Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Marakuguc Shrine Walkthrough

Completing the Marakuguc Shrine is going to get you the Strong Construct Bow in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, this is not going to be that easy.

You will need to solve a “Wheeled Wonder” puzzle that involves balancing yourself on platforms to cross a lava pit.

Here is how you can solve the Marakuguc Shrine’s puzzle with ease in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Marakuguc Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Marakuguc Shrine can be found within the Eldin Canyon region, west of Goro Cove. Its coordinates are 1761, 2508, 0437.

You can reach the Marakuguc Shrine from the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. From the Skyview Tower, take the road on the west and move north.

The road will be windy and when you reach the intersection, take the left road which moves north. You can find two Korok seeds to your left on the Goronbi River.

Marakuguc Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

As you move ahead, you will reach another intersection. Here take the road moving north in the direction of the Hudson Sign. As you move ahead you will find the NPC for the Amber Dealer which will give you 200 rupees.

Move on and you will find a bridge known as Stolock Bridge. To the Right, there will be an Armor Shop that has the Flamebreaker set. At the Stolock Bridge, you can rest here at the Goron City Inn and there is a General Store as well.

Moving out of the Stolock Bridge town, you will find the Marakuguc Shrine before the Bridge, to your right.

How to solve the Marakuguc Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

The Marakuguc Shrine Puzzle Solution is difficult to solve if you are not creative with the Ultrahand ability in Tears of the Kingdom.

When you enter the Marakuguc Shrine, you will find a drop that you have to cross. The puzzle has also provided a broken bridge with one longer segment and one smaller part with two segments.

Here you can use the Ultrahand ability to pick up the broken bridge’s longer part. You can then stick the longer part to the broken segment.

This will complete the bridge and you can pass through but this can be uncomfortable and you will need to jump when you reach the joint. You can also just connect the longer part of the bridge directly to the top and make a bridge.

When you cross the drop, there will be a lava pool in front of you. Next to the lava pool, you will find a platform with wheels and a length of panels.

You can use your Ultrahand ability here and connect the last panel of the pile to the back of the wheels. Keep note that the arrows on the side of the wheels should be pointing forwards.

When you start the platform with wheels, it will cross the lava pit and leave a makeshift bridge before it. You can cross the pit using the bridge made.

Alternatively, you can just start the two-wheeled platform and hop on it. You can cross the Marakuguc Shrine’s lava pit by balancing on top of the platform in Tears of the Kingdom.

When you cross over the lava pit, you will find another lava pit with a hump in the middle. Before the lava pit, there will be two platforms with wheels, like the one before.

You will need to stick them together keeping in mind that if you attach them with opposite pointing arrows, the cart will jump and throw you in the lava.

When the wheel arrows are pointed in front, the cart will move forward and you will make it through the lava pit. There will be a jump in between which will startle you.

When through the Lava pit, there will be a ledge to your right. You will have to use the ascend ability to move up the ledge and climb up.

When on top, there will be an archer construct. This construct is easy to defeat because it is slow and has less health. After killing it, you will find a chest on a pillar in front of you and a cart to your left.

Next to the cart will be a plank with curved edges. You will have to pick It up using your Ultrahand ability and place it on the pillar in the back corner of the hall like this.

Tears Of The Kingdom Marakuguc Shrine walkthrough

The plank will be a source to move up the pillar. You can also use the plank in the opposite way to that of above and you can also use the cart as a ramp. In the chest, you will find a Strong Construct Bow.

Now, get down from the pillar and towards the Cart. Take the plank you used as a ramp and attach it to the front of the ramp as follows.

This will make the cart a scooper and move all the balls down. The balls have weight and you will need quite a few on the plate to open the door in front. You will need to aim the bracket in front and flush with the ground or the ball will slip under the cart and dislodge it.

When the door opens, you can go inside to activate the Marakuguc Shrine and collect the Light of Blessing in Tears of the Kingdom.

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