How To Get Lubricant In Starfield

Lubricant in Starfield is an essential resource for crafting important weapon mods, but do you know where to find it?

Starfield has hundreds of resources for you to help in your space adventures, including the Lubricant. Lubricant is an essential resource for crafting weapon mods, making it a necessary resource you should have in stock.

The lubricant can be helpful if you know exactly where to get it. Even if you don’t know, there is nothing to worry about, as I will help you get Lubricant. Read this guide to learn where to get lubricant in Starfield.

Vendors you can buy lubricant from in Starfield

Vendors in Starfield offer a wide variety of items and resources, and often they will sell you Lubricants. You can access them very early in the game, making them one of the reliable ways to get Lubricant.

The downside to buying Lubricant from vendors is that you need to wait 24 Local Hours if they are out of stock for Lubricant. Here are the following Starfield Lubricant vendors locations:

Jemison Merchantile

Jemison Merchantile is one of the Merchants where you can buy Starfield Lubricant. This is one of the first merchants that the players will encounter in the city called New Atlantis. To get there, you must travel to the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri System.

Once there, go to the General Goods shop close to the spaceport. Here, you can buy Lubricant for a cheap price of 17 Credits.


The Outland Store

In Starfield, you can also buy Lubricant from the Outland Store once you have progressed a bit in the game. This vendor is also in the New Atlantis city in the Jemison Planet.

From Jemison Merchantile, travel North to the UC Distribution Center, where you can find The Outland Store. Once there, you can buy Lubricant for 17 Credits, spacesuits, and mining materials.

Sheppard’s General Goods Store

Sheppard’s General Goods Store is a merchant who will also sell you Lubricant in the game. It is in Akila City in the Cheyenne System, which you will visit during The Empty Nest mission. To get there, you need to take an immediate left from the city’s main entrance.

After finding the store, you will find an NPC named Emerson Sheppard, which you must interact with. After that, you will be able to buy Lubricant for 18 Credits.

Lubricant Farm locations in Starfield

Lubricant in Starflield is an organic resource. It means that you can farm it in Starfield once you have progressed 25% in the story

  • You can use your Hand Scanner to scan the surface for Flora and Fauna as you explore various planets. Starfield Lubricant Location are the plants that will give you Lubricant as an extract.
  • You can easily find lubricants in Storage Containers in several Outposts, Deserted Settlements, and by raiding an Enemy Ship.
  • If you do not want to get into the hassle of gathering Lubricant, you can also cheat using Starfield Lubricant ID to spawn Lubricant around you. The Console ID for the Lubricant is “000055BA“.

What is Lubricant used for?

Starfield Lubricants is a good resource for crafting recipes in your Spacesuit Workbench. However, it is an essential resource in Starfield for weapon research and crafting weapon mods such as “Fully Automatic Receiver, Binary Trigger Receiver, Burst Fire Receiver, Stabilizing Barrel, and Magnetic Rails”.

Like in real life, where lubricants reduce friction, the same is true in Starfield. Because you will need to lubricate weapon parts such as Stabilizing Barreland Magnetic Rails. This makes your weapon work perfectly fine, and their functionality improves.

Keeping some lubricants in stock is always best to keep your weapon functionality at best.

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