Starfield Terrormorph Locations, How To Defeat, Lore 

These spider-like creatures roam the abandoned areas of Mars and Tau Ceti II planets. Being one of the most difficult foes, they pose a serious threat to the approaching players.

Terrormorph in Starfield, as their name suggests, are the most terrifying enemies. Not only do they have a horrendous appearance, which can make you shiver, but they are also built like a tank.

The spider-like Terrormorph creatures can absorb and deal massive damage while running at the speed of light. Nothing can put the fear of God in your heart like a Terrormorph charging at you.

During your journey, you will encounter four types of Terrormorph. The common ones are normal and mutated albinos. Normal ones are black and are usually less powerful. However, the albino Terrormorph are crazy, powerful, and dangerous.

There is also a Terrormorph boss, called Anomaly. It is the strongest mutated one among them all.

The lesser-known fourth member is the Cloaked Terrormorph. Its invisible body blends in with the environment, hence the name. As of yet, you can only find the Cloaked Terrormorph in Polvo in the Valo star system.


Setting the Cloaked Terrormorph on fire, makes it easy to track them.

Though defeating them can be challenging, the rewarding loot drops make hunting them down all the more lucrative. Here’s how you can find their locations and kill these unsightly beasts in Starfield.

Terrormorph Quests in UC Vanguard Questline

You will come across your first Terrormorph during a Vanguard Faction quest, Grunt Work. This quest takes place on Tau Ceti II planet in the Tau Ceti system. Once you talk to Hadrian, she will ask you to kill a Terrormorph and bring its tissue sample to her from the meat processing plant.

Go outside and fix all the power cells to enable the turrets. These turrets will attack the sneaking Terrormorph. Another place where you will be able to find Terrormorph is planet Kreet, as this place is exclusive to the Albino Terrormorph.


Kreet is one of the first moons you visit in Starfield during the opening mission, One Small Step.

You will visit this place as part of the main quest in Starfield. Once there, you will find a broken cage inside the Research Facility with a note stating that there was a Terrormorph for research purposes. Terrormorph caused chaos in the whole planet and colonized itself to complete human extinction.

During another UV Vanguard questline, you will find terrormorphs after visiting the Toliman II planet in the Toliman System. The situation is worse here than on the other two planets you visited.

Terrormorphs have reproduced themself so much that the whole planet is now packed with these tiny creatures. To finish the quest, you must fight these creatures until you find what they came here for.

A unique Terrormorph called Anomaly is present on Mars and only becomes available during Starfield’s Hostile Intelligence faction quest. It is a level 44 enemy, so proceed with caution.

A Legacy Forged Choice: Decide how to deal with the Terrormorph

During the final UC Vanguard mission, A Legacy Forged, you will decide how to deal with the Terrormorph infestation in Starfield. Here are the two Starfield Terrormorph decisions you can choose from:

  • Breed Aceles
  • Release Microbes

Both of these methods will take care of the Terrormorph infestation in Starfield. Microbes are a more organic and natural way, but they need more time for them to work. On the other hand, Aceles can act fast but are more dangerous to the Fauna and Flora of the planet in the long run.

Once you successfully remove Terrormorphs, you will get 100K Credits and an apartment in New Atlantis as a reward.

How to kill Terrormorph in Starfield

Terrormorph are formidable foes, both in close and long range. They can easily cripple players with web-like attacks from their mouths in the long range. Look out for their massive limb strikes as you get close to them. From my experience, fighting a Terrormorph in an open location with some cover available is better. 

Use your jetpacks to move quickly between covers and bring out your heavy artillery to inflict as much damage as possible. Terrormorph are bullet sponges, so carry as much ammo as possible for the fight. Invest much in your Combat skills to stand a chance against this monstrosity. 

Terrormorph have two known weak spots, the head and the back. Its head is more concealed and hitting one deals significantly more critical damage than the back. Use ranged weapons like sniper rifles or ones with radiation damage to exploit the weakness. You can also land mines to deal massive damage to the Terrormorph.


Terrormorph cannot climb up surfaces despite their insect-like features. Always get to high ground before taking your shots to evade their attacks.

The most important part is to level up properly for the fight. Encountering a level 10 enemy with a level 5 character is foolish and ill-advised. Lastly, the fights can be on the longer side so remember to bring your companions to speed things up a little.


Sentinel UC Antixeno spacesuit and pack offers perks that can prove beneficial while combating Terrormorph in Starfield. The Legendary variant can offer all three of them, automatic heals, reduce damage taken, and damage dealt by Alien enemies.

As Terrormorph serves as a mini-boss, their drops are random and mission-specific. Below is a list of Starfield Terrormorph Data you can get from killing them. 

  • Anomalous Sample 
  • Quark-Degenerate Tissues 
  • Hallucinogen 
  • Spice 
  • Terrormorph Cell Sample 
  • Sedative 
  • Metabolic Agent 

Starfield Terrormorph Lore

Starfield Terrormorph began to colonize human settlements after nearly half a decade and has been extremely dangerous to the human population ever since. There were instances when they completely wiped out Starfield’s human colony.

To end Terrormorphs, we need to return to the UC Vanguard mission, Hostile Intelligence, when there was a discovery about them. This revealed that the creature that the Terrormorph evolved from was Heatleeches.

As the name indicates, these creature get their energy from the Ship’s heat source and reproduce in plain daylight. Now that we know their ancestry, we can eliminate it better and tackle the cause from the root.

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