Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Soul Of The Gorons Walkthrough

Craft the Soul of the Gorons, the legendary weapon of Daruk, the Boulder Breaker.

Soul of the Gorons is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, where you will craft the legendary weapon of Daruk. The Boulder Breaker is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and it can demolish any boulders blocking your path in an instant.

This quest is not only about finding the weapon but also honoring the legacy of one of the greatest Goron’s champions. In this guide, we will help you start this side quest and collect the materials necessary to craft Boulder Breaker.

Talk to Rohan and Fugo at Goron City Forge

Soul of the Gorons side quest can only be obtained and started after completing Yunobo of Goron City‘s main quest. Once you defeat the Marbled Gohma, return to Goron City by fast traveling to the Marakuguc Shrine.

Glide from the Marakuguc shrine to see an old Goron working at the forge (1690, 2498, 0396). His name is Rohan, and he won’t sell you any weapons. Talk to his young apprentice, Fugo, who will ask you to help him craft the greatest weapon ever.

It is the only way Rohan will accept him. This will start the Soul of the Goron’s quest in Zelda: TotK

Craft the Boulder Breaker

Fugo will ask you to find the following items to craft the Boulder Breaker weapon.

  • 1x Cobble Crusher
  • 5x Flint
  • 3x Diamonds

These items can easily be acquired by following our guide precisely.

1. Cobble Crusher: To obtain a Cobble Crusher, fast travel to the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. Don’t use the tower to get airborne. Go to its west and jump from the cliff.

Glide until you see a wooden shed at the following coordinates (1499, 1184, 0179). There is a treasure chest beneath the shed. Open it to obtain a Cobble Crusher.

2. Diamonds: You can purchase Diamonds from the ore traders in Goron City. However, you will have to pay a hefty price (1000 Rupees each) to acquire them.

If you are not interested in paying for the diamonds, you can try the following shrines, which offer diamonds as a reward.

3. Flint: This Ore is the easiest one to obtain. You can visit any cave and mine ore nodes there to collect flints.

Flints are also available near stables. Just look around the cooking pots, and you will find at least one Flint.

Once you have obtained all the items required to craft the Boulder Breaker, return to Goron City and talk to Fugo again.

Hand over all the items and he will craft the legendary weapon of Daruk. This will complete the Soul of the Gorons’ side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

Fugo will give you the Boulder Breaker as a reward. This weapon has 38 attack power and can be used to destroy boulders.

The best part about Boulder Breaker is that if it ever breaks, you can simply return it to Fugo, and he will repair it for you.

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