Starfield War Relics Walkthrough

In War Relics, you must find and rescue a war robot called Kaiser on the planet Niira in Starfield. He, however, needs some convincing.

War Relics tasks you to travel to a hazardous planet called Niira and recover a war robot named Kaiser in Starfield.

Finding him is only the first part of your mission parameters. You also have to restore his power cells and convince him to come back with you on your ship.

This mission can be quite difficult as you’ll have to endure the toxic environment on this planet in your search for the robot.

This guide will provide a walkthrough of all the objectives covered in the Starfield War Relics quest. Let’s get started.

How to unlock the War Relics mission

War Relics is one of the last remaining faction missions for the UC Vanguard in Starfield. It can be unlocked by completing The Devils You Know. You are going to find War Relics enjoyable with a lot of action, enemies to burn, and rewards to reap.

How to complete War Relics in Starfield

The War Relics mission is a bit lengthy compared with the other faction missions of the UC Vanguard. You need to search for a robot as you venture into the toxic environment of planet Niira. The events unfold as follows.


Report to Hadrian

To begin the mission, head to Mars, which is located in the Sol Star System, where you’ll meet Hadrian in the Red Devils HQ.

Speak to her about the research team and Kaiser, the War Robot you must find. Hadrian will take you to Kaiser’s Schematics, which will help you locate the robot. After that, you’ll be sent off to Niira.  

Travel to Niira

To find Kaiser, you must travel to planet Niira, which is located in the Narion Star System. You must dock your ship at an old tech junkyard called 1-OF-A-Kind Salvage.

You must be careful on your venture through Niira as the planet hosts a toxic environment with noxious water and rain. You can make the task of locating the robot easier by talking to Gel.

Gather intel on Kaiser’s location from Gel (optional)

Gel can be found in the Salvage shop, and you can head over to him to learn the whereabouts of Kaiser.

He’ll know where to lead you and will demand 1,000 credits for the information he provides. You can try convincing Gel to lower the price if you have good persuasion skills. We got the same info for 675 Credits after a successful bargain.

Search for Kaiser

Start your search for Kaiser in Starfield War Relics.

Once Gel has guided you, head out from the shop and search for Kaiser. A blue marker will lead you to the robot’s location.

Something important to note here is that while searching for the robot on Niira, make sure to avoid contact with any water sources and rain.

These elements are hazardous on this planet and will damage your health. You must also be on the lookout for some powerful enemies across the junkyard called Sirens.

Kaiser is located in Syracuse, and as you get close, you’ll hear a beeping sound that leads to a beacon. You’ll find Kaiser in this area with alien Heat Leeches draining him out.

Eliminate the aliens and speak to Kaiser. You’ll be asked for the password, to which you must answer “Nos Belli Machinis”. Kaiser will inform you he’s out of power and in need of a MicroCell to reboot himself.  

Get the MicroCell from Gel

To get the MicroCell, you must head back to Gel in the Salvage shop. You’ll have two options: buy the Microcell for 11,704 Credits or save some money and let Gel teach you how to craft it.

To craft the MicroCell, you’ll need to find the following items in the junkyard:

  • Microcell Power Source
  • Microcell Shielding
  • Microcell Conductor

You may find these items across the junkyard at randomly placed locations. You can find them marked at different sites on the map.

Once you’re done collecting the items, head back to the salvage shop and utilize the crafting table to build the MicroCell. Now that you have the MicroCell head back to Kaiser.

Restore Kaiser’s Power with the Microcell

Take the MicroCell back to Kaiser in Syracuse and use it on him to power him up. Once the robot is all powered up, give him the Activation command.

Kaiser will agree to return with you to Mars if you help him with a mission in the Ecliptic base.

Help Kaiser complete his mission

You must follow the robot to the Ecliptic base to complete Kaiser’s mission. During your journey, you’ll face many enemies, including Sirens, which you must take down with the help of the robot.

Both of you will have to make your way to the Ecliptic Base, where you’ll come head-to-head with powerful enemies, including Unit 99 in Starfield.

Clear the Ecliptic Base

As you follow Kaiser, you’ll come across a hill where he’ll tell you about the location of Unit 99 in the Ecliptic Base.

Unit 99 is a difficult enemy to deal with, and your battle tactics must be on point to defeat him. Try using high ground to have an edge in battle.

You’ll also have to battle Ecliptics, which will try to take you down from long range. Remember that you will have Kaiser’s help throughout the fight with Unit 99.

Once you defeat the Ecliptic forces along with Unit 99, Kaiser’s mission will be complete, and he’ll be ready to head back to Mars with you.

Return to the Red Devils’ Headquarters

Now that you have completed the War Robot’s left-over objective, hop on to your ship along with him and travel back to Mars.

Make your way to the Red Devils Headquarters, where you’ll meet Hadrian. After completing all these objectives, your mission will end, and you’ll unlock the Hostile Intelligence quest in the Vanguard Faction.

Something important to note here is that War Relics gives you an opportunity to tell Hadrian the truth about her father. She is going to find out eventually, so you might want to stop lying.

Starfield – War Relics mission rewards

After returning Kaiser to Hadrian in the Red Devils HQ and completing the War Relics quest in Starfield, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Credits: 9300
  • EXP: 250

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