Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Soul Of The Gorons Walkthrough

You need to find Diamon, Flint, and Cobble Crusher crafting materials to complete Soul of the Gorons in Tears of the Kingdom.

Gorons are a race of rock people that reside in Hyrule. They are best known to create forged swords for centuries in their tribe. However, one Goron named Fugo is unable to create the Legendary Boulder Breaker weapon. Since he sold the material for the marbled rock roast, he cannot create the weapon of choice.

Therefore, he asks you to help him create the unique weapon. Doing so will reward you with a Legendary Boulder Breaker of your own. Today we will be showing you how to complete the Zelda: TotK side quest called Soul of the Gorons.

How to start Soul of the Gorons in Zelda: TotK

Start off by visiting Goron City. To access the city, you must make your way through the Eldin region (northern side) and reach the coordinates 1689, 2496, 0396 as shown below.

Soul Of The Gorons quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

As you reach the location, you will find two Gorons named Rohan and Fugo at the small stone forge found in the northern part of the town.

You must talk to the older Goron Rohan and learn that the younger Goron Fugo is eager to craft the Legendary Boulder Breaker weapon but due to the lack of material is unable to do so.

This will initiate the Soul of the Gorons side quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


How to complete Soul of the Gorons in Zelda: TotK

To complete the quest in Zelda: TotK, you must acquire 3x Diamonds, 5x Flint, and 1x Cobble Crusher which are the necessary material needed to craft the Legendary Boulder Breaker weapon.

Diamonds are found everywhere and you can easily get them by breaking small ore deposits which are scattered all around the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Flint can be acquired through any ore deposit. However, at this point in the game, you must already have some in your inventory.

Cobble Crusher
Lastly, Cobble Crusher is a two-handed weapon in Zelda: TotK which can be found in both the Eldin Canyon and the Eldin Canyon Depths.

After acquiring all the necessary material, return to the Goron City and talk to Rohan and watch as the Gorons craft the Legendary weapon thus completing the Soul of the Gorons side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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