Starfield Supra Et Ultra Walkthrough

You only need to take an exam paper to join the UC Vanguard as part of the Supra Et Ultra mission in Starfield.

Supra Et Ultra is the first faction mission for the UC Vanguard in Starfield. The phrase translates to “above and beyond” which is the motto of the UC Vanguard and something you will learn while joining the faction.

Faction quests work as an addition to Starfield’s campaign while having no direct correlation to the main story. They simply provide you with an insight into the characters you interact with in your campaign and reward you with Credits and Gear on completion of the faction mission.

How to unlock the Supra Et Ultra mission

To unlock Supra Et Ultra, you’re required to join the UC Vanguard in New Atlantis after completing your first story mission.

Head to New Atlantis and look for the MAST building. It is the tallest building you’ll find after you’ve landed. Enter the building and speak with Commander John Taula who will offer to sign you up for the UC Vanguard.

How to complete Supra Et Ultra in Starfield

Make sure that you do not have any bounty on your head before speaking with Commander Taula. If you do, remove the bounty and then return to accept his offer to join the UC Vanguard.

Once accepted, Commander Taula will point you towards the elevator that leads down to the orientation hall where you will need to sign some documents that read the terms and agreements of the UC Vanguard.


Once the registration is complete, make your way to the next hall past the orientation hall that contains scriptures, statues, and history lessons depicting the end of the Earth and how UC Vanguard brought peace between the UC and Freestar colonies during the Colony Wars.

If you don’t wish to take any history lessons just run across the hall where you’ll see an exam room that leads to your test for joining the UC Vanguard.

Take the UC pilot exam

Enter the room and speak with the examination coordinator who’ll instruct you about taking down at least three tiers of enemy ships while piloting the ship simulator.

You can even go ahead by taking down six tiers of enemy spaceships. Note that each tier increases the enemy ship stats and also increases your mission-end rewards. Furthermore, you also get to decrease your citizenship time from 10 to 3 years with each tier.

Return to Commander Taula

As you’re done giving your exam head back to the main desk where Commander Taula will be present. Speak with Taula and he’ll brief you on your results and the perks of becoming a UC member. He will also ask you to become a provisional member effective immediately.

Once you’ve accepted his offer, follow Commander Taula outside, where he will welcome you to the faction, and ask you to take up an oath.

Taking the oath marks an end to the Supra Et Ultra faction mission and starts your first mission as a UC Vanguard member known as Grunt Work.

Starfield – Supra Et Ultra mission rewards

  • New Atlantis Citizenship
  • Completing 3 tiers – 7000 Credits
  • Completing 4 tiers – 8500 Credits
  • Completing 6 tiers – 20,000 Credits

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