Starfield Terrormorph Locations And Drops Guide

Terrormorph are spider like creatures that roam the abandoned areas of Mars and Tau Ceti II planets in Starfield. Being one of the most difficult foes, they pose a serious threat to the approaching players.

Terrormorph as their name suggests are the most terrifying enemies in Starfield. Not only do they have a horrendous appearance which can make you shiver, but they are also built like a tank. The spider-like Starfield Terrormorph creatures can both absorb and deal massive damage while running at the speed of light. There is nothing that can put the fear of God in your heart like a Terrormorph charging at you. 

In this guide, we will discuss our first encounter with a Terrormorph in Starfield and how you can find more of its brethren. What strategy do you need to survive these encounters and what kinds of rewards Terrormorph drops when you kill it.

How to find Terrormorph in Starfield

Before we go ahead and find one to slay, there are two variants of Terrormorph in Starfield, normal and mutated albinos. Normal ones are black in color and are usually less powerful. However, the albino Terrormorph are crazy powerful and dangerous.

You will come across your first Terrormorph during a Vanguard Faction quest, Grunt Work. This quest takes place on Tau Ceti II planet in the Tau Ceti system. Once you talk to Hadrian, she will ask you to kill a Terrormorph and bring its tissue sample to her. Go outside and fix all the power cells to enable the turrets. These turrets will attack the sneaking Terrormorph. 

The first Terrormorph in Starfield is easy to take down because of all the help available to you. This is not the case with the rest. Tau Ceti II is teeming with Terrormorph enemies. You can find a lot of them on the planet. However, the Albino Terrormorph is exclusive to planet Kreet.

There is a unique Terrormorph called Anomaly that is present on Mars and only becomes available during the Hostile Intelligence faction quest in Starfield. It is a level 44 enemy so proceed with caution.


Tips and rewards for Terrormorph

Terrormorph are formidable foes, both in close and long range. They can easily cripple players with web like attacks from their mouths in long range. Look out for their massive limb strikes as you get close to them. From my personal experience, it is better to fight a Terrormorph in an open location with some kind of cover available. 

Use your jetpacks to move quickly between covers and bring out your heavy artillery to inflict as much damage as possible. Terrormorph are bullet sponges so carry as much ammo as you can for the fight. Invest a lot in your Combat skills to stand a chance against this monstrosity. 

You can also land mines to deal massive damage to the Terrormorph. The most important part is to level up properly for the fight. Encountering a level 10 enemy with a level 5 character is both foolish and ill-advised.

As Terrormorph basically serves as a mini-boss, their drops are random and mission-specific. Below is a list of some items that can you get from killing them. 

  • Anomalous Sample 
  • Quark-Degenerate Tissues 
  • Hallucinogen 
  • Spice 
  • Terrormorph Cell Sample 
  • Sedative 
  • Metabolic Agent 

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