Starfield Grunt Work Walkthrough

There is a Terrormorph on the loose and killing it is your way to complete the Grunt Work mission in Starfield.

Grunt Work is the first main faction mission that you will encounter after becoming a UC Vanguard provisional member in Starfield.

You get tasked by Commander Taula to seek out a settlement and see if everything is alright. Apparently, everything is not okay because there is a Terrormorph on the loose.

How to unlock the Grunt Work mission

Grunt work can be unlocked after you have completed the Supra Et Ultra faction mission in Starfield. Speak with Commander Taula and a prompt will appear to start Grunt Work.

How to complete Grunt Work in Starfield

After you’ve spoken with Commander Taula, head to the Starport to collect your Comms Array and brief with Herath before you head out on your ship.

In your next step to complete Grunt Work, you’re required to travel to Tau Cetti II and make contact with the settlers over there in Starfield.

However, as you enter the planet there won’t be any settlers left to visit but instead a barren land with corpses all around.

You can loot the corpses before you make your to the main building of the ruined facility using the quest marker on your HUD.

A scream will be heard from the next building while you continue investigating the facility until your comms picks up a signal.

Speak with Hadrian

When your comms picks up a signal, the quest marker will point you to the lone survivor named Hadrian who’ll let you in on what happened at the Tau Cetti II settlement.

She’ll tell you that this was done by a Terrormorph who butchered everyone in the settlement and will ask you to help her restore the Security System and bring back a sample of the Terrormorph after you’ve killed it.

Restore the Security Systems

The restoration of the security system is necessary for the Terrormorph to spawn. Make your way to the security outpost located in the middle of the facility. Your quest marker will guide you throughout the facility so that you don’t get lost.

Access the security terminal and you’ll get a code to tune the tracking system. Enter the next room and set the frequency to 183.5 on the Livestock Tracker where your security system will be back online.

Engage the Turrets (optional)

There will be three turrets that you can activate to assist you in killing the Terrormorph. They are, however, offline. So if you want to activate the Kill Lanes, you need to restore power to the turrets.

Follow your quest maker to the terminals and restore power. Once that is done, you have to just bait the Terrormorph near the turrets.

Collect the Terrormorph’s tissue sample

If you choose to activate the Kill Lanes, killing the Terrormorph will be easy in Starfield. If not, you need to find an open space in order to dodge the creature’s attacks.

Once it is dead, take its tissue sample and return it to Hadrian. She’ll ask you to take the Terrormorph’s tissue sample to an old colleague of hers for further investigation and also hand you to her Genetag so Commander Taula can identify her.

Return to Commander Taula

When all is said and done, return back to Commander Taula to finish the Grunt Work faction quest by reporting to him about what went down in Tau Cetti II.

Taula will appreciate you and a prompt will appear starting 2 new quests: Delivering Devils and Deep Cover in Starfield.

Starfield – Grunt Work mission rewards

  • 6000 Credits
  • 255 XP
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