Who Are Ecliptic Mercenaries In Starfield

Want to hire a group on contract to perform some military operation? The Ecliptic Mercenaries minor faction in Starfield can do that for you.

Starfield features plenty of factions that do odd jobs such as mining and cultural preservation, and Ecliptic Mercenaries are one of them. These groups of soldiers are bounty hunters and can kill anyone if there is a bounty on it.

Ecliptic Mercenaries work as independent private contractors and have an influential relationship with the government and the military.

Who are the Ecliptic Mercenaries?

Mercenaries are a group of professional soldiers who can be hired to perform any military operation. That said, Ecliptic Mercenaries will work as paid hitmen who will work on any person as long as his pockets are full.

In simple words, Ecliptic Mercenaries in Starfield need credits to work. Not only that, Ecliptic Mercenaries work for private contractors. I’m talking about the United Colonies and Freestar Collective government contractors. These governing bodies work together to control nearly all of the Settled System.

As far as Ecliptic Mercenaries’ abilities, these soldiers are well-equipped and can defeat nearly all their enemies. The good thing about them is that they don’t side and can fight for anyone if they give them money in Starfield.

Ecliptic Mercenaries cannot become the friends of any person because of the nature of their job. This is because if they do make any friends, they would fall into a conflict of interest. Then nobody will want to hire them as they would assume they would not turn on their friends.

Ecliptic Mercenaries location in Starfield

Regarding the location of Ecliptic Mercenaries, we only say they belong to the Settled System. This system consists of the colonized star system in the galaxy of Starfield.

That said, we cannot say anything specific about the location of Ecliptic Mercenaries. To find them, you must go to hostile places where people need help. One way you can guess the location of Ecliptic Mercenaries is by listening to their radio conversations. Doing so, you will easily be able to find out about the base of the Ecliptic Mercenaries in Starfield.

Apart from using radio, you can also use logs and the help of other NPC to spy on the whereabouts of Ecliptic Mercenaries in Starfield.

Can you Join the Ecliptic Mercenaries in Starfield?

Like the elusive nature of their locations, Ecliptic Mercenaries in Starfield are just as elusive in their membership. Unlike the four major factions within the game, The Ecliptic Mercenaries can not be joined in Starfield.

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