Starfield Delivering Devils Walkthrough

"Delivering Devils" revolves mostly around the matter of clearing Percival's debt in Starfield. That and a few other objectives.

“Delivering Devils” is another opportunity for you to prove yourself to Commander Tuala in Starfield. This is probably one of the few missions in the game with a lot of optional objectives, choices, and branching routes. The path you choose will determine how your storyline twists…to some degree.

How to unlock the Delivering Devils mission

To unlock Delivering Devils you need to complete Grunt Work for The United Colonies faction in Starfield. After meeting the prerequisites, your Mission HUD will automatically be updated and add Delivering Devils under the Faction tab.

How to complete Delivering Devils in Starfield

The first step is to take up the mission from Commander Tuala in New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System. He will task you with heading over to the Trade Authority to inquire regarding Percival.

Fast travel to Cydonia on Mars in the Sol System and head into the Central Hub of Cydonia. Keep moving forward and the Trade Authority Outpost will be on your right, before the stairs.

Head inside and talk to Oktai Enbayar at the desk on the opposite side of the counter. He shares that Dr. Percival Walker was brought on for medical services but ran off after a disciplinary issue.

Having debts to pay, he hasn’t returned but in a gesture of good faith Oktai tells you to look into The Sixth Circle bar so you can find and bring his money back if possible.

Visit the Sixth Circle Bar

From the Trade Authority Outpost, take the stairs and use the elevator on the right to head to the P2 Level. The Sixth Circle is immediately around the corner, behind the guard.

Talk to Lou, the bartender, who will ask why you are looking for Percival Walker. All answers lead to the same situation but if you choose the Vanguard one he will ask you about the UC Vanguard motto.

The correct answer here will be Above and Beyond. If you have Sarah Morgan with you, you can also choose her dialogue and she will vouch for your position.

In the end, Lou shares that Percival is quite the celebrity with the Devils, and if you make his debt go away, they might be willing to share his location.

Find a way to clear the matter of Percival’s debt

You will initially have two ways to clear Percival’s debt in the Delivering Devils mission of Starfield.

You can, firstly, pay the full amount to the Trade Authority, or break into their collections server and re-adjust their credits. However, if you have Lawful companions like Sarah Morgan, they will not like it if you go through this route.

Before heading out someone named Cambridge will call out to you and offer you another way you can pay off The Trade Authority.

If you clear out the Spacers in the Deep Mines and complete the last part of the research he and Percival were working on. You can hand that over to Oktai in place of Credits and he gets a better living condition.

Should you pay Percival’s debt or kill the Space leader?

The method to deal with Percival’s debt in the Delivering Devils mission in Starfield will depend on what you are looking for.

If you have Credits and simply looking to complete the mission then paying is a good option.

If you don’t want to put in extra time or money and have a higher level of security access, go for changing the debt’s amount as it only takes a few minutes.

Lastly, if you are a collector or looking to experience more of what Starfield has to offer, killing the Spacer Leader is the best route for you.

We suggest going for the long route and killing the Spacer leader as it will allow you to explore the deep mines, get rare valuables, and lastly the Pick-Me-Up drug recipe.

Method 1: Pay Percival’s debt from your own pockets

If you don’t want to go through the hassle and have Credits at your disposal that you can spare then you can choose to pay Percival’s debt in Delivering Devils in Starfield. The due amount is 21,867 Credits to settle it with Oktai and then head back to Lou in the Sixth Circle.

Method 2: Change Percival’s debt amount (optional)

Note that you will require the ability to access Advanced Security Level locks for this route. After leaving Trade Authority Outpost, head back up, and before the plastic blind, you will see Broken Spear on your left.

Go to the area behind the bar, up the stairs, and enter the security room on the right at the end of the hallway.

Use the orange door in the back, take the first right, and unlock the door at the bottom of the stairs using Digipick.

Access the Accounts Computer and click on the Attachment in Walker’s file. Scroll down and update the Balance according to your choice, We suggest choosing 1000 Credits as asked by Lou.

