How To Get Lubricant In Starfield

Lubricant is an essential resource for crafting important weapon mods.

Starfield has hundreds of resources for you to help in your space adventures, including the Lubricant. Lubricant is an essential resource for crafting weapon mods, making it a necessary resource you should have in stock.

Since it can’t be mined, you will have to rely on local vendors, craft it, or spawn a few using console commands. Here are all of the locations where you can find and farm Lubricant. We will also be telling you how to use them as well.


You can also find Lubricant randomly while looting corpses and chests.

Where to buy Lubricant in Starfield?

You can purchase Lubricant from most vendors for 17-18 Credits in Starfield. They can be accessed pretty early in the game, making them one of the reliable sources. Here are a few vendors you can visit who carry Lubricant commonly.


If you don’t find your desired item in the shop inventories, you can reset it by sleeping 24 hours. Note that this time is judged locally so certain ship vendors will need 600 hours in UT to be counted as a day in that time zone. If sleeping doesn’t work, try sitting or waiting.

Akila City: Shepherd’s General Goods Store and Trade Authority

Two vendors carry Lubricant in Akila City on Akila in the Cheyenne system, Shepherd’s General Store, and Trade Authority.

Shepherd’s Goods is just on your left after you enter from the main city gate. Trade Authority Outpost can be found past the bank where Job Gone Wrong took place. Turn into the alleyway between the Galbank and Hitching Post and take a left at the end. Turn left again to find the outlet.

Gagarin Landing: Clint’s Collectibles

Clint’s Collectibles is located on Gagarin Landing in the Gagarin Starsystem. Take the stairs up from the landing site and the vendor will be on your right.


You may remember visiting Gagarin during the UC Wants You! And the Media Sponge side quests

Mars: UC Exchange

Denis Averin of the UC Exchange will carry Lubricant. You can find it left of the stairs of the Central Hub in Cydonia on Mars in the Sol System.


You can get a special discount on United Colony shops if you become a UC Class One Citizen.

New Atlantis: Jemison Mercantile and the Outland Store

Travel to New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system and walk down the ramp next to the landing pad. Using the walkway on your left, go up to the fountain and turn left again. Take the stairs up to get to Jemison Mercantile General Store, next to The Viewpoint Bar.

The Outland Store is north of Jemison Mercantile, near the UC Distribution Center. They carat Lubricant along with spacesuits, mining equipment, and other resources.

New Homestead: New Homestead Store

The New Homestead Store is found on the lower level of the main building in New Homestead on Titan in Sol System. It will be on your right when you enter the shopping area.

Paradiso: General Store

You can buy Lubricant from the General Store on Paradiso on planet Porrima II of the Porrima system. The store is run by Jacquotte Laquerre next to the Paradiso Hotel’s lobby elevator.


The Paradiso store can sometimes be bugged where you can’t access the shop’s inventory after talking to the vendor. There has been no fix for this as of yet, so try visiting other sellers for Lubricant if you encounter it.

Where to find Lubricant in Starfield?

Spending Credits is not the only way to get Lubricant, you can also extract it from the flora and fauna in Starfield. Common sources of Lubricant are flora like Canary Reed and Jagged Heart leaf.  

Some plants like the Sweetwater Cacti produce Adhesive Roots which can be used for crating the Lubricant instead. The best fauna include Cutterhead, Kelpstrider, and the Herding Beetlecrab in Beta Marae I.


You can only extract Lubricant from the plants after you have analyzed them up to 25% using the Hand Scanner.

If you want to save time, you can cheat using the Lubricant Item ID to spawn the item as many times as you want. This will, however, disable your achievements. The Console ID for the Lubricant is “000055BA“.

How to farm Lubricant in Starfield

The best way of getting Lubricant is by creating farms in your Outpost. You can raise and defeat creatures that drop it in your animal husbandry. We recommend Herding Beetlecrab Grazers or the Herding Blistercrab Grazer from Tirna VIII as they are easy to find and kill.


To add an animal to your animal husbandry, you will need to scan it to 100%.

For extracting them from plants, create greenhouses and set the extract source as Lubricant from the control panel. An easy one is Bowing Shadeleaf in the Frozen Planes of Bardeen III in the Bardeen system.

How to use Lubricant in Starfield

Lubricants are a good source for crafting recipes in your Spacesuit Workbench. It also serves as an essential resource for weapon research and crafting weapon mods such as Fully Automatic Receiver, Binary Trigger Receivers, Burst Fire Receivers, Stabilizing Barrels, and Magnetic Rails.

Like in real life where lubricants reduce friction, the same is true in Starfield. Because you will need to lubricate weapon parts such as Stabilizing Barreland Magnetic Rails. They improve the weapon’s functionality so it’s good to always have some in stock.

You can also find them being utilized while working on your Outpost, like building Transfer Containers.

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