom, reduces Link’s health capacity and decreases his durability and fighting potential. Understanding gloom in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is important if you wish to protect yourself against it and eventually defeat Ganondorf.

What is Gloom damage in Zelda TotK?

Gloom is a red sludge-type muddy deposit found in the Depth areas of Hyrule in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If Link goes deep down in the Depth areas and steps on the Gloom, it will infect Link, and his Hearts will turn gray and be lowered.

Your maximum Health gets reduced when infected by Gloom. You will also see heart containers cracked which means they can’t be refilled by eating regular food.

While you can light up the Depths to avoid Gloom, there are some situations where it is unavoidable to get infected by this condition.

How to increase resistance against Gloom in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

First of all, you should be careful of the Gloom patches and try not to overrun them. But for prevention and to be on the safer side, you must have some Gloom resistance before going into such kind of areas.

There is an ingredient called Dark Clump which is very effective in providing tolerance to the Gloom effect. You can get Dark Clump either by looting enemies within Depths or trading some Poes at Bargainer Statues. The easiest Bargainer Statue to find is in Lookout Landing but there are others as well.

By cooking this ingredient you can enter Gloom without depleting your health hearts.

How to cure Gloom

It is a relief that if you, unfortunately, get onto Gloom, you can then cure it easily so that it does not affect your game in the future. The treatment for this disgusting damage effect is a plant that grows in intense sunlight at very much elevated places like sky islands. This plant is known to be Sundelions.

Cooking and eating its meal can replenish your health in seconds. You simply have to cook it with some other material in a cooking pot and make a meal out of it. Always keep some extra gloom-curing food with you when traveling the Depths.

A few suggested dishes to cure Gloom in Zelda TotK are as follows.

Sunny Steamed Tomatoes: You will require Ancient Arowana, one Hylian tomato, and two Sundelions.

Sunny Steamed Tomatoes: You will require two Hylian Tomatoes, one Raw Prime Meat, and two Sundelions.

Sunny Steamed Mushrooms: You will require three Skyshrooms and two Sundelions.

Sunny Fried Wild Greens: You will only be needing three Sundelions.

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