Starfield Hostile Intelligence Walkthrough

In the Hostile Intelligence, you have to research about two possible ways through which you can wipe out the Terrormorphs in Starfield.

Following a series of unexplained Terrormorph attacks, you will finally get to the truth of the matter while completing Hostile Intelligence in Starfield.

This mission is also where you get to know about the truth, who is behind these attacks, and how you can stop him. In addition, you will also research on a possible way to eradicate the Terrmorphs once and for all.

From becoming the Eye Witness to the Terramorph attacks at the spaceport to convincing the Ambassadors of three factions in your favor during Friends Like These, it is finally time to make the jump to the origin planet of these creatures.

How to unlock the Hostile Intelligence mission

To unlock the Hostile Intelligence faction mission in Starfield you need to complete all UC Vanguard faction missions till War Relics. Completing War Relics will automatically update your Mission HUD with Hostile Intelligence under the Faction Tab.

How to complete Hostile Intelligence in Starfield

To complete the Hostile Intelligence faction mission in Starfield, you need to first head down to The Red Devil HQ on Mars in Sol System. According to her, there are two methods to eradicate Terramorphs, but both require extensive research and time to perfect.

The first method involves reviving the nearly extinct Aceles population, which is the natural predator of Terramorphs.


The approach would be to build Aceles populations and distribute them around the world, allowing nature to take its course.

The second method is to create a Microbe agent that targets the Terramorph DNA and destroys it from the inside.

By aerosolizing the agent, it can efficiently block Terramorph replication. However, microbial evolution is unpredictable, so it is not future-proof and will be expensive to perfect.

In any case, the materials and resources required for either method are highly specialized and can only be found on Londinion.

Learn about the ways in which you can eradicate the Terrormorphs in Starfield.

Purchase gear from Lt. Azevedo (optional)

You are going to need some special gear before heading into Terramorph territory. You can buy that from Lt. Azevado who will be to your right after concluding your briefing with Hadrian in Starfield’s Hostile Intelligence mission.

You can complete the objective by just talking to him but we suggest looking into the shop for unique items like the Reckless Bombardment and Vampire’s Gift that will help you on your mission ahead. You can also sell him stuff to increase your storage capacity.

Proceed to Londinion

The next step in Hostile Intelligence is to head over to Forward Base 441 in Starfield which is situated on Toliman II in the Toliman Star System.

Head left from the landing site to reach Base 441, take the path down, and enter through the orange door on your right to talk to Commander Hatoum.

She shares that her people will provide you with everything you need to survive but expect no backup once you cross over to the city.

Collect your Gear (optional)

Once you are done with the Commander, she will direct you over to collect your gear from the armory. It will be through the door under the stairs once you leave the briefing room.

You will be getting Med Packs, consumables, armor, and most importantly another unique weapon, X-989 Microgun.

You are going to find the X-989 as an excellent weapon for the Hostile Intelligence mission thanks to its increased damage against aliens in Starfield.

It will prove to be pretty useful if you don’t have a better weapon equipped. Also, you can talk to UC Agents there for additional resources and a message from UC Vanguard.

Collect Aceles gene samples

Talk to Hadrian and Kaiser when you are ready to head into Londinion. You will be greeted by enemies which you need to clear out to access the Abandoned Processing Plant.

Enter through the side of the building and use the door under to exit out to the storage sight. The Aceles Gene Samples will be in the containers, collect all three, and give them to Kaiser for keeping.

Head back to the storage site entrance and use the door across to enter the Londinion Steam Tunnels. Take a left from there and take the stairs on the right up, through the door to the room with the glass door. You will see the rare sight of Lazarus, a plant exclusive to Londinion, in full bloom.

Uncover the Terramorph mystery

You will see Heatleeches transform into Terramorphs, uncovering the main mystery behind Terramorph attacks. The Heatleeches would board onto ships and sneak away when they landed on different planets.

With time, they matured into Terramorphs and attacked the planets. This is how multiple planets were attacked by the same creature and in the case of Londinion, Lazarus accelerated the growth.

Hadrian now suspects that the attack on New Atlantis was orchestrated by someone who had this knowledge.

In the meantime, Kaiser unlocks the door leading deeper into the facility where you have to kill the transformed Terramorph, collect its sample, and submit it to Kaiser for analysis.

This sample is then compared to the cellular data from Tau Ceti and New Atlantis attacks which comes out a match. This confirms that the Terramorph attacks were triggered by Lazarus on both planets making them a terrorist attack rather than pure coincidence.

The Londinion Recording

Follow Kaiser as he leads you to the location of the last sample required for the Hostile Intelligence mission in Starfield.

That however comes to a quick stop as he does not have enough power to open the door which requires you and Haiden to direct local power on the upper floor to the Spaceport Access Hatch.

Head up the stairs, through the orange door on your right and you will find the Control Panel attached to a wall in the room ahead.

Turn the power ON, and reboot the system using the System Reboot Control, the red button on the wall.

Listen to the playback and collect the recording of Vae Victus knowing about the Terramorph phenomenon. It will be saved in your inventory under the title Lonidinion Recording if you want to access it later.

Hadrian will want to talk about the incident, your answers will have no effect on the outcome so feel free to share with her what you know about Vae Victus.

This is where we should also tell you that you will have an opportunity in Hostile Intelligence to tell Hadrian the truth about her father in Starfield. That he is the one behind these Terrormorph attacks.

After your conversation head back to unlock the door and enter the Londinion Spaceport. Gear up because a big fight is coming up as you make your way to the other side of the port.

Power the Spaceport Radar Dishes (optional)

While fighting the Terramorph in Londinion Spaceport, you will have the optional objective to get the radars online. It appears after you break through the white shield as Percival states he wants to send over the signal through them.

There are three dishes you need to activate that will null out the influence of the Terramorph anomaly. The creatures it called to attack you will in turn start taking the beast out thanks to the frequency Percival is sending out.

Collect the last sample

After defeating the Terramorph Anamoly, you will be able to collect the sample from it. The thralls it summoned will not attack you after it is dead. Submit the sample to Kaiser and fast-travel back to Base 441 to discuss your findings.

While Hadrian and Percival head back to the Red Devil’s lab to submit the samples, you need to go to the Cabinet Chambers for the report. But for now, the Hostile Intelligence mission for the UC faction is completed in Starfield.

Starfield – Hostile Intelligence mission rewards

Successful completion of the Hostile Intelligence faction mission rewards you with 350XP and 9600 Credits in Starfield. Doing so will also unlock the last mission A Legacy Forged.

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