Starfield Trade Authority Locations

Trade Authority in Starfield is an elusive organization that will take anything and everything off your hands in exchange for credits.

While there are kiosks and vendors in every settlement in Starfield, these vendors tend to be a bit picky with what they sell and buy, for the right reason of course. No small-time shop owner will want to trade in stolen goods or a bar owner sell firearms. That is where the Starfield Trade Authority faction comes in. These guys will buy anything so it is useful to know where all the Trade Authority vendors are if you wish to unload some goods.

Over the course of your journey, you will undoubtedly get your hands on a variety of loot. Whether building materials, resources, weapons, food etc. There comes a point where you have more on your hands than you need. In such cases, selling them off tends to be the logical choice.

How to sell items to Trade Authority in Starfield

The Trade Authority, albeit shady, is an organization of non-picky vendors in Starfield who will take any and everything off your hands for a quick buck. They even take any stolen items or contraband off your hands, no questions asked. While it does raise questions, you needn’t worry about the inner workings of the organization if they pay you for your haul.

Trading with the trade authority has a few caveats to keep in mind. For starters, you can conduct trade with them in 2 ways.

1. Go to a Trade Authority kiosk

These are remote terminals under the Trade Authority’s jurisdiction where you can sell your items. Do note that the Trade Authority has a limit on how much funds they can offer you in one day. When it comes to Trade Authority Kiosks, you can sell items till you gain 5000 credits in value after which you will need to wait a day for the funds to replenish, either naturally or by fast-forwarding time.

2. Go to a Trade Authority building

While Kiosks are more convenient to access, Trade Authority buildings come with a few extra bonuses that make the detour well worth it.


For starters, the credit limit in Trade Authority buildings is set at 12,000 credits. Not only that, but you can also conduct trade with them, and they tend to have a selection of noteworthy goods at their disposal.

Starfield Trade Authority locations

With the benefits now apparent, there is plenty of incentive to want to know what areas the Trade Authority operates in.

1. The Den – near planet Cthonia, Wolf system

Upon entering this space station, simply move forward, past the ship services technician until you reach the overlook with chairs strewn about. Take a left and you’ll see a compact storefront with the title ‘Trade Authority’ above in Starfield.

As soon as you enter The Den, go to the Ship Services technician’s left and the Kiosk will be nearby.

2. Akila City – planet Akila, Cheyenne system

From your landing zone, simply go past the Akila City gate and head straight until you see a ‘Ship Services’ store and a path that goes left. Take the left path and head straight. As you head further on the left path, you will eventually see a different part of the city as well as a few stores. Locate the ‘Hitching Post’ and simply go behind it. Doing so, you will inevitably arrive at the Trade Authority building.

As you enter through the Akila City gate, you will see a ‘Ship Services’ shop. Right next to that will be a Trade Authority Kiosk in Starfield.

3. Cydonia – planet Mars, Sol system

As soon as you enter the Cydonia mining colony, keep heading straight till you see the ‘Hours without incident’ sign up top. Head straight, down the ramp and keep to the right. As the hall opens, head right and you will see a storefront with a white light on top that reads ‘Trade Authority Outpost’.

The trade authority kiosk is near the entrance to the Cydonia mining colony in Starfield. Simply take a left until you see a lone ship service technician standing in front of a ship services hut. The Kiosk will be to the left of the technician.

4. Neon – planet VOLii Alpha, VOLii system

Just keep heading straight from the docking port, until you reach the elevator past the ‘Neon Security’ and ‘Terminal’ signs. Ride the elevator down and you’ll see a big red dragon painting. To the left, you’ll see a big yellow neon sign that reads ‘Trade Authority’ in Starfield.

As soon as you land, while going straight on the platform takes you to Neon City, going left will lead you into the ship services hut. Simply enter it and you will find the Kiosk next to a man sitting on a nearby chair.

5: New Atlantis – planet Jemison, Alpha Centauri system

To reach this, you’ll have to go down to ‘The Well’. Get past the New Atlantis spaceport and head straight towards the Jemison Mercantile building. Once near, strafe to the right of the building’s exterior until you see an open corridor of sorts that leads to an elevator. Take this elevator down to the Well. Once in The Well, go straight till you see ‘Kay’s House’ to your right. Simply walk in the opposite direction from Kay’s House and you will see the Trade Authority building shortly in Starfield.

The trade authority kiosk on New Atlantis is close to your ship’s parking location.

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