Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Simmerstone Springs Walkthrough

In this particular side quest, you need to find the entrance to the Simmerstone Springs in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

“Simmerstone Springs” is one of the dozens of side quests you can undertake in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In this particular quest, you will have to meet Kima and Grapp to get clues to the titular springs somewhere in the Goron Tunnel.

To discover those you can go to a place inside the Gorko Tunnels, and you will find a cavernous path that leads all around the area. Since the cave passage is blocked by rocks, you will have to clear them to progress further inside.

As part of completing this side quest, you will earn good rewards in the form of Silver Rupee (x100) as well in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to start Simmerstone Springs in Zelda: TotK

In order to initiate the Simmerstone Springs side quest in Tears of the Kingdom, you need to complete certain prerequisites. This will involve you undergoing a specific questline that goes by the name of Yunobo of Goron City. So after completing this questline, Link will be able to access the side quest as well.

Then you can go and meet Kima in Totk. This particular NPC will be wearing a helmet and will be on a bridge in Goron City so go to him and interact with him.

Kima will be present at these exact coordinates namely (1700, 2451, 0389). So during your conversation with him, he will mention that the  Goron Hot Springs is a good place to start searching for the Simmer Stone Springs in Totk.


After this the Simmerstone Springs Side quest will be made available for you to access in Zelda: TotK. So from there, you will have to travel to another location to gather clues to locate the exact location of Simmerstone Springs.

How to complete Simmerstone Springs in Zelda: TotK

So to complete this side quest you can start by visiting the Goron Hot Springs first to meet with yet another NPC. It will be a tedious journey involving a lot of rock climbing in Tears of the Kingdom.

Once you reach the Goron Hot Springs you can spot Grapp on the left side relaxing in one of the hot springs.

Go to him and once you talk to him you will learn that the Simmerstone Springs had the best hot springs. Moreover, the entrance to reach these hot springs has collapsed rendering everyone unable to get there.

Once you select the Simmerstone Spring option then Grapp will give you the hint that those springs can be located inside the Gorko Tunnel.

To reach this tunnel you can travel southeast from that location to find this tunnel at these coordinates (1781, 2250, 0475) in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The Gorko Tunnel is not that hard to spot and after finding it you can enter it. However, in this this tunnel you will come across a blocked passage with a huge wall of boulders.

So the next step would be to simply smash them. So you can do this by using the sage ability like Yunobo charge ability to smash the boulders along the way in Zelda: TotK.

Similarly, you can also fuse the rusty claymore in your inventory with a nearby rock to form a Rock hammer. Using this weapon you can clear the boulders with relative ease as well in Totk.

So After clearing the first set of boulders, you can then follow the passage towards the left side where you will find another blockage.

Deal with this situation by following the ways we described above. Once you are successful in clearing this entrance you will be able to find the Simmerstone Springs with relative ease in  TotK.

But once you step foot in the spring you will find Kima behind you near the entrance. He will exclaim with excitement upon discovering the Simmerstone Springs through you in TotK.

After that Kima will relax in the Simmerstone Springs while also bringing out the Spring-boiled egg to enjoy in Zelda: Totk.

Moreover, he will thank you for completing the Simmerstone side quest by rewarding you with Silver Rupee (x100). With this the side quest Simmerstone Springs will be marked as complete in Zelda: TotK.

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