Timawak Shrine Walkthrough In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

To solve the Timawak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, you have to position an orb to cross the pools of lava.

The Timawak is a straightforward shrine in Tears of the Kingdom where you will have to use both Recall and Ultrahand ability to complete the puzzle. The only complication you will face is the lava pools that surround this shrine.

Moreover, the Timawak shrine like all shrine locations in Zelda: TotK will serve its purpose by challenging you and will reward you as well with treasures that you get from the different chests at all these shrines. Once you are done here the shrine will be marked on your map as a fast travel point in Tears of the Kingdom.

That being said the Timawak shrine can be located alongside the road that leads to the Goronbi lake so won’t face any hurdles while finding it. So if you are interested in the Timawak shrine, then we have covered its details and location in this Zelda: Totk guide.

Where to find the Timawak Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Timawak Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Timawak Shrine can be found on the north side of the Goronbi Lake in Zelda: Totk. Alongside this shrine, you will come across the Gortram Cliff on the north side as well. So the exact coordinates for this particular shrine are (1799, 1639,0311).

How to solve the Timawak Shrine puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you enter the Timawak Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will see that the whole place has rugged terrain and a large pool of magma as well. The puzzle here will be to get the orb and interact with the green altar while crossing the large pools of lava.

So on the lava, you will notice some rocks floating so jump on one of these to get to the other side.

After that follow the path and turn left and you will come across an enemy near the orb hole in Kingdom of Tears. So take your time and kill him and then you can continue onwards to find the shrine gate locked.

So now you need to turn and make your way to the bridge. There you can target anyone of the flowing rocks in the magma using your Recall ability. This will cause them to move backward. So time your jump on any one of these.

It will bring together the rest of the rocks forming a pathway for you to reach the other bridge safely without falling into the magma. This way you will come across another bridge where you will find the orb placed in the center.

So like before you can use the Recall ability again on the rocks below to reach the other side in Totk. Once you get there you will find a treasure chest lying there. Open it and you will receive the Strong Zonaite Shield (x26) in Tears of the Kingdom.

Then you can go back the same way using the rocks and reach the bridge with the orb. Next, you can approach the orb and simply pick it up and jump down on the flowing rocks in Totk.

Once you reach the other bridge, you can throw the orb over it. Then you can jump to get on it and use your Ultrahand ability to pick the orb and place it in the hole.

Once the orb is placed in its location it will emit a green light and the door will be unlocked for you in Legend of Zelda: TotK. Then you can proceed through that door and find a machine fan on the right side. So you can strike it with your weapon after which it will also glow green.

The fan will start generating wind upside so jump on the flowing wave of air to reach the topside. There you will find two devices that will resemble a water cannon. So you can simply resort to using Ultrahand or pick them up and bring them down to a lower level.

Place it near the magma and after you strike it the water will start flowing from it. So the trick here is to use ultra hand and move the water canon high into the air to cool some of the magma turning it into rocks.

After you form a giant rock you can lift the rock with your ultrahand and place it on the floor. Then you can continue using Ultrahand to attach the air motors on both ends of that area at the backside of this large rock in Totk.

Once both motors are attached slash them both to turn them on and then use ultrahand to put the rock ride that you just created back on the lava.

Next, you can jump on this ride and make your way through the giant pool of magma to make your way to the green altar at the other end.

After reaching that place, you can interact with the altar to complete the exploration of the Timawak Shrine in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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