Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Simmerstone Springs Walkthrough

Help Kima locate the Simmerstone Springs of Goron City.

Simmerstone Springs is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that allows you to locate a hidden hot spring in a cave. This quest can be obtained from a human NPC in Goron City, which teaches you an important lesson. Never use Bomb Flowers in extremely hot areas.

In this guide, we will help you locate the elusive hot spring of the Eldin Region with the help of Yunobo’s Charge ability.

Talk to Kima on Goron City Bridge

Simmerstone Springs quest can only be obtained after completing Yunobo of Goron City’s main quest. Once you conquer the Fire Temple and rid the people of Goron from their marbled rock roast addiction, tourism will return to the city.

Go to the wooden bridge in the eastern part of Goron City (behind the Goron City Inn) to find a human NPC named Kima (1704, 2449, 0390). He will be searching for the hot springs but is coming up blank.

During your conversation with him, he will mention that the Goron Hot Springs is a good place to start searching for the Simmerstone Springs in Totk.

After this, the Simmerstone Springs Side quest will be made available for you to access in Zelda: TotK. So, from there, you will have to travel to another location to gather clues to locate the exact location of Simmerstone Springs.

Find the Simmerstone Springs in Gorko Tunnel

To complete the Simmerstone Springs quest in Zelda: TotK, you need to travel to the Goron Hot Springs first. They are to the southeast of the city’s location.

Here, you will meet an elder Goron named Grapp. Once you talk to him, you will learn that Simmerstone Springs has the best hot springs. Moreover, the entrance to reach these hot springs has collapsed, rendering everyone unable to get there.

Once you select the Simmerstone Spring option, Grapp will give you a hint that those springs can be located inside the Gorko Tunnel.

To reach this tunnel, you can travel southeast from that location to find it at these coordinates (2007, 2039, 0424) in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The temperature inside Gorko Tunnel is extremely hot, so we recommend removing any weapons or shields that can catch on fire. Make sure to equip the Flamebreaker Armor to avoid instant death.

Destroy the first set of boulders blocking your path forward. You can use Rock Hammer or Yunobo’s Charge ability for that.


Don’t try to use Bomb Flowers, as they will explode in your face due to excessive heat.

Keep breaking the boulders until you reach an area with lava to its right. Turn left from there and break three more sets of boulders to the right.

You will notice a small pool of hot water, also known as Simmerstone Springs (2188, 2084, 0388). As soon as you put your foot in it, a cutscene will trigger, and Kima will appear. He will thank you for finding the spring and opening the path to it.

Quest Reward

Kima will give you a Silver Rupee (100 Rupees) for your help. This will complete the Simmerstone Springs quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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