After that go back to Lou in the Sixth Circle bar to cover the costs and he will share the information regarding Percival with you.

Method 3: Kill the Spacer leader (optional)

After talking to Lou, use the elevator to head back up to the Main Level and head out of the Mining Colony of Cydonia.

Run past your ship, about 1000m away over the hill, will find the Abandoned Mines crawling with Spacers where supposedly Cambridge was researching.

Clear out the enemies in the area and use the stairs on the side to enter the building. Use the orange door inside to enter the Abandoned Mines.

Head down the flight of stairs and use the door to enter the main mining area. Head into the mine right of N44 and use the door to access the stairs leading even deeper down.

Turn right at the end, through the door, and keep moving forward till the platform ends. Follow the pipes down into the smaller mining caves.

You will find Spacer Scum, the leader, and his hatchlings in there. Kill them all to complete your objective of sending the Spacers a message in the Delivering Devils mission in Starfield.

Contact Cambridge on the Comms Panel (optional)

Take a right from the stairs where you killed the Spacer Leader. On your right, under the over-bridge, in the compound labeled Material n Lys, you will find the intercom you can use to contact Cambridge.

He will instruct you that to complete his research you need to analyze the Hematite sample using the Thresher machine and other details regarding their locations.

Collect the Aqueous Hematite Sample (optional)

To collect the Aqueous Hematite sample in Delivering Devils you need to leave the room where you talked to Cambridge in Starfield.

On your right, behind the mine cart, there will be a deposit that you can mine using the laser gun. Collect the Hematite and head back.

Submit the Hematite in the Sample Deposit slot and wait for the machine to complete its analysis. After a few seconds, you will be able to collect it from the Data Collection Slot of the Thresher.

Talk to Cambridge on the Comms Panel again and he will tell you to come back to the surface using the elevator in the room.

The Employee Exit Key used to power the elevator is on top of The Thresher, near where you collected the sample. Use the elevator and back up to meet Cambridge at the Circle.

Return the data to Cambridge (optional)

Head back to the Sixth Circle at the P2 Level of the Mining Colony of Cydonia to find Cambridge. He will put the formula together for clearing out Percival’ Debt.

He wants you to convey to Oktai that you have a formula that can make miners more efficient in every sense. It is time to use your pitching skills and sell the Pick-Me-Up drug over to the Trade Authority.

Talk to Oktai at the Trade Authority Outpost on the Main Level and he will be interested in your offer. With a little more convincing, he would happily take it off your hands and erase Walker’s debt along with handing you 1000 Credits as compensation.

Find Percival in Starfield

After clearing out Percival’s debt, go back to Lou The Sixth Circle and report back the good news.

He will keep his end of the bargain and share that Percival is hiding in the old Red Devil’s HQ. He will inform him of your visit and hand you the passkey for the door.

Head back to the Abandoned Mines using the Employee’s Exit, the same one you used to get out while completing Cambridge’s Research.

After exiting the compound, take a right and use the stairs at the end of the tunnel. The path forward is pretty streamlined just keep moving forward till you reach the Red Devils HQ building. You will know you are on the right path when you have reached the cliff that you need to jump across.

Use the tunnel on the right to go down to the HQ’s entrance where Percival will be waiting outside for you.

Hand over the Terrormorph cells that Hadrian gave you and wait for his results. He will warn that the sample has evolved into a death machine and could start a galaxy-wide pandemic.  

Go back to The Sixth Circle with Percival and get back together with Hadrian. They will talk about the Red Devils as the heart of Xenomorph warfare that UC used to deploy aliens on the battlefield, the same practice that got them banned.

They collected Terramorph data that they now need to retrieve but it is locked in the Archives and not accessible without The Cabinet’s approval.

Listen while they catch up and talk out the technicalities. It will end with getting ready for your next mission, completing the Delivering Devils faction mission in Starfield.

Listen to Hadrian and Percival talk to end the Delivering Devils mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Delivering Devils mission rewards

Completing the Delivering Devils faction mission for the UC Vanguard rewards you with 250XP and 8300 Credits in Starfield.

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