Starfield Friends Like These Walkthrough

In the "Friends Like These" mission, you need to find a way to obtain the Archival Codes from Ambassador Radcliff in Starfield.

Following the Terramorph attack incident in Eyewitness, you now need to gain access to the Archives of Armistice as part of your “Friends Like These” mission objectives in Starfield.

For this purpose, you need to convince the Freestar Collective Ambassador Radcliff to hand over the Archival Codes. This, however, is not going to be easy. You are going to need to either be an expert negotiator or find some dirt on her.

This faction mission also marks your midway point in proving yourself to the UC Vanguard.

How to unlock the “Friends Like These” mission

To unlock the Friends Like These mission you need to complete all United Colonies (UC) faction missions up till Eye Witness in Starfield.

Your Mission HUD will be available automatically after completing the Eye Witness assignment and Friends like These will be available under the Faction Tab.

How to complete “Friends Like These” in Starfield

To complete Friends Like These in Starfield you need to be more than just a face for the UC Vanguard faction in Starfield. With quick thinking, persuasive, and combat skills you need to bring Ambassadors of three different worlds to rule in your favor.

Talk to Deputy Macintyre

The first step is to talk to Deputy Macintyre to obtain the mission who will be in the MAST Cabinet Chamber’s building on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System.

Take the elevator up to the Cabinet Chamber and you will find her in the very back of the Office of Interstellar Affairs.

Elizabeth Macintyre will share that the Ambassador for the House of Va’ruun is Bal’mor who we need to convince to access the Archives of Armistice.

The only problem is that it has been so long since his public appearance, it is hard to say if he even is alive.

We are tasked to infiltrate the Va’ruun embassy using the side entrance and track the Ambassador down to get the permission required for our project.

She advises to visit the Freestar Collective Ambassador fist, with the Terramorph attack still fresh in their minds.

Obtain the Freestar Collective Archival Codes

Head down to the lobby and head right after leaving the UC Vanguard building. Past the Aphelion Reality, you will find the Freestar Collective Embassy. Use the elevator to head up and enter the office in the back left to talk to Ambassador Evangeline Radcliff.

Should you persuade or blackmail Ambassador Radcliff?

If you choose to persuade Ambassador Radcliffe in the Friends Like These mission, you will have to pass the 8-bar persuasion check in Starfield.

To persuade her, choose the +3 inaction option, then select the +6 red option, and lastly end it with the +3 option.

Regardless of the route you took, she will ask you to follow her and hand you over the Archival Codes.

However, this is going to be a very hard persuasion check to pass. She has 8 bars that you need to fill. The easier method is to simply blackmail her into giving the codes.

If you are set to blackmail her, you need to sneak into her room to plant a listening device. For this method, you are going to need the help of Cameron.

Before heading in to speak with Radcliff, you can wait for Cameron to leave and lie to him that you require his expertise.

Lie that he will be brought in as an Operative by the UC or empathize with his position so he gets you into Radcliff’s quarters.

He will share that you can get in using the utility corridor through the main conference room and hand over the access key.

Return to the conference room and wait for the guards to leave before entering the Freestar Utility room. Jump up into the vents and drop down the hatch into the bathroom.

Enter the bedroom through the door and activate the listening device on the planter to your right.

She will be sharing her frustrations with Cameron on how she is not getting a seat at the Council of Governors. She will further talk about how killing Elias Hart not only would be easy but also open up the position for her.

With incriminating information in hand, it is time to pay Ambassador Radcliff a visit. She will reject the proposition entirely at first but once you share the knowledge about her plans you will get compliance.

Obtain the House of Va’ruun Archival Codes

To complete Friends Like These, you need to acquire the Archival Codes from The House of Va’rrun in Starfield. You already have two permissions, the last one is all you need to proceed. 

To get to The House of Va’rrun Embassy, exit the Freestar Collective Embassy, take a right, and walk for 100m to GFL Bank.

Use the door on the right side to enter and take a right to reach the Var’uun Embassy Lobby. You will be able to enter thanks to the security key Macintyre provided you with.

Use the elevator and go to the Main Floor which you will find to be deserted. Head deeper and you will find an Intercom next to the Power Switch.

Turn the power ON and follow the marker deeper into the Embassy. There will be a few enemies and the auto-defense systems of the Embassy so make sure you have your weapon equipped.

Follow the areas with vegetation and blue mist and you will find another power switch that needs to be activated in the conference room. Keep moving upward and activate the last power switch next to another Intercom.

You will be able to access the Basement now so head back down using the stairs. Clear out the Robots in the Basement and you will find Ambassador Qasrik Bal’mor waiting for you at the back.

He will be able to guess you need the Archival codes and all he needs in return is your reassurance that it will be put to good use.

Get the Archival Codes from Ambassador Qasrik Bal’mor in Starfield.

Get the Terramorph data

With all the codes in hand, you have finally entered the last part of Friends Like These in Starfield.

Return to MAST Cabinet Chambers and head up to Interstellar Affairs to talk to Deputy Macintyre. She will hand over the UC code and the Archival Access Card and instruct you to follow the commands to a t.

Fast travel to the MAST District and head inside the Armistice Archives. Use the elevator to head up and enter through the door. The monitor will guide you to place the codes for verification and share that you will only be able to access Unit 18 for collecting Terramorph Data.

Get your UC Citizen ID

Return to Deputy Macintyre’s office and hand over the information to Hadrian and while the mission is over, you still need to do one last thing.

Talk to Macintyre and you will get your UC full citizenship to complete the Fiends Like These faction mission for the UC in Starfield.

Starfield – Friends Like These mission rewards

The UC faction missions always provide bountiful rewards. For completing the Fiends Like These faction mission you will get 350XP, 12,000 Credits, and most importantly UC Citizen ID in Starfield.

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