Starfield The Devils You Know Walkthrough

In the Devils You Know mission; you need to gather information on an individual who is possibly committing horrendous crimes in Starfield and help Vae Victus in the process.

The Devils You Know in Starfield is another faction mission that you can complete to increase your ratings with the UC Vanguard. This, however, is a side mission, meaning that it is purely optional. Completing it, though, is a good source of XP and Credits.

In this guide, we are going to find and help Vae Victis in bringing a criminal to justice. He is willing to depart his knowledge on Terrormorph emergence if you help him with his personal quest. However, Vae wants you to be extra diligent during The Devils You Know mission in Starfield by collecting proper evidence first.

How to unlock The Devils You Know mission in Starfield

The Devils You Know faction mission will automatically become available in your missions’ menu after you complete Friends Like These in Starfield. You will get a pop-up asking you to visit Subsection Seven in the UC Vanguard HQ in New Atlantis.

How to complete Starfield The Devils You Know quest

Once you’ve entered Subsection Seven using the elevator, a man by the name of Vae Victis will want to speak to you. He is the only person who can help you gather enough information about the Terrormorphs.

Vae Victis will ask you to track Dr. Reginald Orlasse and gather the required evidence against the Terrormorphs before ending his conversation.

1. Speak with Deputy Macintyre (optional)

When the conversation ends head over to speak with Deputy Macintyre to tell her about your conversation with Vae Victis. She will then approve of tracking Dr. Reginald Orlasse but asks you to bring him back alive for further interrogation.


2. Speak with Captain Marquez

The next step to complete The Devils You Know mission in Starfield is to speak with Captain Marquez on the Den Space station, located in Chthonia planet of the Wolf Star system.

Captain Martinez will provide you with information about Dr Reginald Orlasse and give you the location of the Warlock ship which Dr Reginald is suspected to be piloting.

3. Disable or destroy the Warlock in The Devils You Know

You will not have any problems finding the Warlock ship. It is located near some asteroids in the same Wolf star system. Warlock’s exact location is Etherea during The Devils You Know mission in Starfield. Be warned though, that the ship will start attacking you as soon as you get near her.

Be sure to keep extra ship parts just in case you need to repair your ship during your battle with the Warlock in Starfield.

The Devils You Know quest in Starfield will give you two ways to deal with the Warlock. You can either target the Warlock’s engines to disable it and then board it to reach Dr. Reginald. Or you can destroy the Warlock completely.

This choice, however, won’t change the end of The Devils You Know faction quest in Starfield as Dr. Reginald will take his own life when you disable the engines of the Warlock ship. Dock with it and board the Warlock to arrest Reginald. Even if you board the Warlock, you can’t access the cabin as it is locked.

In my case, the game showed that I needed the Warlock cabin key to open it but there was no location on the ship that had the key. Simply reloading the game from a previous save removed that prompt so it must be a bug. In any case, the door automatically opens up once Dr Reginald kills himself and you can enter the cockpick of Warlock in Starfield.

It is better to just destroy the ship as you’ll still get the evidence rather than seeing a dead body of a man in a disabled ship. If you destroy Warlock, you can collect the evidence from its debris. However, if you board the ship, simply search Reginald’s body to collect the evidence in The Devils You Know quest in Starfield.

4. Head back to Vae Victis and deliver the evidence

Once you’ve gathered the evidence, head back to Subsection Seven to speak with Vae Victis. Give him the evidence you just gathered from the Warlock Ship. Vae Victis will examine the evidence and provide you with the name Kaiser. This officially marks the end of The Devils You Know faction quest in Starfield and begins the next faction quest known as War Relics.

Starfield The Devils You Know mission rewards

Unfortunately, even if you disable the ship, there is no way to get the Warlock in Starfield to add to your own fleet of ships. Your only reward for this quest is 150 XP and 3000 credits. Since you can’t steal the Warlock, better to destroy it instead and not waste any time boarding it.

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