Starfield Eyewitness Walkthrough

"Eyewitness" has you charming some higher-ups while protecting them from a terramorph attack in Starfield.

After joining the UC Vanguards in Supra et Ultra and making your around the universe to study the Terramorphs outbreak, you finally have the report you can preset to The Cabinet.

It is up to you to charm some higher-ups to get the next phase of your plan on the road to success. But to get there you will have to first protect New Atlantis from the threat on the horizon. Let’s look into how you can successfully complete Eyewitness in Starfield.

How to unlock the Eyewitness mission

Eyewitness is unlocked after completing the Delivering Devils faction mission in Starfield. Your Mission HUD will automatically be updated and Eyewitness will be available under the Faction Tab.

How to complete Eyewitness in Starfield

To complete the Eyewitness mission in Starfield, you will need to persuade the Cabinet to grant you access to the information in the Archives. However, it seems that there is more in store for you than just sitting with higher officials in a fancy office.

Meet Hadrian

The first step is grouping back with Hadrian at MAST District at Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. She will be waiting on the stairs outside the UC Vanguard building and will hail you once you get close.

Hadrian will confirm that the request for the files in the Archive has been submitted and is currently under review.


She also reveals that she is a clone of her father, a UC Navy Admiral named Francois Sanon, given the title Vae Victis for his crimes. Since it could be a problem while talking to The Cabinet, she wanted to mention it beforehand.

After having a little chat with her, you will be called up to Cabinet Chambers for the meeting. Use the elevator inside the UC building and head up to the Cabinet Chambers/ Interstellar Affairs Floor.

Meeting Hadrian, the alone of her father in Starfield. What a shocker!

The meeting reveals that you need signatures from the UC Vanguard, Freestar Collective, and the House of Va’ruun to get the information you want from the Archive.

Address The Cabinet’s concerns however you see fit, it will not affect the outcome of the meeting in Eyewitness mission in Starfield.

Before a decision is made, the Terramorphs will attack the city and the facility will be put under lockdown immediately. The nearest anti-xenomorph squad will be unavailable so you will be tasked along with Hadrian to contain them to the spaceport.

Deal with the Terramorph attack

Use the elevator and head down to the NAT Station to take the train to the spaceport. As you reach the floor, you will find citizens and guards attacking each other due to the influence of the invaders. Pick up the EM weapon on the floor near you and incapacitate the attackers.

The Security Guard will explain the situation down at the port and Hadrian will explain that Terramorphs can control the minds around them and use people as puppets.

It helps you reach the conclusion that the EM Weapon needs to be ready to bring down Terramorph’s influence.

Use the NAT and head to the spaceport to evaluate the situation. Gear up because you are going to fight the Terramorphs which can prove to be pretty tough.

Talk to Sargent Yumi after the fight and he will direct you to the landing pad where they have contained the creatures.

Speak with the Fireteam (optional)

Opposite where Sargent Yumi is, you will find the Fireteam Leader who is willing to provide backup if you want. It will be additional help on the battlefield but will have no effect on the outcome of the Eyewitness assignment in Starfield.

Get the Fireteam to back you up in the Eye Witness mission of Starfield.

Eliminate the Terramorphs

Suit up, reload your weapons, and make sure your equipment is ready because you are now going to fight multiple Terramorphs and eliminate them to protect New Atlantis.

We suggest bringing healing items and using the environment to evade the creature’s attacks. One of their attacks will cause hallucinations for a period of time. It is best to put some distance between you and the Terramorph to reduce the effect

Report back to Sargent Yumi waiting in the backlines about the good news. Head back to MAST Cabinet Chambers to give Madam President Abello your report. Take the NAT a little way on your right or use fast travel to get to the building.

The Cabinet will change their verdict in your favor and grant you their approval to access the Archives as well as launch their own investigative team to study the attacks.

The good news is that Hadrian will be reinstated as a Major and given leadership of this research team. You on the other hand will be made representative for the UC Vanguard.

You can now move on to convince the Freestar Collective and House of Va’ruun to sign their permissions and in return, you will be getting your citizenship quicker.

Lastly, you will be directed to Deputy MacIntyre for getting the details of your next mission which means you have successfully completed the Eyewitness faction mission for the UC Vanguard in Starfield.

Starfield – Eyewitness mission rewards

The UC Vanguard pays handsomely for their faction missions as you will get 350XP and 12,000 Credits for completing Eyewitness assignment in Starfield.

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